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    Various forms for filing of returns under CST. I went straight to your lessons on technical analysis. Test your knowledge on the skills you have acquired through our online assessment. Trading with Double Bollinger Bands. Primary and secondary markets and its instruments. Assessment of Income of different persons:.

    Alternatively, you can log in using:. Join and Share your Knowledge. Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. Member Strength and growing. Download Other files in Students category. Online classes for CA CS CMA. Section A : Fundamentals of Economics. Section B : Fundamentals of Management. The Fundamentals of Economics. Theory of Demand meaning, determinants of demand, law of demand, elasticity of demand.

    Theory of Production meaningfactors, laws of p roduction- law of variable proportion, laws of. Cost of Production concept of costs, short-run an d long-run costs, average and marginal costs. Pricing strategies in various forms of market s. Definition of Money, Types, Features and Functions. Definition, functions, utility, principles of Banki ng. Commercial Banks, Central Bank.

    Measures of credit control and Money Market. Introduction, planning, organizing, staffing, leadi ng, control, communication, co-ordination. Concept of Power, Authority, Delegation of Authorit y, Responsibility, Accountability. Decision-making - types of decisions, decision-making process. Accounting Principles, Concepts and Conventions. Capital and Revenue transactions - capital and reve nue expenditures, capital a nd revenue. Double entry system, Books of prime entry, Subsidia ry Books, Cash Book.

    Journal, Ledger, Trial Ba lance. Depreciation - Methods Straight Line and Diminishi ng Balance methods only. Rectif ication of Errors. Opening entries, Transfer entries, Adjustment entri es, Closing entries. Accounting for Special Transactions. Bills of Exchange excluding accommodation bill, in solvency. Preparation of Final Accounts:.

    Accounting treatment of bad debts, reserve for bad and doubtful debts, provision for. Preparation of Receipts and Payments Account. Preparation of Income and Expenditure Account. Fundamentals of Cost Accounting a Meaning, Definition, Significance of Cost Accou nting, its relationship with Financial. Section A : Fundamentals of Commercial Laws. Section B : Fundamentals of Ethics. Section A : Fundamentals of Commercial and Industri al Laws [.

    Essential elements of a contract, offer and accepta nce. Void and voidable agreements. Consideration, legality of object and consideration. Capacity of Parties, free consent. Quasi Contracts, Contingent Contracts. Breach of Contract and Remedies for Breach of Contr act. Performance of the Contract of Sale. Rights of Unpaid Vendor. Negotiable Instruments —Characteristics of Negotiab le Instruments.

    Definitions of Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange an d Cheque. Differences between Promissory Note, Bill of exchan ge and Cheque. Crossing — Meaning, Definition and Types of Crossin g. Ethics and Business a. Ethics — Meaning, Importance. The relationship between Ethics and Law. Ratios, Varia tions a nd Proportions.

    Simple and Compound interest. Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression. Indices a nd Logarithms basic concepts. Permutation a nd Combinations basic concepts. Quadratic Equations basic concepts. Statistical Representation of Data a. Dia grammatic representation of da ta. Graphical representation of Forex trading course syllabus Distribution — Histogram, Frequency Polygon Curve. Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion a. Mean, Median, Mode, Mean Deviation.

    Range, Quartiles and Quartile Deviation. Correlation and Regression a. Regression lines, Regression equa tions, Regression coefficients. Sec-A : Accounting — Basics. Sec-B : Preparation of Financial Statements. Preparation of Final Accounts of Profit Oriented organizations, Non-Profit. Organizations and from Incomplete Records.

    Royalties, Hire-Purchase and Installment System. Branch and Departmental Accounts. Sec-D : Accounting in Computerised Environment and Accounting Standards. Overview of Computerised Accounting. Accounting Standards Specified only. Section A : Accounting — Basics. Fundamentals of Accounting: Accounting - Meaning, Scope and Significance of Acc ounting - Accounting Principles, Concepts and. Conventions - Capital and Revenue Transactions — De preciation - Rectification of Errors.

    Accounting for Special Transactions Bills of Exchange - Consignment - Joint Venture - I nsurance Claims Loss of Stock and Loss of Profit. Section B : Preparation of Financial Statements. Preparation of Final Accounts of Profit Oriented organizations, Non-Profit Organizations forex trading course syllabus from. Preparation of Financial Statements from incomplete records Single entry. Partnership Accounts Admission, Retirement, Death, Treatment of Joint Li fe Policy ,Dissolution of partnership firms including.

