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    No Credit Card Required. Traders may buy when prices hit the bottom of a channel and sell when prices hit the top of the channel to profit from the difference. It actually touches all these points. Only of the type s :. GoForex aims to bring you the best available services on offer in the forex market.

    Welcome to this video on Stock Market Trading Tips regarding Andrews Pitchfork Trading. Go up here, click on Andrews Pitchfork. Obviously your software maybe a little different. This is Ninja Trader. Now the point of this is we are going from a high, significant high to a lower low and then to the next high. Just think of it is the fork. And the fork is angling down. And then from here you have the sides going out like that and that and then the tines, tarding are called tines, the fork are going this way.

    I got that in black. The middle one is black, and then the outer two from that are in a darker blue. As you can see a little thicker. Ultimately what we would like to see is the market to stay within the boundaries of this line or tine if you will. And this one here. Remember Andrews Pitchfork Trading is all about the energy of the market. How is this energy continuing?

    That sets up a particular type of energy for the market to go down. And we want it to stay below this line and basically above this line. This is your final hurrah. Up here is ttrading a little bit of weakness. And then when it come down, it gets back to the little one, but look it does not come down to that one. Now we do that by simply looking at the relative strength of the market, relative to the initial impulse move. Does it get back to this pitcfork Nope, it only goes to that one.

    And then it comes back out. You might want to place your step outside of this line. And definitely outside of that andrews pitchfork trading strategies for sure. But look how much money you are giving back when you do that. And once it breaks out of that, well then we are done. Then this initial energy down has completely changed. What are we going to do then? Oops got the wrong button there, so we are going andrews pitchfork trading strategies go now, measure it up from there to there and to there.

    It now measures the movement up. It knows how the market did respond to those zones if you will. At least not on the same energy. And it just goes outside the zone right away and starts outside the time. So once that happens, then what I would do pitcgfork see how the energy just goes sideways then. This was not a strong, this is a strong move. You can actually, if you want to get real creative with it, strategeis a little more advanced for you. You can actually then go to like that, low over there and say okay, well this is the energy that it established, and it did.

    What happens when it goes outside? So does not continue in that same direction. Also I am giving away one of my favorite trend trading strategies that work today. Just fill out the yellow form at the top xndrews the sidebar on the right. For another excellent trading video including stock market trading tips, simply click here:. So I pitchfor, to do it again and take it a little more advanced today.

    So lets jump right into it. The last strtegies I showed you it on daily chart. As I want to show you a couple of different things. Little more advanced than the andrfws time. So first of all, we can span from one day to the next. But, yeah so you can do this across from one day to the next. Here is the handle, and there is our main tine.

    Now remember as long as it ;itchfork within these tines, we are considering that it is going to be in a relatively pltchfork position from this initial impulse move relative to that. Specially here that would be our ultimate stop if we wanted to try to hang andrews pitchfork trading strategies there for riding through some noise. Alright you can say it did pretty well. Right now syrategies you got out here, you did pretty good. There, and we actually get a short trade there.

    So here is a tracing rule for you. This is an exhaustion move. When it gets outside of this, in a bullish territory where you would expect it to stay within these tines. And instead of just using it as a stock going against the trend, what if it goes dramatically in the direction of the trend. Well I would get out there.

    We could have stayed there longer and we get andrews pitchfork trading strategies trwding here but the problem is, look here we get out of this at this price, here we get out at that price. Now these are optimal prices. And we just get out there. I give a lot of basic stuff in these videos but once a while I like to do something little more advanced for the advanced traders of Andrews Pitchfork Trading as well. In other words, the normal cycles of the market. This is really the significant point here.

    You can use this point as well. Actually that might be the better one. So lets use that one. Bang, bata boom, and get our high there. That we did going up, in other words what I mean by that is we are going down and rather than having to worry about getting stopped out over here, we get in exhaustion move or a very ppitchfork dramatic move to the downside that breaks through all of the tines in the direction of the trade.

    Again we say, oh okay, so we are not going to wait to get out over here. Now this one actually did the next day go dramatically down. Stratsgies notice what it did. It came all the dinapoli trading strategy back. The geometry of this. So it comes back, where does it finds traving Where does it find support? So really worked well. Now we get another exhaustion move. Another very dramatic move down. You strategiew see things like this happen.

    I got out here at the high probability exit but I should have stayed in because Andrrws could have made more money. And you will regret it and then you will try to reverse engineer it and say how could I have known that this would go down. Now notice the danger. The danger is if you stayed in this, you strateties having to stay in for a long retrace above this high, above this high. And you potentially would have given away all this profit.

    And we just andrews pitchfork trading strategies in here. So you cant do that for me risk management or money management point of view. Trade after trade over a large sample of data. This is your high probability entry point. In other words we have to trade the rule, not the exception. Huge problem that lot of traders run into. No one has ever done it, nobody will do it, you are not going pichfork be the first. So a couple of great lessons there.

    Pitcufork there you forex technical analysis strategies, little more advanced stuff, some extra things on getting out before the trailing stop. Sttrategies actually gets you out bigger profits. And then also a great psychological tip of the day. You'll instantly receive an email with the link to your first video lesson TODAY. Click here andreews the. TOP DOG TRADING COURSES. TOP DOG AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Use your trading money to help children around the world:.

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    Market Geometry Technical Analysis Trends. Andrews Pitchfork Trading to Make Money in the Stock Market. TAGS andrew's pitchfork strategy andrews pitchfork trading stock market trading Technical Analysis SHARE. Andrews pitchfork trading strategies ARTICLES MORE FROM Pitxhfork. Stock Market Trading When To Exit A Trade. Stock Market Trading: Triple Bottom Chart Pattern. Write Your Comments Here: Cancel reply. MY FREE GIFT TO YOU. You'll receive one of my favorite setups for E-mini trading, Forex day trading and stock market trading: "The Pichfork Band Trade.

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