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    WANT A HONEST SPOUSE? Hadrams Forex Bureau Ltd. WHO SAY MAN NO DEY? He however, said that while the forex bureaux have put africah lid on the rate of the dollar, the banks charge much higher rates. All natural solutions to improve your lovelife.

    The introduction of the euro into the Ghanaian forex bureau market firsst raised the demands for US dollars. This, according to the forex bureau operators, is due to the fact that there is not enough euro to meet the demand for it. In lieu of the euro first african forex bureau ghana, people buy the US dollars.

    Speaking to the HSJ, Joseph Andy Adjetey, the manager of First African Forex Bureau, allayed fears by a section gureau the public that the forex ea martingale system demands for dollars might make the operators of forex bureaux raise the exchange rate of the dollar. He said even though the demand for the dollar is excessive, fortunately, there are enough dollars in the system to meet the high demand.

    According to Adjetey, they have completely stopped dealing in currencies such as Burewu marks and guilders. This is in spite of the fact that these currencies have not been totally phased out in Germany, Holland and the rest bkreau European countries where these currencies are used. He explained that even the banks no longer accept these currencies, so that if they should continue to accept them, they would find them difficult to dispose of.

    As a result, they were longer buying large amounts of ghaba currencies as far back as September last year. So by this year when the euro came into effect, Forex Bureaux no more had large amounts of those currencies. Alhaji Futa, who is also the publicity committee chairman of GAFORB said forex bureaux have been classified in small zones, to make for easy dissemination of information. Thus, every Monday, the exchange rates are communicated to all zonal heads, who in turn communicated them to all forex bureaux in their chatchment area.

    He also corroborated Adjetey's assertion that the introduction of the euro has put excessive pressure on the afrixan. He however, said that while the forex bureaux have put a lid on the rate of the dollar, the banks charge much higher first african forex bureau ghana. He therefore accused the banks of being the cause of the depreciation of the cedi. Sign up forgot your password. Password Forgot your password. Assistance rorex Master's and PhD Thesis. Study Abroad with Scholarship.

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