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    Lao Currency Exchange Rates. Car Rentals: Akbar Car Rentals. Any decent hotel will have an in-room safe. Gmb information: No counters at arrival side. Do I buy a padlock to secure my room? Airport name: Abu Dhabi International Airport. Left Baggage Services of BIAL located in the City Side of the Airport.

    TRAVEL INFO FOR ALL. All Asia Fast Facts. Asia Fast Facts App. Do I Need a Visa? River Cruises in Asia. Weather in SE Asia. Retire SE Asia Intro. LAO PDR - Laos. Lao Silk and Cotton. A Business in Bali. How to Retire in Bali. Retire to Asia Books. Micro SD Memory Fix. List of Lao banks. Bangkok Bank Baht Rates. Main banks in Laos in the capital Vientiane and cities and towns in. These include ANZ Bank Lao Australia New Tmb forex rates.

    Banking GroupBCEL. Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Lao Government main. Banque Franco-Lao BFL Joint Development Bank JDBLao. Development Bank LDB and Phongsavanh Bank PSV. The Bank of the Lao PDR. The number of banks. Existing banks were able to. Tmb forex rates other banks are joint ventures with. Chinese, Malaysian, South Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian and French and.

    Thai banks in Laos are not linked to the Thailand banking system or ATM. Thai VISA and MasterCard cards can of course be used at. Cambodia's ACLEDA Bank has. Traveler's Choice for World's Best Beaches. Friendship Bridges to Thailand. While several Lao banks have branches. See also Banks, Banking, ATMs. If you are planning. However, having some US dollars in.

    Tmb forex rates in baht is possible and convenient, but it costs more. See the daily rates table on the right. Paying with cash in the Lao PDR can. Due to the tiny value of one kip, three currencies are in. Purchases are supposed to made in Lao kip and. However, higher value items from tourist hotel rates to vehicles and. The seller will usually show you the converted price on a.

    Caveat emptor buyer beware : always check that the amount makes. That applies anywhere — not only in Laos! Hotels, convenience stores and. Change will normally be given in kip. To convert Lao kips to Tmb forex rates baht. See the table for main currency. Unless you want to keep. Lao banknotes as souvenirs, change your kips back into baht or dollars.

    They cannot be exchanged outside the. In Bangkokthe train, bus station or airport where people on their. Lao banking centres around. Bank for Agricultural Development and the Lao Bank for Foreign Trade BCEL. BCEL is also the. Lao commercial bank with its headquarters on Pangkam Road near the Mekong River. BCEL has branches in all Lao provinces and also has. They also offer a gold trading.

    Foreigners need a suitable valid visa. Cards have been copied and user keystrokes photographed at. As is advised anywhere, cover your fingers. Most banks are near the Morning Market in Lane Xang. Avenue and the street nearby, while BCEL is near the Mekong on. Bangkok Bank is now located near That Dam. See below for a list of most Vientiane and Lao banks or representative offices, with contact details. Reduced staff during their lunch break.

    There are many ATMs. Credit card cash advances. Phongsavanh Bank ATM cards may now be used for cash withdrawal and. Provincial branches of PSV. ATMs dispense local currency kips in. There is an tmb forex rates to. BCEL, LDB and PSV. Note that your own bank or card issuer. Check before you leave. Some overseas banks refund. If no receipt is given or your card is. In the event of non-payment or a. Sometimes this will be across the entire Lao.

    If an ATM withdrawal 'goes through' but no cash. If this does not happen, contact your bank direct. In the Lao PDR. Upcountry, especially in remote villages it's advisable to. In the cities, many hotels, tour operators and. THAI BAHT TIP :. Before crossing the Friendship Bridge into Lao, get some. Friendship Bridge itself, where the ATMs are near Thai Exit Immigration.

    Baht are readily accepted for purchases in Lao and. Note that not all banks can accept foreign cards. Occasionally a particular ATM or. LAO ENTRY VISA TIP :. You can also pay in Thai baht, but at a poor exchange rate. CAMBODIA ATM TIP : If you're visiting Cambodia. Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh. Transfers Between Lao Banks and. A system may now be in place allowing cash to be transferred. This will ATMs more flexible and share. At present, cash has to be withdrawn at one bank and.

    THAI BANK ACCOUNTS IN. For Thailand bank account. Bangkok Bank has relocated near That Dam. Black Chedi near the corner of Samsentthai main northbound one-way. Thai bank VISA or MasterCard can be used at international ATMs — as can those from any. Apart from local ATM tmb forex rates, Bangkok Bank and maybe. So far this is the only branch outside the capital, although there.

    Lao banks that issue. PSV, LDB and BFL. There may be more in the future. Although BCEL probably other banks too term deposit rates were. Rates for USD or THB deposits are usually lower than for Lao kips. Lao bank websites listed below. Mainly for foreign and local residents. However, non-Lao citizens need a. Banks everywhere use different compounding periods.

    Lao banks range from. It can make a difference to the return on larger deposits. For transfers to a Vientiane bank account from overseas it may be. The cheapest way to get money into Laos is. Use baht for purchases in the Lao PDR or change them locally. Bangkok Bank account holders in. Thailand can transfer money to the Vientiane Branch for.

    Funds will be available in kip, baht or. Foreigners can open US dollar, baht or kip accounts at this. Thai banks do not have their. However, any bank's VISA. PLUS or Cirrus network cards are accepted. MasterCard logos are displayed where accepted including ANZ Lao. BCEL accepts incoming foreign transfers. Bank drafts banker's checks. Certain other banks may offer this service. MoneyGram agencies at BCEL, Thai Military and Siam Commercial. As tmb forex rates is must be transferred to Laos in.

    As inflation increased, the. Thick wads of notes were. This is one of the reasons the Thai. Lao kips cannot be used or exchanged outside the country see Lao kip. Note that apart from. Western characters appears on Laotian bank notes. Truly a ' local. Lao Currency Exchange Rates. See more currency exchange rates in the table on the right above. Money Exchange booths are open outside these. Cambodian, Chinese and French joint ventures with private and government.

    Some may have direct. Click images to see enlarged. Banking in Asia Page.

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