    Royalty Accounts, Hire Purchase and Installment System. Section D: Accounting in Computerized Environment a nd Accounting Standards. Computerized Accounting System — Features, Significa nce, Grouping of Accounts, Ledger hierarchy. Accounting Packages and their selection criteria. Section A : COMM ERCIAL LAWS. Definition and features of NI. Crossing, Endorsement and Material Alteration. Acceptance, Assignment and Negotiation. Rights and liabilities of Parties.

    Dishonor of a Negotiable Instrument. Rights and liabilities of Partners. Formation, Reconstitution and Dissolution of Firms. Concept, formation, membership, functioning. SECTIO N B: INDU STRIAL LAWS: Objects, Scope and appl icability of the following acts. Company types, promotion, formation and related pro cedures i. Director-Role, Responsibilities, Qualification, dis qualifica tion, appointment, retirement. Ethics-meaning, importance, nature and relevance to business.

    Values and attitudes of professional accountants. Seven principles of public life-selflessness, integ rity, objectivity, accountability, openness. SECTION — A: INCOME TAX ACT BASICS. Heads of Income and Computation of Total Income under various heads. Clubbing Provisions, Set off and Carry forward of Losses, Deductions. Assessment of Income of different persons. TDS, TCS and Advance Tax.

    Income computation and disclosure standards — Basic Concepts only. Basic Concepts and definitions. Capital and revenue — receipts, expenditures. Basis of charge and scope of total income. Residential Status and Incidence of Tax. Incomes which do not form part of Total Income [ Sec. Income from House property. Profits and gains from Business or Profession.

    Income from other sources. Clubbing Provisions, Set off and Carry forward o f Losses, Deductions:. Assessment of Income of different persons:. TDS, TCS and Advance Tax:. Return Filing and Refund procedures. Demand, Recovery, Assessment, appeal, revision, and settlement. Special Procedure for Assessment of search cases. E-commerce Transaction and liability in special cas es. Penalties, fines and prosecution.

    Income computation and disclosure standards — Ba forex trading course syllabus Concepts only. Definition, Scope, objectives and significance of c ost accounting, its rela tionship with. Cost Objects, Cost centers and cost units. Classifica tion of costs. Time keeping, Time booking and payroll. Labour Turnover, Overtime and idle time. Principles and methods of remunera tion and incentiv e schemes. Employee cost reporting a nd measurement of efficien cy.

    Direct E xpense s. Collection, classif ication and apportionment and al location of overhea ds. Absorption and treatment of over or under absorptio n of overheads. Reporting of overhea d costs. COST BOOK KEEPING: a. Cost Accounting Records, Ledgers and Cost Statement s. Reconciliation of cost accounting records with fina ncial accounts. Infrastructure, Educational, Healthcare and Port se rvices.

    METHODS O F COSTING: a. Process Costing — Normal and a bnormal losses, equiv alent production, Joint and By. Operating Costing or Service Costing — Transport, H otel a nd Hospital. Meaning of Ma rgina l Cost and Marginal Costing. Ma rgina l Costing. Ma rgin of safety. Application of Marginal Costing for decision making - ba sic simple problems only. Budget and Budgeta ry Control simple problems only.

    W e igh tage. O p era tion s P lann ing. D esign ing o f op era tiona l systems and con tro l. P rod u c tivity ma nagem en t a nd qua lity mana gemen t. P ro ject Ma nag emen t. E co no mics of Ma in tena nc e a nd spa res mana one touch option trading strategy t.

    Se ctio n — B : Strate gic M anage m en t. Stra tegic Mana gemen t In trod uction. Stra tegic Ana lysis an d Stra tegic P lan forex trading course syllabus in g. Fo rmu la tion and Imp lemen ta tion o f Stra teg y. Section — A: Operations Management. Demand forecasting — capacity planning - capacity r equirement planning - facility location - facility layout. De s ign ing of o pe ratio nal s ys te ms and co n tro l: Product Design, Process design - Selection - Produc t Life Cycle — Process Planning — Process Selection.

