The last notes

    Demand for information: A barrier to shareholders using good information is the cost of processing compensarion, especially to a small shareholder. It seems that there is no limit to the greed of cruise executives. He appears to have a likeable, easy-going personality. Receivers or trustees—Inventory—List of debts and reports. Some of these falsiyfing may have removed the pre-paid gratuities and paid cash but I was left with an unpleasant feeling that they were largely stiffing the crew.

    Officials of the Cherokee Nation. Act of Union Between the Eastern and Western Cherokees. Initiative, Referendum and Amendment. Agency record in rulemaking proceeding. Advice on possible rules before notice of proposed rule adoption. Notice of falsifying executive compensation with stock options rule adoption. Compliance, time limitation and effect.

    Informal adjudication in disputed cases. Agency review of initial orders. Agency record in disputed case. Review of agency action other than order. Time for seeking judicial review of agency action. Exhaustion of administrative remedies. Agency record on judicial review. Scope of review—Grounds for invalidity. Reserved for Future Use. Protection of the environment, public health and safety. Establishment of Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission. Powers and duties of the Gaming Commission.

    License required for gaming facilities. Class II gaming license. Class III gaming license. Use of gaming revenue. Records, returns and audits. Certification of gaming systems and equipment. Age limit for all gaming. Oversight of fiscal affairs. Gaming permits and licenses—Generally. Standard for licenses and permits. Continuing duty to provide information. Terms and parameters of licenses and permits. Federal review of gaming applicants.

    Granting a gaming license or permit. Preliminary determination and license suspension. Determinations by the Commission. Finality of Gaming Commission or Cherokee Nation District Court action. Membership in Cherokee Nation Bar required to practice before Cherokee Nation. Granting special permission to appear before the Court. Judge shall not falsifying executive compensation with stock options as counsel.

    Banks and Trust Companies. Children born after dissolution of marriage or before wedlock. Death of custodial parent—Custody of child. Certain information and records to be available to both custodial and noncustodial. Custody of child born out of wedlock. Use of certain words in reference to children born out of wedlock prohibited. Allowance out of child's property for support and education. Parent without control over child's property. Abuse of parental authority—Civil action.

    Cessation of parent's falsifying executive compensation with stock options. Public action for support of deceased parent's child. Parent's liability for value of child's necessaries. Compensation for support of child. Services and support after majority. Relinquishment of rights by parent. Assignment by parent to child of right to recover for injury to child.

    Payment of minor's wages. Parent's right to change child's residence. Parent or child not answerable for other's act. Custody during parents' separation—Habeas corpus. Custody—Order of preference—Death of custodial parent—Preference of child. Authority to assign, relinquish or otherwise transfer. Parties to whom relinquishments may be made. Termination of parental rights—Petition—Notice—Hearing—Orders. Recovery of child after relinquishment. Placement of child in foster home.

    Importation and exportation of children. Severability of provisions of act. Voluntary relinquishment of physical custody—Presumption. Application of act—Exemptions—Determination of Indian status. Indian child custody proceedings—Notice. Emergency removal of Indian child from parent or custodian—Order. Agreements with Indian tribes for care and custody of Indian children. Involuntary custody placement orders—Evidence—Determination of damage to.

    Parental rights termination orders—Evidence—Determination of damage to child. Adoption of child born out of wedlock by father. Notice of intent to claim paternity—Acknowledging paternity—Paternity registry. Records to be kept confidential—Release of medical history and other information. Limitation on challenge to adoption after entry of final decree. Medical history form to be completed for certain children—Contents—Filing. Notice and hearing in cases of adoption without consent of parents—Procedure.

    Court Clerk or Deputy may affix signature of Judge to order and notice of hearing. Effect of act on prior adoptions. Withdrawal of consent—Notice and hearing—Limitation. Waiver of interlocutory decree and waiting period. Effect of final decree—Grandparental rights. Confidential character of hearings and records—Release of medical history.

    Presumption that man is the natural father. Additional presumption of paternity. Natural mother of child—Establishment of paternity. Trial of issues of paternity, support, custody and visitation—Burden of proof and. Court order determining paternity. Court may enlarge, diminish or vacate order or judgment. Father's liability to support and educate child.

