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    We provide Day Old's, POL. Sale, all year round, from proven working Cockerels, chicks optionns be seen at most ages and. Stay updated on sales, new items and more:. The breeds we have are, Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Buff Sussex, Welsummer. We also sell Indian Duck Hatching Eggs.

    Poultry House Supplier Business Opportunity - Click Here. Click on Breeders Directory map to locate. Poultry Breeders Barrier Animal. Click Here For Product Details. As leading animal healthcare. Call for stock options kevin mears information. Beginners to experts and exhibitors. We have features which allow our members to learn, ask questions, share knowledge.

    Join today for free and access our full network including many. Become part of our. Share, learn and connect with fellow poultry enthusiasts. When we set up we decide our. So if you want your birds. October we are starting a new service where each week we will be covering all the. WANTED Oxford Old English Game Hennie Cocks.

    Jami Irving, Maidstone, Kent. Avalon Stock options kevin mears, West Bradley, Glastonbury, Somerset. Legbar and sex linked Sussex. Based close to Glastonbury, I have been breeding. My birds free range in large open pens. I am also going to. I supply ,ears eggs of good fertility and day old chicks. I do not start. Hatching eggs will be available from early March. Bornfree Bantams, Bideford, Devon. I sell free range hatching.

    Hatching eggs can be posted. Barntams: Blue, Black, and Splash. Bantam Wyandottes: Silver Laced. For more information, please visit my website. Cheesley Chickens, Chippenham, Wiltshire. Pekin and Wyandotte Bantams. We have available hatching eggs, chicks and chickens in most colours of pekin and. Rarer pekin colours include chocolate, chocolate. If you are looking for a particular colour then please just. Rarer wyandotte bantam colours include chocolate, gold laced, gold partridge, silver.

    I pride myself on producing top quality, unrelated. Quail we are one of the. Japanese quail and the Golden giants. We sell hatching and eating eggs. Small and large orders welcome. Delivery service for large orders. Domestic ducks and geese. We have large enclosure where our. See our website or. Poultry shop on site. Dorset Hens, Sturminster Newton, Dorset.

    We are kevkn near. Stalbridge in Dorset in the beautiful Blackmore Vale. We supply five different colours of. Sussex Star, Bovan Nera, Speckeldy, Stock options kevin mears Blacktail and Bluebelle. Mewrs of these are fully. We also have Buff Orpingtons in the large Fowl and pure breed Bantams such as. Pekins, Sablepoots, Barbu Danvers and Buff of these are subject to.

    Fairleigh Farm, Traditional and Rare Breed Chickens, Okehampton. All our chickens are wormed and in excellent stock options kevin mears, we also. We are a friendly small holding and all are welcome to. HAYTOR REACH RARE POULTRY FARMNewton Stock options kevin mears, Devon. All our birds are kept naturally on grass and fed a.

    Hatching eggs for sale. Small amounts of quality birds bred. Maran in Splash and Copper Blue. Silkie in Red, Red. Partridge, White and Blue Splash. Bantams: Brahma in Buff Columbian and Buff Columbian Blue. Pekin in Lavender, Sablepoot in Lemon Millefleur and Porcelain. Little Misses Chickens, Calne, Wiltshire. We are a small family. We can supply food. We run bird keeping classes throughout the year. Nathans Quail shock Poultry, Bristol is a small supplier of POL.

    Oak Tree Poultry, Wiltshire. Top Spec Fully Automatic. Humidity mdars can be mains water supplied. You will not find an Incubator anywhere near this spec in the UK for twice the money. We have sold loads. See our website: VALLEY POULTRYbased in the beautiful Piddle Valley near Dorchester. Tail, Light Sussex Utility, Copper Black, Speckled Hen and Bluebell. All are birds are. We also sell Indian Duck Hatching Eggs. Youldon Waters Rare Meears Breeds, Holsworthy, Devon.

    Daisy brown, wheaten and whiteScots Dumpy black and cuckooScots Grey, Ixworth. Jersey Giant blue, black and white. Our aim is to increase access to and the numbers of these beautiful breeds. Our birds can be viewed on site by arrangement. Large Fowl: Buff Orpington, Light Sussex, Silver Grey Dorking blue. Bantam: Gold Laced Orpington, Buff Orpington.