    Production planning and Control:. Introduction — Control Measures — Time study, Work study, Method study, Job Evaluation, Job Allocation. Assignment TechniqueScheduling Queuing Models, Simulation and Line Balancing — Optimum. Allocation of resources — Lean Operations — JIT — Transportation Model and Linear Programming. Technique Formulation of equations only. Productivity Management and Quality Management:. Measurement techniques of productivity index, produ ctivity of employee, productivity of materials.

    Project Management: Project planning — project life cycle — Gantt chart s, PERT and CPM. Economics of Maintenance and Spares Management: Break down Maintenance — Preventive Maintenance — R outine Maintenance — Replacement of Machine. Se ctio n — B : Strate gic Manage me nt. Strate gic Manage men t In trodu ctio n Vision - Mission a nd o b jec tive. Strate gic Analys is an d Strate gic Plan n in g. Situ a tio na l Ana lysis —SWOT Ana lysis — P ortf o lio Ana lysis — BCG Ma trices — Sta g es in Stra tegic.

    P lann ing — Altern atives in Strateg ic P la nn ing. Fo rmu lation and Im p lem entation of Strategy: Stra teg y f o rmu la tion f unc tion wise P roduc tion Stra tegy, Ma rketing Stra tegy, Man P ower. Stra teg y — Stru ctu rin g o f O rga nisa tion fo r implem e n ta tion o f stra tegy — Stra tegic Bu sin ess. Un it — Bu sin ess P ro cess re- en g in eerin g. Cost and Management Accounting — Introduction. Budgeting and Budgeta ry Control.

    Standard Costing and Varia nce Ana lysis. Section B: Financial Management. Introduction to Financia l Management. Tools f or Financia l Analysis a nd Planning. Cost of Capital, Capital Structure Theories, Divide nd Decisions and. Ca pital Budgeting — Investment Decisions. Cost and Management Accounting: Introduction to Management Accounting — Relationshi p between Management Accounting and Cost.

    Budgeting and Budgetary Control:. Budgetary Control and Preparation of Functional and Master Budgeting. Fixed, Variable, Semi-Variable Budgets. Zero Based Budgeting ZBB. Computation of variances for each of the elements o f forex trading course syllabus, Sales Variances, Investigation of variances —. Valuation of Stock under Standard Costing — Uniform Costing and Inter-firm comparison. Learning Curve: Concept of Learning curve and its application. Section B: Financial Management:.

    Introduction to Financial Management: Meaning — Objectives — Scope of Financial Managemen t sources of Finance — Introduction to Financial. Tools for Financial Analysis and Planning: Financial Ratio Analysis — Funds Flow Analysis — Ca sh Flow Analysis. Working capital Management: Working Capital Management — Financing of Working C apital.

    Cost of Capital, Capital Structure Theories, Di vidend Decisions and Leverage Analysis:. Meaning of Cost of Capital — Computation of Cost of Capital — Capital Structure Theories and Dividend. Decisions Theories Walters — MM — Gordon Models — Leverage Analysis. Capital Budgeting — Investment Decisions:. Concept of Capital Budgeting — Non-Discounted and D iscounted Cash Flow Method — Ranking of. Canons of Taxation - Indirect Tax:.

    Features of Indirect Tax and Constitutional Validit y. Central Excise Law — Goods — Manufacturer — Valuati on Rules — Related Party — Captive Consumption. CENVAT — input Services capital goods and procedure s under Cenvat Credit Rules. Concepts of Customs Law — Types of Duties, Anti-dum ping duties. Valuation rules — Import Procedures — Export Proced ures — Baggage — Stores — Warehousing —.

    Introduction, Nature of Service Tax, Service Provid er and Service Receiver. Registration Procedure, Records to be maintained. Negative List of Services, Exemptions and Abatement s. Valuation of Taxable Services applicable services will be notified for each term of exam. Payment of Service Tax, Returns of Service Tax. Other aspects of Service Tax. Central Sales Tax and VAT: a. Introduction, DefinitionsSalient Features of CST Act.

    Stock Transfer, Branch transfer, Inter State Sale. Various forms for filing of returns under CST. Procedures under Central Sales Tax CST. Value Added Tax VAT. Introduction, definitions, salient features of Sate VAT Act. Filing of return under State VAT Act. Section A : Accounts of Joint Stock Companies. Accounting of Shares and Debentures. Presentation of Financial Statements as Per Schedule III. Accounts of Banking, Electricity and Insurance Comp anies.

