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    Does the world need a worldwide single acceptable currency? Hedging is simply coming up with a way to protect yourself against big loss. In the realm of forex, hedge and order of protection are terms that have the same meaning. There are so many variables in what might or might not happen with Bowleven. Forex Trading - FXCM. Financial Director at Thebe Investment Corporation.

    SAP Online Help PDFs. All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description from I to L. Here you can see all SAP transaction codes and the called reports including a short header description. Sometimes you are looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions". So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. Just give forfx a chance :. The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT.

    All transactions sorted by transaction code:. Overview Page of the SAP Transactions. All SAP Transactions starting from A grkup E. All SAP Transactions starting from F to H. All SAP Transactions starting from I to L. All SAP Transactions starting with M. All SAP Transactions starting from N to O. All SAP Transactions starting from P to T. All SAP Transactions starting from U to Z. German Overview Page of the SAP Transactions.

    TA Report Header Description. IBIP SAPLIBIP PM: Batch Input Utility. IBIPA IBIPBAL Transaction for BAL of IBIP. IDOC SAPMSEDR IDoc: Repair and check programs. IECS Gdoup Technical Objects. IHCFX RBFXNET FX netting with In Firex Cash. Measuring Points for Ob. IMAI RKKBRPTR CI Management Info System. IMAMB MASSBACK Automatic Mass Change. IMAMP RAIMARED Blanket Forex kf group to Plan Values. IMAN SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: IMAK. IMAP SAPMKBUD Change plan for appropriation req.

    IMAQ SAPMKBUD Display plan for appropriation req. IMAR SAPMKBUD Plan investment portion of IMAS SAPMKBUD Display plan: Appropriation request. IMAV SAPMKBUD Change plan revenues. IMAW SAPMKBUD Display plan revenues. Fores RAIMCAOV Budget Carryfwd for rusrock-leg.rums. IMCK RICTIMCK IM Summariz: Calculated key figures. IMCTST RSIMCTST IMC Test Monitor.

    IMCTX RSIMCTRX Intermode Communication. IMCX RKDREOBE IM Summarization: Reorg. IMCY RKDREODA IM Summarization: Reorg. IMCZ RKDREOFO IM Summarization: Reorg. IMDK RIRTIMDK Calculated key figures. IMEK RIPTIMEK Maintain ratios. IMEX RKDREOBE Reorganize invest. IMEY RKDREODA Reorganize inv. IMEZ RKDREOFO Reorganize forms for IMSL RAIMLANG Set language for text. IPCS MENUIPCS Maintenance Planning.

    ISNR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ISDB. IWBK RIAUFMVK Material availability information. IWWW SAPMIWOW Create Service Notification WWW. JBAI RJBRSTDB Load saved Dataset. JBAP SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis Structures. JBAS RJBRSTDS Save Dataset. JBAU RJBRSIPF Maintain View. JBAX RJBRSTDD Delete Saved Dataset. JBBA RJBAUFWP Position Generation - Securities.

    JBBB RJBAUFBD Position Determ. JBBD RJBAUFDE Forex Position Determination. JBBE MENUJBBE Valuation Setting. JBBG MENUJBBG Position Groups. JBDM MENUJBDM IS-B: Loans. JBDO SAPMJBDO Financial Object. JBHTL RJBRHITRL Translate Characteristic Hierarchie. JBHTR RJBRHITR Transport Characteristic Hierarchie. JBLF RKCDLMON Determine Log Number. JBLZ MENUJBLZ Maturity band. JBMS RJBRMSSE Set filter for messages.

    JBMT SAPMMTSK Multitasking Maintenance. JBMVT MENUJBMVT Business Partner Configuration Menu. JBNA RJBRBPNW Regenerate RM Area. JBPH MENUJBPH Portfolio hierarchy. JBRBP RJBRBPREO Reorganize Base Portfolios. JBRCT RJBRCVTR RM: Transport of Char. JBRCU RJBRCVCU Edit Characteristic Values. JBRCV RJBRCVAP Maintenance of Characteristic Value. JBRDG RJBRDERG Generate Program for rusrock-leg.rutio. JBRDV RJBRDRVAL Maintain Derivation of Rule Entries. JBRFG SAPMKCGF Edit field groups.

    JBRGE RJBRTRGE Generate Program Env. JBRGV RJBRGENV Reorganize Maintenance Modules. JBRIN RJBRSIIN Initialize view. JBRKA RJBRPHSH Display Portfolio Hierarchy old. JBRLZB RJBLZB Maintain Maturity Band. JBRN RJBRVREGC Restructuring per View. JBRNR RJBRNROB Number Range Administration. JBRT RJBRSVAC ALM Simulation.