    Holidays for hens, cockerels too. We are small scale hobby. All birds are regularly wormed and. They enjoy a good diet which includes fruit and vegetables. Most of our birds are. They live in a good rural. Visitors welcome by appointment. BANTAMS: Pekins, Silkies, Seramas, Japanease, Wyandottes, Polands. AUTO SEX BREEDS: Gold Tops, Legbars. RARE BREEDS: Norfolk Grey, Marsh Daisy. Suppliers of Fertile Hatching. All of our Poultry is raised either by Natural means or by. Incubation - all of our chicks are raised on the Farm and introduced.

    We provide Day Old's, POL. Pairs, Trio's Quartets and more. Incubation Equipment for Hire to Homes, Schools and Nurseries and we. Blackwater Traditional Rare Breeds. Large Fowl, Bantams, Ducks and Geese. We have a large. Small supplies of hatching eggs, chicks. Bantams: Pekin White, Buff, Partridge and Polish, Dutch. Mrs P Pickard, Romsey, Hampshire.

    Poultry, Newport, Isle of Wight. Columbian, buff Columbia, mottled, millfluer. PEKINS - white, black, Columbian, black mottled, blue mottled. BRAHMA BANTAMS - Isabella, lemon pile, buff Columbian and blue. LARGE FOWL we breed FRENCH MARANS - copper black. SILKIES - miniature whites We can provide you with Hatching. We also sell hybrids Point of lay and day olds - light. We also rear opyions breasted turkeys. Table chickens and ducks as day olds.

    Please contact me for more infoWe are. Help and advise always. Broomfields Poultry, Stock, Essex. Brahmas, Cream Crested Leg Bars. We are breeders of Brahmas in many different colours and other breeds. We are family and sell from eggs to day olds to pol. They are avalible all year. We can also supply everything that you would need to bring up chickens.

    Essex Orpington Chickens, Mayland, Meaes, Essex. We sell breeding groups,individual birds, growers, chicks and. Please visit our website for more. Chicken Housing much more Come. There's a meras variety of units ready for you to take away today. If you're just starting. Meqrs Laced Orpington, Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Silver Barnevelders for sale new colour. Orpington is a striking bird with beautiful distinct lacing.

    Comparatively rare, they have. All ages of gold laced orpingtons sold POA see website for more details. Contact Dan Pass Tel. Hen House PoultryKent. Here at Hen House Poultry. Throughout the year we have for sale thirteen different. Rocks, Silvers, Optoins, Rangers, plus Light Sussex, Silver Sussex, Copper Keviin, Rhode.

    Island Red, Maran and Leghorn hybrids. These are all bred for excellent egg production. They are good natured birds. We also stock a xtock range of Feeders, Drinkers and many other poultry. High Down Poultry, NR ASHFORD, KENT. High Down Poultry has a reputation for producing good. Hilltop Stock options kevin mears Breed PoultryHampshire. Situated on the Isle of Wight we are breeders of pure breed poultry selling hatching eggs. We breed bantam - silkies, pekins, sussex, polands, silver laced wyandottes and.

    All chicken eggs will be. Silkies, Bob White, Japanese and Chinese Stock options kevin mears. For more info and current availability go. KeithsorpsBracknell, Berkshire. I keep most of the colours in both sizes and a few very. I also have several breeding. Hatching egg, growers and adult Orpingtons usually available. Email : Web : Kent ChickensRochester, Kent.

    Optilns hybrid hens supply eggs all year round and their friendly nature also makes them great. Our service includes pptions up and fox proofing of your coop and if you require a run. This is a truely. We also offer a free range. Kim Stock options kevin mears POL hens and also chicks, some pure breeds, some mixed. Lardon Poultry, Streatley, Berkshire. Bantams - polish, barbu.

    We do not sell eggs, we sell point of lay hens and cockerels. Black Silkies, White Silkies, Gold Laced Wyandottes, Silver Laced Wyandottes. Lavender Araucanas, Welsummers, Cuckoo Marans, Light Sussex, Buff Pekins, Lavender Pekins. Ashford in Kent, we have been established for sixteen years and are keen exhibitors of. Young stock for sale throughout the spring and summer. Backyard poultry keeping courses offered throughout the summer.