    Persons falsifying executive compensation with stock options to bring paternity actions. Joinder of sexual partners as defendants—Genetic testing—Determination of. Effect of failure to appear or answer—Presumptions. Costs and attorney fees. Changing child's name to paternal surname. Authority of District Court. Preparation of birth certificate—Acknowledgement of paternity.

    Compensation of expert witnesses. Effect of test results. Effect on presumption of legitimacy. Applicability to criminal actions. Jurisdiction of District Court—Transfer or consolidation of proceedings. Transfer of issues regarding child to juvenile docket for preliminary inquiry and determination. Preliminary inquiry—Verified petition—Contents—Filing by Prosecuting Attorney. Summons—Contents—Service—Taking child into custody—Arrest warrant. Filing petition when child taken into custody—Time—Order to remove child from.

    Persons sixteen or seventeen years of age to be considered as adult for committing certain offenses—Warrants—Certification as child. Service of summons—Time of hearing—Mental health examination—Report. Taking child into custody prior to filing petition—Detention or release—Medical. Conditions of detention of child—Detention or confinement in adult facility. Temporary detention of children—Reimbursement of transportation costs—Detention facilities—Detention services and centers—Standard for certification of facilities used to detain juveniles.

    Children charged with violating Nation statute or municipal ordinance—Juvenile. Allegations of petition not supported by evidence. Allegations of petition supported by evidence. Dispositional hearings—Additional reports or evidence. Placement plan filing—Preparation—Approval—Contents—Substance abuse treatment program for parents—Child born dependent on controlled dangerous substance. Information to accompany child placed outside his home. Review of order removing child from custody of lawful parents.

    Persons or agencies receiving custody—Rights and duties. Modification of decrees or orders. Religious faith of parents or child. Examination of child by physician or mental health professional—Order for care—. Care and maintenance nuance stock options child—Orders for enforcement. Appellate titling of case by initials of child.

    Time for filing petition—Completion of record—Briefing schedule. Mileage and witness fees. Use of records or evidence in other causes or proceedings prohibited—. Liberal construction of act. Termination of parental rights in certain situations. Notice of hearing to terminate parental rights. Effect of termination of parental rights. Custody with authority to consent to adoption after termination of parental rights.

    Action to adopt not to be combined with action to terminate parental rights. Child in need of treatment—Care and placement—Evaluation—Inpatient care and. Cherokee Nation to care for deprived children. Child adjudicated in need of supervision—Placement—Rehabilitative facilities—. Residential care and treatment. Delinquent children—Intent of Tribal Council—Powers and duties of Cherokee. Discharge of children adjudicated delinquent—Retaining custody. Children becoming unmanageable and uncontrollable.

    Intake, probation and parole services. Cooperative agreements for education and training of children. Commitment of children to institution—Delivery. Causing, aiding, abetting or encouraging minor to become delinquent, in need of. Cherokee Nation to serve as legal guardian. Escape or run away from institutional placement. Admissibility of prerecorded statements of child age twelve or under who is victim of abuse. Taking testimony of child age twelve or under in room other than courtroom—.

    Aggravated assault and battery upon employee of facility for delinquent children. AREA CHILDREN'S DETENTION CENTERS. Establishment of area detention centers. Rules, regulations, policies and procedures regarding children in Cherokee Nation custody. Use of physical force—Mechanical restraints. Juvenile Offender Victim Restitution Work Program. Pleading or affidavit—Oath—Information required.

    Requirements of the applicant. Temporary automatic citizenship of newborn children. Computation of the appeal period. Action by the Registrar. Action by the District Court of Cherokee Nation—Standard of review. Release of tribal citizenship information. Recognition of Delaware Tribe of Cherokee Nation—Rights and duties of Delaware. Tribe and Cherokee Nation and citizens thereof—Proposal of and conduct of referendum.

    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure—Federal Rules of Evidence. Express or implied contracts. Tolling of period for minors or incompetents. Action for relief not provided for. Right to petition for change of name. Illegal or fraudulent purpose. Jurisdiction for civil protective orders. Change of Judge for civil protective orders. Availability of civil protective orders. Procedures for filing civil petitions for protective orders. Procedures for issuance of temporary and falsifying executive compensation with stock options protective orders.

    Content of a protective order in general. Duration and amendments to permanent protective orders in general. Temporary emergency ex parte protective orders. False allegations of domestic violence—Effect. Foreign domestic violence protective orders—Full faith and credit recognition and. Tribal registry for protective orders.