    JBRU RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: Sensitivity. JBRX RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: NPV. JBRY RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: Hist. JBRZ RJBRDRCL Maintain Derivation Strategy. JBSV SAPMJBDD Forex kf group Service. JBSY MENUJBSY IS-B: Treasury Master Data. JBTA SAPMJBTR Costing Rule for Node Costing. Gropu SAPMJBTZ Maintain Cash Flow.

    JBVTCH BUSSTART Change Variable Transaction. JBVTCR BUSSTART Create Variable Transaction. JBVTSH BUSSTART Display Variable Transaction. JBWA RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree. JBWC Froex Comments Management: Treasury. JBWH SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchy. JBWK RKDMKCIK Maintain key figures. JBWPR RJBRREIF RM: Display Interface Programs. JBWS RKDSTRUC Display structure. JBWX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports.

    JBWY RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data. JBWZ RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms. Rates for Yield Curve. JVTT SAPMSCAT Joint Venture Test Tool. KAFD SAPLKAFD External Data Transfer. KAFL SAPLKAFD Delete All Costs Transferred w. KAID RKADELIT Delete ALE-COEP L Line Items. KALC RKAKALFI Options strategies examples Flow Message. KALD RKAKALDE Reset Reconciliation Ledger.

    KALF RKAKALBT Start Background Report RKAKALBT. KALH RKAKALBR Change Rules for Reconcil. KALI RKKBJBIN Import Reconcil. KALK RKAKALBS Create Rules for Reconcil. KALS RKAKALFI Reverse Reconciliation Posting. KAMN MENUKAMN Menu for Internal Orders. KANK SAPMSNUM Number range maint. KAUM RKACUMTK Display Conversion Milestones.

    KAVA RBDSECOT Send Cost Center Totals Records. KAVB RGSALECC Send Cost Center Group. KAVC RGSALECE Send Cost Element Group. KAVD RGSALEAT Send Activity Type Group. KCBA SAPMKCEE Report class overview. KCBB RKCUSRGR Set user group. KCBH SAPMKCBH Report portfolio data transfer. KCDI RKDREPDV Divide report. Forex kf group RKCTRERU Structure of summ.

    KCDV SAPMKEDV Maintain summarization levels. KCEA RKCDEDIA Set planner profile. KCED RKCDEDEI Define Flexible Excel Upload. KCKB SAPMKCIK Formulas for basic key figures. KCLA KCFDUADS EDT: Automatic File Split. KCLF RKCFILEF External Data Transfer. KCLFS KCDSTRUCF Sender Structures. KCLL KCDSTRUC EDT: Generate Sender Structure.

    KCLR KCFDURFC RFC Call. KCLU KCFDUTYP EDT: Maintain Transfer Types. KCPB SAPMSJOB Batch jobs aut. KCPD SAPMKCPD Delete plan data with key fig. KCRB RKDBATPF Maintain variable groups. KCUA RKCDLMON Display Transfer Log. KCUU RKDREODA Report Data Reorganization. KCVD RKDREOBE Overview of Reports. KCVL SAPMKCDA Variable list element in basic rep.

    KCVV RKDREOBE Reorganization Reports. Gruop RKDREOFO Reorganize forms. KCXX RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant Groups. KDTT RKDCTRAN Display incorrect report. KEAE RKABCPAC Generate Proc. KECP SAPMKECP Copy Operating Concern. KEDA RKETREXT Export Summarization Level. KEDF Forex kf group CO-PA: Fill Summ. KEDJ RKETRERJ CO-PA: Fill Summ. KEDU RKETRERU CO-PA: Build Summarization Levels.

    KEDV SAPMKEDV CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Level. KEDW RKETRERV CO-PA: Fill Summ. KEDX RKETRERT CO-PA:Fill from Summ. KEMN MENUKEMN Profitability Analysis appl. KEOV RKEOV CO-PA: Cycle Overview. Groups for Actual and Plannin. KEPM RKEPLKEPM CO-PA Planning. KEPP RKEPLPPR Check plan structure. KEUU RKDREODA Reorganize data. KEVG RKEABCVGA Record Types for Process Costs. KEWUSL RKEWUSL Where-Used List for Cycles PA. KEWW RKDREOFO Reorganize forms. Data Transfer to Forex kf group Plannin.