    Section B : Auditing. Section A: Accounts of Joint Stock Companies. Accounting of Shares and Debentures: a. Issue of shares, rights issue, bonus issue, sweat e quity shares, forfeiture of share, algorithmic trading system design of. Issue and redemption of preference shares, debentur es. Under writing of shares and debentures. Presentation of Financial Statements as per Sch edule III :.

    Statement of Profit and Loss. Accounts of Banking, Electricity and Insurance C ompanies:. Accounts of Banking Company. Accounts of an Electricity Company. Accounts of Insurance Company. Nature, Scope and Significance of Auditing. Audit Engagement, Audit Program, Audit Working Pape rs, Audit Note Book, Audit Evidence and. Internal Check, Internal Control, Internal Audit - Industry Specific. Provision relating to Audit under Companies Act. Cost Audit, Secretarial Audit. Reporting Requirements under Companies Act, Report vs.

    Certificate, contents of the reports. Branch Audit, Joint Audit. Audit of shares and debentures. Audit of divisible profits and dividends. Statutory Auditors Vs Internal Auditors. Auditing and Assurance Standards relating to audit of inventories and. Auditing of different types of undertaking — Educat ion, Hospitals, Co. SECTION A: COMPANIES ACT. SECTION B: OTHER CORPORATE LAWS. SEBI Laws and Regulations. Laws related to Banking Sector.

    Laws related to Insurance Sector. Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business. Company Formation and Conversion. Incorporation of private companies, public companie s, company limited by guarantee. Nidhi Companies, Mutual Benefit Funds and Producer Companies - concept, formation. Fo rma tion of Not-for-P ro f it ma king c omp an ies.

    Procedure relating to Foreign Companies Carrying on Business in India. Conversion of LLPs into Private Limited Companies a nd vice versa. Procedure for inter-corporate loans, investments, g iving off guarantee and security. Acceptance of deposits, renewal, repayment, default and remedies. Profits and ascertainment of divisible profits. Declaration and payment of dividend. Unpaid and unclaimed dividend — treatment and trans fer to Investor Education and.

    Maintenance of Books of Accounts. Statutory Au d ito r, Specia l Au d itor an d Co st Aud ito r — Appointment, resignation. Companies Auditor Report Order CARO Rules. Directors and Managerial Personnel- appointment, reappointment, resignation. Payment of remuneration to Directors and Managerial personnel and disclosure. Powers of Board of Directors and restrictions on th e powers of Directors.

    Compensation for loss of office. Waiver of recovery of remuneration. Making loans to Directors, Disclosure of interest o f a Director, Holding of Office or. Powers of the Forex trading course syllabus. Duties and Liabilities of Directors. Inspection, Inquiry and investigation. Majority Rule but Minority Protection. Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement. Section B: Other Corporate Laws. SEBI Laws and Regulations: a. Competition - Meaning, objectives, extent and appli cability.

    Competition Commission of India. Exports, Imports and Foreign Funds under Deferred P ayment, ECB route, loans and export remittance. Laws related to Banking Sector: Basic Understanding Only. The Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security. Money Laundering AML Audits to check tax evasion and transfer of funds. Laws related to Insurance Sector: Basic Understanding Only. Section C: Corporate Governance. Corporate governance in family business. Corporate governance in state-owned business — the MOU system.

    Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilit ies of Business. National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmen tal and Economic Responsibilities. Section A : Investment Decisions. Evaluation of Risky proposals for Investment decisions. Section B : Financial Markets and Institutions. Institutions in Financial Markets. Instruments in Financial Markets. Section D : Financial Risk Management.

    Financial Derivatives - Instruments for Risk Ma nagement. Financial Risk Management in International Op erations. Section A: Investment Decisions. Investment Decisions, Project Planning and Cont rol. Evaluation of Risky Proposals for Investment d ecisions. Deviation in Capital Budgeting, Risk Adjusted Disco unt Rate, Options in Capital Budgeting. Lease Financing forex trading course syllabus Evaluation of Lease vs Buy option s. Break-Even Lease rental determination. Cross Boarder leasing, Sale and Lease back.

    Section B: Financial Markets and Institutions. Reserve Bank of India, Commercial Banks, NBFCs. Insurance Companies, Pensions Funds. Instruments in Financial Market. Certificate of Deposits, Repo, Reverse Repo and Pro missory Notes, Government Securities. Bonds, valuation of Bonds, Price Yield relationship. Primary and secondary forex trading course syllabus and its instruments. Optionally convertible debentures, Deep discount bo nds.