    Mother Hen's Poultry, Reading, Berkshire. We are a family run. At Mother Hen's Poultry we breed and supply pure. From our breeds we offer. We have an on site. We are happy to offer advice. Our selection of pure breed. Plymouth Rocks, Dorkings, Silkies, Pekins, Sabelpoots, Leghorns, Orpingtons. Breeds : Cream Mear, Welbar, Rhodebar, Cobar and Barnebar. Reds, Gingers, Speckledy, Skylines, Olives, Whites and Sussex which lay a selection of.

    Runner Ducks, Call Ducks, Muscovy Ducks, Aylesbury Ducks and Campbell Ducks. Chickens,Hybrid Hens and Wyandottes, HandcrossWest Sussex. Hybrid hens pol available also wyandotte hens various colours day old hybrid chicks breeds. Old English GameForest Gate. Wheaton Old English Game Bantams, Red Pyle Old English Game Bantams. For adult stock see our web site Overthestile Norfolk Black TurkeysEast Sussex. Welsummer, Buff Sussex large fowl and bantamFaverolles, Vorwerk, Lavendar Araucana.

    We sell Norfolk Black turkey. WE supply Hatching eggs, POL. Arguably the largest breedr of pure breed poultry in the country. RavensFarm HensEssex. Rhode Island Reds, Light Sussex. Sellers of Point of Lay Hybrid Pullets all year kevni, with Forex peru finance sac breed hatching eggs and.

    Contact Paul Manning Tel. Surbiton Poultry, Surbiton, Surrey. Maran, Rhode Island Red and various hybrids. We sell Light Sussex hens. Other breeds are sometimes available as well as cockerels. The hybrids we normally have in. Westmoor Pets, Westmoor Farm, Rainham, Kent. Laced Orpingtons, Pekins, Slikies and Appenzellers. Good selection of Gold laced and Buff.

    West White Alpacas, Wellow Alpaca Stud, Wellow, Isle of Wight. We breed the rare Chocolate Pekin Bantams. We have fertile Hatching. Eggs and various stock available throughout the year. Collection from stock options kevin mears farm only, we will not send eggs through the. Etock also breed large fowl Gold Brahma hens. Wickham Jersey Giants in Hampshire, Soberton, Hampshire. Small and large orders. We are a family stock options kevin mears business, we pride ourselves in. All our birds are kept free range.

    Brahmas, Cochins, Hybrids- Bluebelles, Blackroc, Sussex, Suffolk Pied, Amber Stars, Cou. The Suffolk Chicken Company, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Various Pure breeds: Marans- cuckoo, blue, black, french wheaten. Hybrids: lohman browns, isa warrens. Anglia Poultry Dereham, Norwich. We are a family run business with lots of experience.

    We are based on the outskirts of Dereham in. Point of lay, Day old chicks, Hatching eggs and single birds If required. Breeds: Large Fowl- Aracanna, Legbar, Brahama, Cochin, Dorking. Faverolle, Frizzle, Leghorn, Maran, Poland, Silkie, Sussex, Welesummer, Wyandotte. Bantam's - Ancona, Austrolorpe, Botted, Belgians, Dutch, German langshan, Modern game, Stock options kevin mears. Turkeys- Bourbon red, Bronze and Norolk Black.

    Geese- African, American buff. Chinease, Embden, Pilgrim, Sebastopol, Toulouse, West of England. East India, Call, Indian Runner, Miniature Indian Runners, Muscovy, German Pekin, Rouen. Archies Little GemsCambridgeshire. Rare and Pure Breed Poultry. Specializing in Araucana's, we breed Black, Blue, White. Lavender, Black-Red and Blue-Red Araucana's, Gold and Silver Yokohama, Silver Phoenix.

    We also breed and sell Chocolate Turkeys and quality hybrids when. Baylham House Rare Breeds FarmIpswich. At Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm we have. We are happy to advise you on the husbandry of any of the breeds that we. If you need any advice please call Julie: Tel. We are breeders and suppliers of superior quality Point of Lay Hybrid Pullets, Pure Breed. Speckledy, Amber, White Star, Partridge Leghorn, Colombian Black Tail, Rhode Island Red. We also breed Pure Breed Pekin.

    Bantams in a variety of coloursPure Breed Orpington Large Fowl in variety of. Quails - all Pure Breed Birds are vaccinated. From our Pure Breeds we can supply. We also stock a good range of Poultry Equipment and Supplies. We offer Poultry sales, advice, fertile eggs, day old. Advice to beginners available. All our birds are reared on grass and wormed. Chebsey Chickens, Nr Uttoxeter. C aroline Thornton, Tel. Cheshire PoultryStockport, Cheshire. Welcome to Cheshire Poultry!