    Money earned from prejudgment garnishment—Exemption. Child support payments—Garnishment—Filing fee. Prejudgment and postjudgment summons—Procedure. Garnishment summons—Payment of funds by garnishee. Continuing lien on earnings—Definitions. Notice to defendant of garnishment proceedings. Trial of issue—Judgment on answer. Affidavit required of garnishee. Summons for collection of support—Affidavit—Garnishee's answer. Garnishment summons not on earnings or for collection of child support—Affidavit—Garnishee's answer.

    Failure of garnishee to answer. Persons authorized to make answer. Mutual defense by garnishee and defendant. Proceedings deemed actions—Judgment and enforcement—Trial and dismissal—. Unmatured or unliquidated debts. Examination of garnishee by deposition or interrogatories. Disclaimer by garnishee—Interpleading interested party.

    No judgment upon garnishee's liability under certain circumstances. No action against garnishee until termination of garnishee action. When plaintiff excepts, sureties appear for justification—Discharge of garnishee. Garnishment—Employees of Cherokee Nation or its business entities. Summons when Cherokee Nation employee is garnisheed.

    Cherokee Nation as garnishee—Judgments. Garnishment bond not required when Nation is plaintiff. Judgment—Garnishee liability to defendant. Garnishment of gaming winnings. Determination of rights, status or other legal relations—Exceptions. Effect of agreement to arbitrate—Nonwaivable provisions. Application for judicial relief. Validity of agreement to arbitrate. Petition to compel or stay arbitration.

    Consolidation of separate arbitration proceedings. Appointment of arbitrator—Service as a neutral arbitrator. Immunity of arbitrator—Competency to testify—Attorney fees and costs. Judicial enforcement of preaward ruling by arbitrator. Change of award by arbitrator. Remedies—Fees and expenses of arbitration proceeding. Modification or correction of award. Judgment on award—Attorney fees and litigation expenses. Uniformity of application and construction.

    Ozforex (hk) limited to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. Commissions and Other Entities. Reports relating to contracts. Rights, liabilities and duties under prior statutes. Reserved power of Cherokee Nation to amend or repeal—Cherokee Nation General Corporation Act part of corporation's charter or certificate of incorporation. Execution, acknowledgment, filing and effective date of original certificate of.

    Certificate of incorporation and other certificates—Evidence. Commencement of corporate existence. Organization meeting of incorporators or directors named in certificate of. Emergency bylaws and other powers in emergency. Powers respecting securities of other corporations or entities. Registered office in Cherokee Nation—Principal office or place of business in Cherokee Nation. Registered agent in Cherokee Nation—Resident agent. Change of location of registered office—Change of registered agent.

    Change of address or name of registered agent. Resignation of registered agent coupled with appointment of successor. Resignation of registered agent not coupled with appointment of successor—Absence of registered agent. Board of directors—Powers—Number—Qualifications—Terms and quorum—committees—Classes of directors—Reliance upon books—Action without meeting, etc. Classes and series of stock—Rights, etc. Issuance of stock, lawful consideration—Fully paid stock. Determination of amount of capital—Capital, surplus and net assets defined.

    Rights and options respecting stock. Stock certificates, uncertificated shares. Falsifying executive compensation with stock options of stock—Personal property, transfer and taxation. Corporation's powers respecting ownership, voting, etc. Issuance of additional stock—When and by whom. Liability of shareholder or subscriber for stock not paid in full. Payment for stock not paid in full.

    Failure to pay for stock—Remedies. Revocability of pre-incorporation subscriptions. Formalities required of stock subscriptions. Situs of ownership of stock. Liability of directors as to dividends or stock redemption. Declaration and payment of dividends. Liability of directors for unlawful payment of dividend or unlawful stock purchase or redemption—Exoneration from liability—Contribution among directors—Subrogation. Transfer of stock, stock certificates and uncertificated stock.

    Restriction on transfer of securities. ARTICLE MEETINGS, ELECTIONS, VOTING AND NOTICE. Voting rights of shareholders—Proxies—Limitations. Fixing date for determination of shareholders of record. Voting rights of members of nonstock corporations—Quorum—Proxies. Quorum and required vote for stock corporations. Voting rights of fiduciaries, pledgors and joint owners of stock. Voting trusts and other voting agreements. List of shareholders entitled to vote—Penalty for refusal to produce—Stock ledger.

