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    With new capital entering a developing country, it begins an upward productivity cycle that stimulates the entire economy. Access to New Markets Not only does free trade allow foreign-owned companies to establish themselves in developing countries, it also allows native companies to sell to foreign markets. Advantage and disadvantage of free. But free trade transmits more than just physical goods or services to people. These companies no longer have to worry about absorbing the costs of tariffs and other barriers to market entry and can sell their products freely. Companies that engage in international trade have reason to abide by the terms of their contracts and international agreed-upon norms and laws. Anything short of free trade policies will continue to be both economically unwise and inhumane.

    Despite many advantages, free trade policy has never been completely adopted by all the countries of the world. Particularly after the World War II, the policy was abandoned even by those who had advantaages adopted it. The following arguments are given against free trade policy. Its success also requires the adgantages of perfect competition.

    However, such conditions are unrealistic and do not exist in the actual world. Free trade policy works smoothly if all the countries cooperate with each other and follow this policy. If some countries decide to gain more trdae imposing import restrictions, the system of free trade cannot work. Free trade increases the economic dependence on other countries for certain essential products such as food, raw materials, etc.

    Such dependence proves harmful particularly during wartime. Free trade leads to economic dependence and economic dependence leads to political slavery. For advantages of free trade system freedom, economic independence is necessary. This requires abandonment of free trade. Free trade and the resultant international specialisation lead to unbalanced development of national economy.

    Under this system, only those sectors are developed in which the country has a comparative advantage. Other sectors remain undeveloped. This results in lop-sided development. Free trade may lead to cutthroat competition and dumping. Under dumping, goods arc sold at very cheap rates and even below their cost of production in order to capture the foreign markets. Under free trade, injurious and harmful products may be produced and traded. Trade restrictions are necessary to check the import of such products.

    Free trade may lead to international monopolies. These corporations tend to acquire monopoly position and thus harm the interest of the local people. While free trade tends to maximize world production of goods and tdade, it may simultaneously hurt the welfare of certain group in every country. Under free trade, the output of those commodities in which the country has comparative advantage tend to increase to meet the forex dinar chart demand, and the output of goods in which the country has comparative disadvantage contracts due to pressure from import competition.

    Thus, the real income of the groups engaged in the export industries will rise and real income of those engaged in the import competing industries will fall. Free trade is harmful for the fere developed countries for the following reasons: i Competition under free systek is unfair and unhealthy. The less developed countries find advantages of free trade system difficult to compete with the economically advanced countries.

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