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    Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Get The Full Story. Want to participate in the discussion? Wall Street's Best Minds. Read Optionz, Spike That. Stocks to Watch Today. Asia Stocks to Watch. Ahead of the Crowd. Stocks had a surprisingly strong rally after the U. Log in for complete access. Throwing Some Cold Water on the iPhone Hype.

    Balancing Risks and Rewards in Bonds. Double Standard for Self-Driving Cars? Barron's Bounce: CarMax in the Crusher. Refer Your Friends to Barron's and Get Rewarded. Magazine Subscribers: Activate Your Digital Access.

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    Trading Volatile Stocks

    A long strangle is an option strategy that benefits from a large move in the underlying stock in a short space of time. The trader doesn’t care which way the stock.
    U.S. stocks climbed in a volatile session Tuesday, their first trading day of The day began with a surge in shares of financial companies, which helped the Dow.
    Others tell you what happened after the fact, we tell you what is likely to happen before it occurs. We also give you trading ideas for the next week.

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