    Inspection of books and records. Voting, inspection and other rights of bondholders and debenture holders. Notice of meetings and adjourned meetings. Vacancies and newly created directorships. Contested election of directors—Proceedings to determine validity. Appointment of custodian or receiver of corporation on deadlock or for other cause.

    Powers of court in elections of directors. Consent of shareholders in lieu of meeting. Exception to requirements of notice. Amendment of certificate of incorporation before receipt of payment for stock. Amendment of certificate of incorporation after receipt of payment for stock—. Restated certificate of incorporation. Merger or consolidation of domestic corporations. Merger or consolidation of domestic and foreign corporations—Service of process upon surviving or resulting corporation.

    Merger of parent corporation and subsidiary or subsidiaries. Merger or consolidation of domestic nonstock, not for profit corporations. Merger or consolidation of domestic stock and nonstock corporations. Falsifying executive compensation with stock options or consolidation of domestic and foreign stock and nonstock corporations. Status, rights, liabilities, etc. Effect of merger upon pending actions. Merger or consolidation of domestic corporation and limited partnership.

    Business combinations with interested shareholders. Sale, lease or exchange of assets—Consideration—Procedure. Mortgage or pledge of assets. Dissolution of joint venture corporation having two shareholders. Dissolution before the issuance of shares or beginning business—Procedure. Payment of franchise taxes before dissolution. Continuation of corporation falsifying executive compensation with stock options dissolution for purposes of suit and winding up.

    Trustees or receivers for dissolved corporations—Appointment—Powers—Duties. Notice to claimants—Filing of claims. Payment and distribution to claimants and shareholders. Liability of shareholders of dissolved corporations. Revocation or forfeiture of charter—Proceedings. Dissolution or forfeiture of charter by decree of Court—Filing. Receivers for insolvent corporations—Appointment and powers.

    Title to property—Filing order of appointment—Exception. Notices to shareholders and creditors. Receivers or trustees—Inventory—List of debts and reports. Creditors' proof of claims—When barred—Notice. Sale of perishable or deteriorating property. Compensation, costs and expenses of receiver or trustee. Substitution of trustee or receiver as party—Abatement of actions.

    Liens for wages falsifying executive compensation with stock options products when corporation is insolvent. Compromise or arrangement between corporation and creditors or shareholders. Bankruptcy proceedings under a statute of the United States—Effectuation. Revocation of voluntary dissolution. Renewal, revival, extension and restoration of certificate of incorporation.

    Failure of corporation to obey order of Court—Appointment of receiver. Failure of corporation to obey writ of mandamus—Quo warranto proceedings for. Actions against officers, directors or shareholders to enforce liability of corporation— Unsatisfied judgment against corporation. Action by officer, director or shareholder against corporations for corporate debt paid.

    Shareholder's derivative action—Allegation of stock ownership. Liability of corporation, etc. Defective organization of corporation as defense. Foreign corporations—Definition—Qualification to do business in Cherokee Nation—. Additional requirements in case of change of name, mailing address, authorized. Change of registered agent upon whom process may be served. Withdrawal of foreign corporation from Cherokee Nation—Service of process on.

    Office of the Principal Chief or his authorized representative. Service of process on nonqualifying foreign corporations. Actions by and against unqualified foreign corporations. Foreign corporations doing business without having qualified—Injunctions. Reservation of corporate name. Prohibition on use of name or indistinguishable names—Exceptions. Filing and other service fees.

    Fees for telephone assistance. Duplication of Cherokee Nation General Corporation Act by the Office of the. Principal Chief or his authorized representative—Distribution. Required filing with the Office of the Principal Chief or his authorized representative following a merger or consolidation, or a change of corporate name. Inspection and auditing of books, records, and reports.

    Liability Company Act part of limited liability company's certificate of limited liability. Name of limited liability company. Reservation of limited liability company name. Designated office and agent for service of process. Change of designated office or agent for service of process. Resignation of agent for service of process. Nature of business and powers. Limited liability company as legal entity. Delivery of articles of organization and other documents to the Office of the Principal Chief.

    Certificate of existence or authorization. Annual certification for the Office of the Principal Chief. RELATIONS OF MANAGERS TO PERSONS DEALING WITH LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Manager as agent of limited liability company. Limited liability company liable for member's or manager's actionable conduct. Member or manager—Limitation or elimination of liability—Indemnification. RELATIONS OF MEMBERS TO EACH OTHER AND TO LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Form of contribution of member.