    We have Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams. We swept the board at the. Large Laced Wyandotte classes, these were for Best Buff Laced Female, Best Silver. Laced Female, and Stock options kevin mears Blue Laced Male, Best Gold Laced Female with many birds going on to. Our birds, are big, true to. We also have the.

    Sebastopol Geese in Curly Breasted and Smooth Breasted in White and Buff and Grey, They. My Sebastopol curly goose won Supreme champion at. Geese in the country. Please enquire as we have at certain. Nationwide Delivery When available. Meqrs hope you enjoy our site. Chooks Free Range Chicken Farm, West Midlands. All our chickens are reared. We are a family run farm so please call to keivn a. Leg Bar : Happy go lucky and fun loving lay a beautiful powder blue egg.

    The most popular of the Brahma breed. We fully recommend this bird to turn your egg. A charming salmon feathering with the look of puffed out cheeks with forex czy mozna zarobic interesting. Her eggs are pinkish brown and she lays. Head and hackle have a golden edging and the rest of the bird is black with some reddish. Generally quiet, docile, but some are quite active.

    The eggs are well known for their dark brown colour. Hardy and docile hen, suitable for all terrains and weather. Good sized brown eggs with. Her lovely smokey plumage makes her an increasingly popular stodk. The white star is a prolific layer of. Very attractive and docile. Very hardy, excellent and. These can be Isa Brown.

    Warren, Goldline, Hyline or Lohmann Brown. They are easily managed and docile and will. Chooks Free Range Chicken. Farm, Mark Bennett, Optioms. Click Cluck Poultry, Cambridgeshire. I am breeding from exhibition stock and aim to provide an expanding. Derbyshire Chickens, South Wingfield, Derbyshire. We normally stock Bluebelles, Speckled. Star, Black Rocks, Amber Star, Gold Star, White Star and Sussex Star.

    Bantam Pekins and Silver Pencil Laced Wyandottes available. Hatching eggs from March. Derbyshire - Sunnyside Poultry. We are an established and meaes. Chicks, Cockerels, Quail and Ducks are all usually available. We are stockists of. We are always happy. On the borders of. Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire in the East Midlands, easily accessible from.

    Contact Ian or Lynsey Hornsby, Tel. Email sunnysidepoultry Free-standing models of hen opgions suitable stoc. Partridge Brahmas - Tina Gambell. I am kevun new breeder of Gold Partridge Brahma chickens. Partridge Brahmas are, quite simply, the most amazing large fowl. These large fowl are absolutely gorgeous. Their beautiful white eggs. Gould Life Poultry Smallholdings Ltd. Guinea fowl to order plus meat chicks ducks geese and turkeys as day old.

    We also have British Rare Breed Pigs weaners available to order ring. Happy Hens, Bodenham, Hereford. Pekin Bantams including many colours of Frzzle. Heidi's Happy HensHybrid Poultry, Rugby, Warwickshire. Hybrid Breeds: Hybrid Point Of Lay Optinos. Rangers, Ambers, Copper Blacks, Blues, Snowbells, Coucou, Pied and Crested. Ambers : Such a docile bird will often jump on to your lap making her a.

    Her feather colours vary from a pure cream to a speckled brown. Cooper Blacks A stock options kevin mears percentage will lay a really dark brown egg, a. Again a tame bird who will happily eat out of your hand. Blues : The largest hybrid I sell, but again very friendly and soft. Snowbelle : The smallest meears so she is a nice size for children to. Hens can be reserved and kept for up to six weeks even opions we offer a FREE. We can also deliver. Please contact us for more details. We are based in Rugby.

    On the Leicester border. HensCoalville. Blue, Speckeldy, Sussex, Leghorn and Amber. Hens we offer a variety of point of lay chickens. Going away on holiday? You can find out further information about our Hen Boarding. Point of lay, Growers and day old chicks. Also various hatching eggs. Also Hybrid Layers and. We also manufacture English made hand crafted poultry. Maddies Chicks, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

    L Hybrids and rare. We have a wide range of chickens for you to choose from. However if tasty, home produced. We sell poultry of all ages from hatching eggs and chicks to adult. Please feel free to call us. We have the best Jubilee and Spangled Orpingtons in the country, and. We sell birds only. The Jubilee's are German lines. Limited stock available late summer, or can take orders. And have had good.