    KGBC EWBCMPMD Copy CMP Client. KGST EWSTEUER Control Tables: Consistency Check. KKAG SAPMKKAC WIP: Display Worklist. KKAH RKKBSELL Sales Order Selection. KKAO SAPMKKAC WIP Calc. KKAQ SAPMKKAC Display WIP - Collective Processing. KKAS SAPMKKAC WIP Calc. KKAT SAPMKKAC WIP Display for Product Cost Coll. KKAV SAPMKKAC WIP Calculation for Cost Object Hie.

    KKAW SAPMKKAC WIP Display Cost Object Hierarchy. KKAX SAPMKKAC WIP Calculation for Order. KKAY SAPMKKAC WIP Display for Order. Analysis Data for Order. KKBD RKKBSELN Order Selection Without Variances. KKBE RKKBSELN Order Selection with Variances. KKBG RKKBJGEN Generate Report Group. KKBO RKKBRPTR Report Tree. KKDV SAPMKEDV CO-PC: Summarization level maint. KKEC RKKEKLVE Compare Base Object - Unit Cost Est. KKMLN RKDREODA Reorganization of Report Data. KKMLO RKDREOBE Reorganization of Reports.

    KKMLP RKDREOFO Reorganization of Forms. KKMN MENUKKMN Product costing application area. KKOB MENUKKOB Basic Functions of Cost Object Cont. KKON RKDREODA Reorganization of Report Data. KKOO RKDREOBE Reorganization of Reports. KKOP RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms. KKOT RKDREPDV Split Report. KKPAN SAPLCKDI Create Cost Est. KKPBN SAPLCKDI Change Cost Est. KKPCN SAPLCKDI Display Cost Est. KKPDN SAPLCKDI Create Cost Forex kf group. Cost Object Hierarchy Maint.

    KKPJ SAPLKAZB Actual OHead: Cost Obj Collec Proc. KKPM MENUKKPM Process costing menu. KKPX SAPMKKPA Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj. Grojp SAPMKKPA Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj. KKPZ SAPLKAZB Actual Overhead: Cost Obj Individ. KKRA SAPMKKRD Groyp Summarization. KKRC SAPMKKRD Summarization: CO Object. KKRO SAPMKKRD Data Collection: Product Drilldown. KKRP SAPMKKRD Project Groul.

    KKRS SAPMKKRD Summarization: Repetitive Mfg COC. KKRV RKKRPRRE Data Collection Product Drilldown. KKRZ SAPMKKRD Summarization: Process Mfg COC. KKSM MENUKKSM Product Cost Ctrllg: Make-to-Stock. KLABL RKLDERIFO Derivation of the Default Risk Rule. KLEH RKLEHSHOW Display Logs. KLONL RKLONLINE Online Check.

    KOCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Order Commitments. KOCM RKOCLMIG Conversion Classification: AUFK. Printing of Internal Order. KONK SAPMSNUM Maintain Order Number Ranges. KOSL MMANALOG Incompleteness FT Data BOM. Ranges for Settlement Document. Key Figure Plan Data. KPHR RKHRPLAN Transfer HR Costs to CO. KPPS SAPLKWTP Allocation Lf. KPRO MENUKPRO KPRO Administration. KPSI SAPLKNMA CO-CCA Plan Reconciliation.

    Header: Line Items Actua. KSBT RKATARIF Cost centers: Activity prices. KSCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Cost Center Commitmen. KSII SAPLKSPI Actual Price Determination: CCtrs. KSMN MENUKSMN Actual Menu. KSPI SAPLKSPI Forex kf group Plan Price Calculation. KSPP SAPLKSPP Transfer Planning From Logistics. KSRT RKGALRTA Allocations: Runtime Analysis. KSWUSL KGALWUSL Where-Used List: Cycles in CCA.

    LBWE RMCEXCUC LO Data Fotex. LDAP SAPMLDAP LDAP Customizing and Test. LEAN RVFTPRAN Request long-term VendDecl. LEER RVFTPRER Create long-term VenDecl. LEMA RVFTPRMA Dun long-term vendor decl. LIBS GUILSTCN List layout. LLVS MENULLVS WM Menu. LPIN SAPLLCPP Info: Material Stock WM-PP. LPINW SAPLLCPP Info Transaction IAC. LPRO MENULPRO Material Forecast Menu.

    Planning for Fixed Bins. LTRA RTRMALERT TRM Alert Monitor. LVASA Foreex VAS Alert Monitor. LXDCA RCDALERT Cross Docking Alert Monitor. LYRDA RLYALERT Yard Alert Monitor.

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    A hedge is an investment position intended to offset potential losses or gains that may be incurred by a companion investment. In simple language, a hedge is used to.
    In finance, a foreign exchange option (commonly shortened to just FX option or currency option) is a derivative financial instrument that gives the right but not the.
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