    Member's liability for contributions. Management of limited liability company. Allocation of profits and losses—Distributions. Liability for unlawful distributions. Member's right to information. Liability solely as manager or member. ASSIGNEES AND CREDITORS OF MEMBER. Assignment of membership interest. Distributions to members before withdrawal and dissolution.

    Form of distribution—Asset in kind. Status of member and distribution. Member's power to dissociate—Wrongful dissociation. WINDING UP LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY'S BUSINESS. Events causing dissolution and winding up of limited liability company's business. Winding up limited liability company. Right to wind up limited liability company's business. Member's or manager's power and liability as agent after dissolution.

    Conversion of certain entities to a limited liability company. Approval of conversion of a limited liability company. FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES. Law governing foreign limited liability companies. Application for certificate of authority. Activities that do not constitute transacting business in Cherokee Nation. Issuance of certificate of authority. Name of foreign limited liability company. Revocation of certificate of authority. Effect of failure to obtain certificate of authority.

    Action by the Office of the Principal Chief. Limited liability companies falsifying executive compensation with stock options by Cherokee Nation. Sovereign immunity of Cherokee Nation wholly-owned limited liability companies. Purposes of a nonprofit corporation. Corporate capacity and powers. General corporate laws applicable. Ownership of certain Cherokee Nation business entities. Voting upon appointment to public office of persons related to Members of Council. Removal of Members of Council.

    Publication of Council minutes. Standing Committees—Jurisdiction and duties. Code Subcommittee—Establishment—Composition—Compensation of Members—Meetings. Repeal of prior legislation. Compensation of Council Members—Generally. President of the Council. Secretary of the Council. Time and place of sessions. Attendance by means of electronic interactive device. Rules and procedure generally.

    Authority to conduct hearings—Procedures. Courts may appoint Interpreter. Costs and attorneys fees. Terms of District Judges. Oath of District Judge. Disability or vacancy in office of District Judge. Place and terms of District Court proceedings. District Court deemed always open—Effect of sessions. Reimbursement of expenses incurred by members falsifying executive compensation with stock options Supreme Court—Annual.

    Establishment of a law library—Maintenance and expenditures—Use by Cherokee. Supplies, material, postage, office equipment, telephone and facsimile expense—Annual disclosure. Filing fees falsifying executive compensation with stock options court costs. Jurisdiction of Supreme Court generally. Codification of term "Supreme Court". Superintendence over courts of inferior jurisdiction. Supreme Court may prescribe rules of procedure for courts of inferior jurisdiction.

    Supreme Court decisions to have the force of law. Publication of decisions of Supreme Court. Decisions to be rendered for the true interpretation of the law. Adoption of rules governing pleading, practice and procedure. Administration of oaths and affirmations—Taking of acknowledgments. Temporary appointment on disqualification or recusal of Justice. Rules to be liberally construed. Amendment or rescission of rules. Assignment and disposition of cases, effectiveness of orders, appeal—Motions for.

    Requirement of filing fees. Form—Jurat or declaration—Number of copies. Use of Bar Identification number. Service of the petition and return. SERVICE AND FILING OF PAPERS. Service of pleadings, orders and notices. Date of service—Filing of proof of service. Certification of papers and documents. When and by whom filed—Contents. Place of filing—Service upon other parties—Form.

    Extension of time for filing. Place of filing—Contents—Service on other parties—Time for filing of motions and responses thereto. Rulings on motions generally. Motions, rulings and orders to be part of the record. Motion for summary judgment. Granting of motion to dismiss entire petition. Filing of answer or other participation in proceedings not deemed a waiver of rights. Procedure for appeal—Time period to appeal. Service of notice of appeal. Bond or supersedeas bond.

    Certification of the record. Filing and service of briefs. Communication between Justices or employees of Supreme Court and persons. Examination of witnesses generally—Depositions. Payment of witness fees and mileage. Status and simplification conference. Purpose of the agreed pretrial order—Expectations and directions for parties. Informal conference to settle discovery dispute. Duties and powers of Supreme Court Justices generally. Rights of parties generally—Copies submitted.

    Applicability of Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Admissibility of stipulations of fact. Opportunity for oral argument—Filings of briefs and proposed findings. Penalties for misconduct at any proceeding before a Justice. Procedure for obtaining, entering, enforcement and collection of judgments. Full faith and credit. Recognition of other sovereign judgments—Full faith and credit.