    Rolling settlement, Clearing house operations. Dematerialization, Re-materialization and Depositor y system. Credit rating - Credit rating forex trading course syllabus in India. Commodity Exchange i Regulatory Structure, Design of markets. Commodity Options on futures and its mechanism. Market indicators, Support and resistance level, Pa tterns in stock price.

    Statistic models — Moving Averages, Bollinger bands. Theories on stock market movements — Dow Jones Theo ry. Portfolio Management — meaning, objectives and basi c principles. Portfolio Management theories — Efficient Market Hy pothesis, Markowitz Model, Random. Walk theory, CAPM, APT, Sharpe Index. Portfolio Management — Construction of a Portfolio, Computing the Portfolio Total risk.

    Classification of risk into systematic and unsystem atic, Minimization of Portfolio risk. Monitoring the Risk and Return of a portfolio. Portfolio Analysis - Security and Capital Market Li ne, Beta, Levered and Unlevered Beta. Section D: Financial Risk Management. Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Asset based riskOpe rational Risk. Foreign investment risk, Market Risk. Hedging through futures and benefits of Future mark et, Components of Future Price, Index.

    Option Premium, Strategies in Options market — spre ad, bull spread, bear spread, butterfly. Option Equivalent, Stock Equivalent, Binomial tree approach, Risk neutral and Black. Swaps and Swaptions — Meaning, types, features, benefits of Swaps, Intere st rate swaps. Interest rate derivatives — Meaning, Interest rate caps, interest rate collars, forward rate. Financial Risk Management in International Oper ations.

    Receipts ADRs — sponsored, unsponsored, Global De pository Receipts GDRsWarrants. Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds FCCBsEuro Is sues, Euro Commercial Paper, Euro. Convertible Bonds, Note Issuance Facility, Particip ating Notes, Foreign Direct Investment. Foreign Exchange Market — Exchange Rate determinati on — Exchange Rate Forecasting. Purchasing Power Parity-Interest Rate Parity. Exchange Rate Risk management forex trading course syllabus Forex Hedging toolsexposure netting, currency.

    Foreign Investment Analysis: International Portfoli o Investment — International Capital. Decision Ma king techniques. Standard Costing in Profit Planning. Activity Based Cost Ma nagement — JIT and ERP. Cost of Quality and Total Quality Ma nagement. Application of Operation Research and Statistical Tools in Strategic.

    Section A: Cost Management. Cost Management a Developments in Cost Management: i. Value Analysis and Va lue Engineering. Section B: Strategic Cost Manage ment Tools and Tech niques. Decis ion Making Te chniques a. Ma rgina l Costing- Diff erentia l costing-CVP Analysis — Profit Volume Graphs —. Decisions involving alternative choices — Optimum u tilization of resources — Ma ke or.

    Buy — Eva luation of Orders — Multiple scarce resour ce problems- Product sales. Pricing Decisions and Strategies — New Product P ri cing, Use of Costs in Pricing. Costing of Service Sector — methods, pricing, perfo rmance mea surement. Tra nsfer Pricing - Objectives, Methods Cost BasedMarket Price Based, Negotia ted. PricingAdvantages and Disadvantages, Criteria fo r setting Transfer Prices, Transfer. Releva nt Cost Analysis : Releva nt Cost, Irrelevant Costs - Sunk or Historical Cost. Committed Cost, Absorbed Cost, Situations where Fix ed Costs become relevant for.

    Variance Analysis - Investigation of Va riances, Pla nning and Operating Variances. Standard Costing Vs Budgetary Control, Reconciliati on of Actual Profit with Sta ndard. Uniform Costing and Inter-firm comparison. Activity Based Cost Management — JIT and ERP. Activity Based Cost Ma nagement - Conceptpurpose, benef its, stages, relevance in. ABC System — compa rative analysis. JIT — introduction, Benefits, Use of JIT in mea suri ng the Performa nce. ERP and its applications in strategic cost ma nageme nt.

    Cost of Quality and Total Quality Management a. TQ M - Basics, Stages, Principles, Control, Correcti ve actions. Section C: Strate gic Cost Management — Application of Statistical Techniques in Business. Application of Operation Research and Statistica l Tools in Strategic Decision Making. Linea r Progra mming Formulation only.

