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    Have a GREAT AFTERNOON ALL!!! JB decided to show others what he had learned, in optons the two very different markets could appeal to both penny traders and big board traders. CBOE Livevol Data Shop. Our partner, Zacks Investment Research, provides the upcoming ex-dividend dates for the next month. When the stock market is one fire, racing higher or lower, seasoned traders look for stocks that are not participating in the move, and find out why.

    I think the resolution here in rates will tell us a lot about risk appetite for stocks as we enter the second quarter. Remember, buy side fund managers are obsessed with looking for stocks and assets showing momentum. Looking for stocks with bullish momentum characteristics is something we want to do when markets are in an uptrend. Today I want to focus particular attention on the breadth of momentum. There are many components that drive these indexes, sometime more than others depending on the index.

    We can focus on particular areas like energy or financials, or different market caps large or small. I also want to know how momentum in the entire market is doing: Are we seeing positive momentum characteristics or negative ones? In fact, there is a very strong argument to make that it could have just hit its one-year anniversary. Bullish outside days that engulf the prior period are one of those. I think this is exactly what we saw this week in the AMEX Arline Index and it is something we want to respect.

    This is especially the case if you consider where this bullish reversal took place, just below important support. This week I laid out a list of bullish characteristics for stocks and my list of bearish characteristics in the current market environment. The reason for this exercise is to weigh the evidence and see which way the scale tilts. We have a lot to discuss! Is it nice to be right? So when we set specific parameters to be long against, we stay disciplined and move on to other opportunities when need be.

    Last week I mentioned that if we started to see cracks in certain levels for specific assets, then a more cautious stance is appropriate for stocks. To add to this, the Energy fxi call options I discussed last week have resolved lower with a fall in Crude Oil prices. But none of those things happened. Certain gauges of risk fxi call options, or risk aversion, can be seen simultaneously throughout various asset classes.

    Today I want to focus on the direction of the U. The relationship between Banks and REITs is similar to the tug of war going on between investors in the Bond Market. BNN Appearance: Chart Attack! Be Careful Out There. In the call we discuss:. Bearish Momentum Divergences All Over. Targets Hit All Over. Intermarket Signals Flash Warnings. Which Weak Names Do We Short? Rates and Bond Trade. A List of Bullish Characteristics for Stocks. A List of Bearish Characteristics for Stocks. Weight-of-the-evidence Conclusions on stocks worldwide.

    Where In Healthcare Do We Want To Be? The Chip Stocks We Want To Own Today. My Favorite Trade In Fxi call options. How To Profit From Higher Stock Prices In India. Interest Rates Are Not In A Downtrend. I encourage everyone to read this post from last year: Knowing Where To Get Out Before Getting In.

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    Every month I host a conference call for All Star Charts Premium Members where we discuss ongoing themes throughout the global marketplace as well as changes in.

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