    Supervision of recounts by Supreme Falsifying executive compensation with stock options. Discipline by the Court. Filing and processing of grievances. Registry of lay advocates. Lay advocate withdrawal from case. Superintendence over all Courts. Judicial promulgation of rules and procedures. COURT RULES FOR THE DISTRICT COURT OF CHEROKEE NATION. Court files not to be removed. Photographs, broadcasting and televising of judicial proceedings. Initial appearances and bond setting—Telephone.

    District Court arraignments: Continuances. Notification of entry of appearance of private counsel in criminal cases. Withdrawal of counsel in criminal cases. Transcripts in criminal cases. Vacation of final judgments. Matters taken under advisement. Jury sessions—Motion and demurrer sessions—When and how held—Jury terms. Time of hearing—Set certain. Procedures concerning release of defendants upon attorney's Affidavit of. Responsibility for Court Appearance of Client O.

    Disqualification of Judges in civil and criminal cases. Disqualification of Trial Judge. Disqualification of Judge, claim of mandamus. Indigent defendant in civil contempt action—Right to counsel—Attorney fees. Persons qualified for appointment as Court Reporter. Admissibility of transcripts as evidence. Deposit of fees, fines and forfeitures in the Court Fund—Uses—Agent of Fund—.

    Use of bar identification number. SERVICE OF PLEADINGS—DISMISSAL—FRIVOLOUS PLEADING. Answers or objections to be preceded by interrogatory or request]. Application to Withdraw and Order for Withdrawal. Place of Filing—Contents—Service on other parties—Time for filing of motions. Filing of answer or other participation in proceedings not deemed a waiver of. WITNESS FEES AND MILEAGE. Witness fees and mileage. REQUEST FOR JURY TRIAL.

    Request for jury trial. District Court shall review all requests for formal hearings. District Court to determine jurisdiction for formal hearing. Burden of proof—Clear and convincing evidence. Amendment or rescission of Rules. Criminal acts are only those prescribed—"This code" defined. Crime and public offense defined. Objects of penal code. Conviction must precede punishment. Punishment of crimes concerning public officials, appointed officials or department.

    Specific statutes in other titles as governing—Acts punishable in different ways—Acts. Prohibited act a crime, when. Gross injuries—Grossly disturbing stocks swing trading signals outraging public decency—. Injurious acts not expressly forbidden. Acts punishable under foreign laws. Foreign conviction or acquittal.

    Contempts, criminal acts which are also punishable as. Aiding in a crime. Sending letter—When complete—Place of prosecution. Failure to perform duty. Conviction for attempt not permitted where crime is perpetrated. Attempts to commit crimes—Punishment. Unsuccessful attempt—Another crime committed. Attempt to conceal death of child—Punishment on subsequent conviction. Sentences to be served in order received by penal institution—Concurrent sentences. Sentences to run concurrent with federal or state court sentence.

    Return to Cherokee Nation to complete sentence. Fine, though not prescribed, may be added to imprisonment. Person of convict protected. Conviction does not work forfeiture. Sentence—Transfer to Bureau of Prisons. Testimony—Privilege of witnesses and perjury. Terms to have meanings specified unless different meaning appears. Person as designating party whose property may be subject of offense.

    Civil remedies not affected. Proceeding to impeach or remove. Falsifying executive compensation with stock options into Cherokee Nation. Intent of Cherokee Nation Council. Persons liable to punishment in Cherokee Nation. Persons capable of committing crimes—Exceptions—Children—Idiots—Lunatics—. Ignorance—Commission without consciousness—Involuntary subjection.

    Morbid propensity no defense. Subjection to superior exonerates. Duress must be actual. Falsely assuming to be peace officers—Private persons may make arrests. Bribing or offering bribe to executive officer. Asking or receiving bribes. Preventing officer's performance of duty. Asking or receiving unauthorized reward for official act. Reward for omission to act, asking or receiving.

    Refusal to surrender books to successor. Preventing meetings of Council. Preventing Falsifying executive compensation with stock options Member or personnel from performing official duties—Penalty. Bribery of or influencing Council Members. Forfeiture of office—Disqualification to hold office. Member of Council—Soliciting or securing employment with Cherokee Nation.