    Section A forex trading course syllabus Advanced Direct Tax Laws. Set-Off and Carry forward and Set-off of losses. Deduction in Computing Total Income. Administrative procedures under Direct Taxation. Section B : International Taxation. Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements DTAA. Section A: Advanced Direct Tax Laws. Assessment of Hindu Undivided Family. Assessment of Limited Liability Partnership LLP.

    Assessment of Co-operative Societies. Assessment of Mutual Association. Alternate Minimum Tax and Minimum Alternate Tax. Different Aspects of Direct Tax Planning. Set-Off and Carry forward and Set-off of losses a. Set off of loss in the Same Year. Deductions from Gross Total Income. Conversion of sole proprietary business to company. Conversion of Firm into Company. Administrative procedures under Direct Taxation a.

    Penalties, Fines and prosecution. Income Computation and Disclosure Standards. Grievances Redressal Procedure a. Appeal and Appellate Hierarchy. Settlement of Cases a. Liability under special cases. Section B: International Taxation. Application of Generally Accepted Cost Accounting P rinciples and Techniques for. Advance Pricing Agreement APA — Concept and Appli cation.

    Section C: Tax Practice and Procedures. Section C : Consolidated Financial Statements. Section D: Developments in Financial Reporting. Recent Trends in Financial Reporting. Valuation, Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments and others. Reporting through XBRL Extended Business Reporting Language. Section E: Government Accounting in India. Government Accounting Procedure and Standards. Section A: GAAP and Accounting Standards. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in India.

    Accounting Standards AS — Applicability, Interpre tation, Scope and Compliance. International Financial Reporting Standards. Over View of Ind AS. Relative view of AS VS Ind AS VS IFRS. Relevant Terms, Types of merger, methods of account ing, treatment of Goodwill arising. Accounting for investment in subsidiary. Corporate Financial restructuring, Reconstruction S chemes, De-merger, Reverse merger. Section M company granted 90000 stock options Consolidate d Financial Statements.

    Concept of a group, Purposes of consolidated financ ia l statements, Consolidation. Consolidation with two or more subsidia ries, consol ida tion with foreign subsidia ry. Consolidated Income Statement, ba lance Sheet and Ca sh Flow Statements for Group of. Impact on group financial statements at the point o f acquisition.

    Trea tment of investment in associa tes in consolidat ed financial statements. Trea tment of investment in joint ventures in consol idated financia l sta tements. Section D: De velopments in Financial reporting and Other Item of reporting. Recent trends in Financial reporting. Concept of Triple Bottom Line Reporting. Valuation, A ccounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments and others. NBFC — Pro visioning Norms and Accounting. Meaning, Equity settled transactions, Transaction w ith employees and non-employees.

    Vesting conditions, Determination of Fa ir value of Options, Determination of ESOP. Provision and Rela ted Disclosure and settlement of ESOP. Reporting Through XBRL Extended Business Report ing Language. Section E: Gove rnment Accounting in India. General Principles and comparison with commercial a ccounting. Role of Forex trading course syllabus a nd Auditor General of India. Role of Public Accounts Committee, Review of Accoun ts.

    Government Accounting Standards issued by Governmen t Accounting Standa rds. Advisory Boa rd GASAB. Government Accounting and Reporting. Foreign Trade Policy with special reference to Tax. Section B : Tax Practice and Procedures. The Central Excise Law — CENVAT Credit availment, U tilization and Reversal. Assessments, Demands, Refund, Exemptions, Power of Officers.

    Interpretation of Show Cause Notice and Drafting of response against Show Cause. Notice, Adjudication, Appeals, Settlement Commissio n, Penalties. Tariff Commission and other Tariff authorities. Valuation, Customs Procedures, Import and Export Pr ocedures, Baggage, Exemptions. Warehousing, Demurrage, Project Import and Re-impor ts. Anti-dumping Laws — Valuation under Anti-dumping la ws, Safeguards, Countervailing.

    Relevance of Cost Information, Application of Cost Accounting principles in. Introduction, Nature of Service Tax, Service Provid er and Service Receiver, Registration. Valuation of Taxable Services. Payment of service Tax, Returns of Service Tax. Administrative aspects of Service Tax — Return, Pay ment of Tax, Assessment. Foreign Trade Policy, Export Promotion Schemes, E OU, SEZ, EXIM Policy. Export Oriented Units EOU. Duty Exemption Scheme and Duty Drawback.

