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    Full and final payment of corporation tax if not paying instalment. It may be possible to relax strict PAYE requirements for relocated employees on short term business visits to the UK. The telecommunications sector where licences from the Nigerian. There is evidence that a UK resident director has power to, or does in practice, make binding decisions without reference to the board if possible. Staff documents and employment policies. Exit can be achieved by overseas company disposing of the shares in the subsidiary.

    Member States and their citizens want to ensure that the financial sector makes a fair and substantial contribution to public finances. Moreover, the sector should pay back at least part of what the European tax payers have pre-financed in the context of the bank rescue operations. Increasingly, different Member States are looking at new ways to tax the financial sector, notably by introducing bank levies and national financial transaction taxes.

    These initiatives have risked leading to a fragmentation of the Single Market for financial services and to frequent occurrences of double taxation and double non-taxation. Relevant documents in this context are non-technical and more technical answers to questions raised on the functioning and impacts of the proposal. Through the FTT, as proposed, the financial sector will properly participate in the cost of re-building the economies and bolstering the public finances of the participating Member States.

    Discussions in the relevant Council working group started immediately after the Commission proposal was tabled. Once taxation on stock options uk upon at European level, participating Member States will have to transpose the Directive into national legislation. The objectives of the proposed FTT were: - to prevent the fragmentation of the Single Market that could result from numerous uncoordinated national approaches to taxing financial transactions, - to ensure that the financial sector made a fair and substantial contribution to public finances, and - to discourage financial transactions which do not contribute to the efficiency of financial markets or of the real economy.

    This initiative was also supposed to be a first tangible step for taxing such transactions at the global level. The proposal was to harmonise the tax base and set minimum rates for all transactions on secondary financial markets, once at least one EU party financial institution was involved in this transaction. The proposal took a "triple A" approach, i. This would minimize potential distortions across different market segments and reduce the risk of tax-planning, substitution and relocation.

    Nonetheless, a number of Member States expressed a strong willingness to go ahead with the FTT. The door was therefore open for a subgroup of Member States to engage in the procedure of " enhanced cooperation " on a common Financial Transaction Tax harmonised amongst themselves. The Commission analysed this request to ensure its compatibility with EU law, also taking into account the interests of non-participating Member States.

    This legal challenge has, however, no suspending effect. The Commission and several participating Member States rebutted the claims that the taxation on stock options uk FTT framework as proposed by the Commission would contain provisions with illegal extraterritorial effects or not respect the rights of non-participating Member States. Skip to main content. Taxation and customs union. VAT refunds for tourists.

    Personal taxation Personal taxation. EU taxpayers and cross-border tax issues. Quick Links General information on Taxation. General information on Customs. Economic analysis of taxation. Customs Calculation of customs duties. General interest EU customs facts and figures. Fight against tax fraud and tax evasion. Online services Customs Export MRN follow-up. QUOTA Tariff quotas and ceilings. Suspensions Autonomous Tariff Suspensions.

    TARIC Integrated Community Tariff. TRANSIT - Movement Reference Number. REX system Registered Exporters. AEO Authorised Economic Operator. EBTI European Binding Tariff Information. ECICS European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances. EORI Economic Operator Identification and Registration number. Taxation SEED System for Exchange of Excise Data. TIC Taxation Information and Communication. TIN Tax Identification Numbers.

    VIES VAT Information Exchange System. About About Commission Work programme. Welcome and mission statement. Taxation of the financial sector. The Financial Transaction Tax FTT. Is the FTT as proposed in compliance with international taxation and European law? Background information Documents, links, videos. Relevant documents in this context are. The objectives of the proposed FTT were:.

    The legality of the "counter-party principle" and the FTT proposal as such — a technical note.

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    Legal obligations when making employees redundant If you have to make employees redundant you must follow a fair redundancy dismissal procedure and consult the.
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