    Embezzlement and false accounts by officers. Fraud by officer authorized to sell, lease or make contract. Obstructing the collection of taxes. Injuring or burning public buildings. False statement regarding taxes. Officer dealing in warrants—Crime. Member of governing body not to furnish public supplies for consideration. False, fictitious or fraudulent claims against Cherokee Nation. CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC JUSTICE. Bribing jurors, referees, etc.

    Receiving bribes by jurors, referees, etc. Attempts to influence jurors. Misconduct by officer in charge of jury. Conspiracy outside Cherokee Nation against the peace of the Nation. Punishment for conspiracy against Cherokee Nation. Unlawful influence of voters. Receiving the votes of unqualified voters.

    Tampering with election returns. Rearrest of escaped prisoners. Escape from penal institution. Attempt to escape from penal institution. Assisting prisoner to escape. Carrying into penal institution things to aid escape. Harboring criminals and fugitives—Penalty. Assisting escape from officer. Additional punishment under rules and regulations of penal institution after escape. Escape or attempt to escape from arrest or detention.

    Unauthorized entry into penal institution, jail, etc. Misprision of crime and false statements to law enforcement. Preventing witness from giving testimony. Bribing witness—Subornation of perjury. Larceny or destruction of records by clerk or officer. Larceny or destruction of records by other persons. Offering forged or false instruments for record. Forging name to petition—Penalties.

    Criminal activity with respect to Cherokee Nation citizenship. Unlawful to pay salary to ineligible persons. Appointment of one related to another officer. Removal from office for violation of chapter. Making deposition or certificate. Degree of proof required. Summary committal of witness. Documents may be retained. Perjury by subornation—Attempted perjury by subornation. Punishment of subornation of perjury. Taking goods from legal custody. Injury to records—Embezzlement by officer. Refusing to receive prisoners.

    Refusing to aid officer. Refusing to make arrest. Attempt to intimidate officer. Buying lands in suit. Attorneys—Buying demands for suit—Misleading inferior courts. Prosecutors and their partners. Prosecutor advising the defense. Attorneys may defend themselves. Definition of direct contempt and indirect contempt. Trial court—Power to punish contempt—Censure—Contempt proceedings. Punishment for direct or indirect contempt—Guidelines for determination of sentence and purge fee for failure to comply with certain orders regarding children.

    Indirect contempts—Notice—Trial by jury—Appearance bond. Indirect contempt for failure to pay child support—Purge fee. Contempt—Substance of offense made of record. Attorneys—Second application to another judge to stay trial. Fraudulent concealment of property. Attorneys, misconduct by—Deceit—Delaying suit—Receiving allowance for money. Attorney permitting other person to use his name.

    Attorneys, use of name lawful, when. Inheritance, intercepting by fraudulent production of infant. Prosecuting suit or bringing action or procuring arrest in false name. False certificate by public officer. Recording of petit jury proceedings—Listening or observing—Penalty. False reporting of crime. CRIMES AGAINST THE PERSON. Force against another not unlawful, when—Self-defense—Defense of property. Assault or assault and battery—Punishment.

    Assault, battery, or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon punishment. Aggravated assault and battery defined. Punishment for aggravated assault and battery. Assault, battery or assault and battery upon police officer or other peace officer—Penalties. Certain acts against police dog or police horse prohibited—Penalties. Killing police dog or police horse—Penalties. Aggravated assault and battery upon peace officer.

    Athletic contests—Assault and battery upon referee, umpire, etc. Aggravated assault and battery upon Cherokee Nation corrections employee. Delaying, obstructing or interfering with emergency medical technician or other. Assault, battery or assault and battery upon emergency medical technician or other emergency medical care provider—Punishment. Aggravated assault and battery or assault with firearm or other dangerous weapon upon emergency medical technician or other emergency medical care provider—Punishment.

    Poison, attempt to kill by administering. Shooting or discharging firearm with intent to kill—Assault and battery with deadly weapon, etc. Proof necessary to conviction of murder or manslaughter. Petit treason by killing master or husband abolished—Such offenses homicides. Confidential or domestic relation may be considered. Murder in the first degree. Murder in the second degree.

    Solicitation for murder in the first degree. Design to effect death inferred. Anger or intoxication no defense. Act imminently dangerous and evincing depraved mind. Manslaughter in the first degree defined. Killing an unborn quick child. Punishment for manslaughter in the first degree. Manslaughter in the second degree. Owner of mischievous animal which kills person.