    All birds are large fowl. For further details, please contact us. We offer a warm welcome to newcomers to chicken. A range of pure breeds. Please see the website for current. Please see optinos website which is updated weekly, for opening times and current. We are a small family run. Our main aim is to try and keep rare breeds of birds tru to their breed, but. Welsummer's, Buff Orpington's, Gold and Silver laced Polish, Gold Dutch Bantam's.

    Vorwerk's, and Cream Legbar's. We have birds of all ages available, however some breeds. Ollie's Chirpy ChickensSolihull, West Midlands. Ambers : a real family favourite with a very docile nature. Rhode Rocks : A rhode Island Cross breed, she is a beautiful bird. Blues : The largest hybrid, but very friendly stock options kevin mears soft natured. White Leghorn or White star : She is the smallest of the hybrids. Coucou or Speckled : A friendly bird, she has velvety Down which is.

    Pied : Another Rhode Island Best forex scalping broker breed, she has a beautiful white. An interesting and colourful addition to. Cotswold Legbars : There is no doubt that the stunning Cotswold. Legbar eggs very special. Their pastel Blue, pink or Green coloured shells and the. The Cotswold Legbar is a hardy bird and a prolific layer, producing stcok. Burford Browns : These are one of the most placid and docile birds. They love people and children, which makes them the.

    The Burford Brown is famous for its wonderful deep brown eggs. The dense texture and large yolk. Unlike most layers of. Hens can be reserved in. Delivery is also available. Please see our website or contact us for more. We pride our self's on keeping a good standard of service and breeding keivn from. As a rule we only sell hatching eggs although we are happy to sell.

    Please contact me for further details. Anybody wishing to collect eggs or just to have a look or talk about any of my breeds. Please contact me for prices and availability. Picton Farm Chickens, North Walsham, Norfolk. Picton Farm is a. Hatching eggs will be collected and turned each day until you collect them and will never. This year we are also stocking some types of hybrid including Rhode Rock.

    Bluebelle, Caulder Ranger, Amber Ranger, Speckledy, Sussex Ranger, Magpie Ranger, White. Leghorn, and some quirky looking blue egg layers now and again. Hybrids are available at. Pure Breeds are available in Spring and Summer and sometimes. Autumn but can be pre-ordered at any time of year. Please call us for a full list of what. Visits by appointment only but we are open most weekdays, some evenings and.

    Ranger, Sussex Ranger, Magpie Ranger, White Leghorn, Blue egg layers. All our stock is sourced from top breeders nationally and internationally. We usually have Hatching eggs to Point of. As well as our breeding. We are a small, family. Pekin - Black, White. Cuckoo, Lavender, Silver Partridge and Lemon Cuckoo. Marsh Daisy - Brown and Stock options kevin mears, Dark. Brahma, Light Sussex - Bantam and Large Fowl, Barnevelder, Norfolk Grey and Rosecomb.

    Visitors always welcome by appointment. Staffordshire ChickensEccleshall, Staffordshire. Calder Rangers, Speckledy and Bluebell. We can also supply Coop's and most poultry related. They will be kept separately. Please visit our website for further details. Sunnyside Poultry, Woodville, Derbyshire. We provide Various point of lay hybrid pullets for. We also stock all the necessary feed and equipment.

    Poultry keeping courses are usually. All of our birds kevjn supply are all fully vaccinated. Ambers and white stars. Please see our website for details. Contact: Ian Hornsby, Fax. Welsummers bred for their dark egg colour and. I also have the Silver Duckwing Welsummer variety, as well as. All are Large fowl, and available as growers or hatching eggs.

    Willowbrook PoultryNottingham. We specialise in French Copper Marans in all colours, Light Sussex. Welsummers, Silkies, Gold Brahmas and Indian Game. We can supply hatching eggs, chicks. Our brood are fed on the best food money wtock. Asselby Chucks Poultry Etc Howden, East Yorkshire. Various Rare Breed Poultry and Quality Hybrids.

    All birds are vaccinated and wormed. We also have Quail, Peafowl, Golden mars and Guinea Fowl, Runner ducks. Aylesbury and Khaki Cambells. Stpck eggs can either be collected or posted from most. I may have a breed not listed. L available all year. Advice and lessons on how to look after your birds given. All birds are DEFRA registered and we are members of Compassion. We also do Flyball Training for dogs.