    Special Economic Forex trading course syllabus SEZ. Central Sales Tax and VAT Act a. Assessment of transactions under CST and VAT. Returns and assessment procedures under Central Sal es Tax CST and VAT Act. Section B: Tax Practice and Procedures. Section A: Cost Audit. Nature, Scope, utility and Advantages of Cost Audit. Professional Ethics, Misconduct, Offences and. Cost Accounting Standa rds.

    Cost Auditing and Assurance Standa rds. Format of Cost Audit Report — XBRL — Sa lient Features. Section B: Management Audit. Management Reporting issues under Cost Audit. Management Audit — Meaning, Nature, Scope etc. Energy Audit, Eff iciency Audit, Propriety Audit and System s Audit. Evaluation of Corporate Image - Corpora te Development Audit —. Impact of environmental pollution. Concept of Internal Audit. Audit Planning, Audit Programme, Audit working pape rs.

    Receivables Audit, Audit of services and local bodies Institutions. Professional Ethics, Misconduct, Offence s and Penalties. Cost Auditing Assurance Standards. Format of Cost Audit Report — XBRL — Sal ient features. Management Reporting issues under Forex trading course syllabus Audit — Perf ormance Appraisal Report. Management Audit — Meaning, Nature, Scope, Need for Management Audit a nd Reporting.

    Energy Audit, Efficiency Audit, Propriety Audit and Systems Audit. Evaluation of Corporate Image - Corporate Developme nt Audit —Corporate Stra tegy Audit. Impact of environmental pollution: Social Cost Bene fit Analysis, Corporate Social Audit and. Section C: Internal Audit, Operational Audit and ot her related issues. Audit Planning, Audit Programme, Audit working pape rs, Reporting to Management. Receivables Audit, Audit of Hospitals, Hotels, educ ational Institutions, Co-operative.

    Societies, Self Help Groups, Non-Governmental Organ izations NGOscorporations. Section D : Case Study on Performance Analysis. Case Study on the basis of the Companies Performanc e for managerial decision-making with. C Utilities Consumption i. Section A : Strategic Performance Management. Conceptual Framework of Performance Management. Economic eff iciency of the firm— Impact analysis on Perf ormance.

    Section B : Business Valuation. Business Va luation Ba sics. Valuation in Mergers a nd Acquisitions. Fair Value in Accounting Measurement. Section A: Strategic Performance Management. Performance Management- concept, components. Performance, Productivity and Efficiency. Financia l performance ana lysis. Supply Chain Management SCM. Statistical Quality Control SQL.

    Plan- Do- Check- Action PDCA. Online Analytica l processing tools. Tools to Improve Productivity and Profita bility forex trading course syllabus M RP I, MRP II and ERP. Tota l Productivity Management. Tota l Quality Management. Economic Efficiency of the firm —Performance A nalysis. Profit-maximization under different market structur e. Market factors affecting Pricing decisions. Enterprise Risk Management a.

    Risk Management — Introduction and objectives. Risk Measurement - Pooling, Diversification, Forex trading course syllabus Loss Distribution, Ruin Probability. Risk Analysis — Risk Mapping and Risk indicators. Risk Retention or Reduction. Value at Risk VAR. Section B: Business Valuation. Business Valuation Basics a.

    Meaning of Value, Valuation and Business Valuation. Principles of Valuation, Valuation Bias, Types of V alues. Role of Business Valuation in Corporate Finance and Business Acquisitions. Valuation of Assets and Liabilities. Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions a. Meaning of Business Mergers and acquisitions and Ty pes. Application of valuation models for business merger s and acquisitions. Determination of Exchange Ratio Swap or Purchase Co nsideration.

    Synergistic benefits and distribution of synergy ga ins. Recognition of Interest of various stakeholders. Selection of appropriate cost of capital for valuat ion. Impact of merger on value of share. Download Similar Files :. Top downloads of the month. TDS Rate chart F. MT EDUCARE IDT Rapid Revision Study material. Be a Great Person. Don't Waste Your Life!!! Difference between revised model GST and bill passed in Lok Sabha.

    Composition Rules Under GST. Unprotected sheet without password. Salary TDS Computation Sheet for Staff's. Subscribe to Files Feed.

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