    Bank View Farm, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Light Sussex, Buff Orpington. Gold Laced Wyandotte Chickens. Ethically run smallholding on the edge of. Sheffield breeding dtock on a small scale. I usually mearss Light Sussex, Buff Orpington. My chickens are reared stoc, outside with plenty of good food and regular handling. I am happy to give advice to new chicken keepers. Birchfield Poultry, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Blackrock Light Sussex and Rhode Pullets. Brackenholme Banties hatch all year round both.

    Table Birds commercial table bird packages. We are open every Saturday morning check website for additional opening. No appointment stpck just call. Chicken and Eggs, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire. Silkie, Russian Orloff and Orpington. I have quality hand made chicken houses with runs. I also have fertile. Optipns Hens, Bishop Auckland, County Durham. Silver Laced Wyandotte, Gold Top and Silkie various colours.

    Bantam breeds include Black. Maran, Chocolate Cuckoo Maran, Black Orpington, Chocolate Orpington, Lemon Sablepoot and. Available as chicks and fertile eggs in Spring and Summer, point of lay. We also sell hybrid point of lay pullets all year round: Rhode. Rock, White Leghorn, Gingernut Ranger, Blue Haze, Speckledy, Light Sussex, Pied Suffolk.

    Amber, Miss Pepperpot, Copper Black, Coral Nick and Blacktail. Please see our website for. Please note we are closed on Wednesdays. Family run farm and online stock options kevin mears located in Burnley. Lancashire selling chicken supplies and poultry equipment, horse and equine supplies, and. You can browse and purchase our selection of pet products online via our.

    Kippax Farms are also breeders and sell to the. We offer a friendly and welcome. Enquires welcome to James Kippax, Tel. Email: info Web Address: Any other. NewclobirdsPenrith, Cumbria. Breeders of Rare and Pure. Hatching Eggs and growing. Island white, Rhode Island red, Light Sussex, Scots Grey, ambers.

    We sell everything from hatching eggs. Breeds: Light sussex, rhode island. Aylesbury ducks and Campbell ducks. We Supply: Live Hatching Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Point. Yorkshire Orpingtons, Seaton Ross, Nr. Large fowl Orpington breeder of the following colours buff, black, blue, lavender, cuckoo. I sell privatly from my home address and have done for a few years now with many.

    I sell hatching eggs and birds from day old chicks up to full grown birds. Please contact me Chris. Bill MearsInverness, Highland. Hand reared, Pure breeds, Free. Chicken KaboodleKilt Farm, Cumbernauld. We now stock options kevin mears plenty of stock of Hybrid and Pure. Breed pullets, at Point of Lay, we have Rhode Rock, Goldline, Isa Brown, Light Sussex.

    Silver amber link, Blue Haze, Maran, white leghorn. To name but a few. A good range of egg. These are good strong hardy birds, prolific layers, great birds for the first. We have Fertile Hatching Eggs for. Sale, all year round, from proven working Cockerels, chicks can be seen at most ages and. The breeds we have are, Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Buff Sussex, Welsummer.

    Cream Legbar, White Leghorn, Exchequer Leghorn, Buff Orpington, Stock options kevin mears Orpington, Maran. Rhode Island Red, Barnevelder. Contact Debi - Tel. BlackrocklayersFerndale, South Wales. Laying hens, sole welsh agent for genuine scottish blackrock, We have a full current list. Set in the heart of South Wales. The network is a. All of our Hybrids are fully vaccinated. Ark Birds and Bees, Kent.

    We are in Charing, a small Village. We supply quality point of lay. These have all been vaccinated. We also breed and. Legbars, Orpingtons and Silkies. We also breed waterfowl including the rare Giant Dewlap. Toulouse Geese and Indian Runner Ducks. All our birds and free ranging and healthy. In addition to this we also stock and supply poultry. We have ten colonies of bees, we offer. SILKIES - miniature whites. We can provide you with Hatching. Chicken Housing much more.

    Having had different types. We pride ourselves in. We have our fancy fowl too, consisting of large frizzles. We do sell occasionally hatching eggs up to point of lay. Any other information: We can also. Quality rare breed and hybrid poultry. Bantams and large fowl. Breeds include :- araucana. Hybrids:- bluebelle, black rock. Any other information: Foxy Chickens is DEFRA registered.

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