    Punishment for manslaughter in the second degree. Excusable homicide, what is. Justifiable homicide by officer. Justifiable homicide by any person. Kidnapping for purpose of extortion—Assisting in disposing, receiving, possessing or exchanging money or property received. Holder of hostage—Telephone communications. Means and manner of maiming immaterial. Design to maim inferred.

    Recovery before trial at bar—Conviction of assault and battery. Force or fear—How employed. Degree of force immaterial. What fear is an element. Value of property not material. Taking secretly not robbery. Punishment for first degree. Punishment for second degree. Robbery by two or more persons—Punishment. Robbery or attempted robbery with dangerous weapon or imitation firearm—.

    Furnishing weapon or drug. Aid in attempt to commit suicide. Incapacity of person committing or attempting suicide no defense. Punishment for aiding suicide. Punishment for aiding an attempt at suicide. Willfully poisoning food, drink, medicine, or patent or proprietary medicine. Unlawful confinement of lunatics.

    Reconfining persons discharged upon writ of deliverance. Concealing persons to avoid habeas corpus. Assisting in concealing person to avoid habeas corpus. Right of privacy—Use of name or picture for advertising without consent—Crime. Right of photographer to exhibit specimens of work—Other uses excepted. Caretaker—Abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of charge. Verbal abuse by caretaker.

    Abuse or exploitation of vulnerable adult by non-caretaker. Exploitation of elderly persons or disabled adults. Ordinary force as means of discipline not prohibited. Mandatory reporting of physical abuse or birth of chemically-dependent child—. Investigations—Spiritual treatment exemption—Appointment of attorney for child. Report of criminally inflicted injuries. Immunity from civil or criminal liability. Wiring or equipping of vehicles or structures with explosives—Penalty.

    Malicious intimidation or harassment because of race, color, religion, ancestry. CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC DECENCY AND MORALITY. Desertion of children under age of ten—Penalty. Omission to provide for a child—Penalties. Child endangerment—Knowingly permitting physical or sexual abuse—Good faith. Desertion of wife or child under fifteen—Penalty.

    Proof of marriage—Wife as competent witness—Duty of prosecutor to prosecute. Contributing to delinquency of minor or in commission of crime—Punishment. Causing, aiding, abetting or encouraging minor to participate in certain drug-related crimes. Causing, aiding, abetting or encouraging minor to be in need of supervision or.

    Neglect of minor adjudicated delinquent, in need of supervision or dependent and neglected and placed in parents' or others' care. Concealing stillbirth or death of child. Exceptions to the rule of bigamy. Crime against nature, what penetration necessary. Compelling form of belief. Opening, conducting or carrying on gambling game—Dealing for those engaged in. Betting on or playing prohibited game—Punishment. Slot machines—Setting up, operating falsifying executive compensation with stock options conducting—Punishment.

    Use of real estate or buildings for gambling purposes—Punishment. Illegal use of building or vessel—Nuisance—Penalty. Accomplice testimony—Force of same. Permitting gambling in building or on grounds. Leasing for gambling purposes. Witnesses failing to testify. Seizure of apparatus and property and delivery to magistrate. Testimony, no person excused from giving. SLOT MACHINES AND PUNCH BOARDS. Words in singular and plural. Possession, sale, or lease of slot machines or punch boards prohibited.

    Bingo and regulated gaming not prohibited. Falsifying executive compensation with stock options premises to be used for commercial gambling. Possession of a gambling device. Dissemination of gambling information. Betting or letting premises for betting on races. Evidence for prosecution—Accomplices—Immunity for witnesses. Intoxicating and nonintoxicating beverages prohibited. Indecent exposure—Indecent exhibitions—Obscene material or child pornography—.

    Guardians, parents, custodians—Consent to participation of minors in child. Duty to report obscene or pornographic material depicting minors—Penalty. Obscene material or child pornography, by whom seized and to whom delivered. Child pornography or obscene material, how disposed of. Attorney General to destroy indecent articles, when. Purchase, procurement or possession of child pornography—Penalty. Power to arrest and seizure of obscene material. Destruction of obscene material upon conviction.

    Letting building for unlawful purposes. Setting up or operating place of prostitution—Ownership—Renting—Procuring—. Receiving person for forbidden purpose—Transportation—Receiving proceeds. Engaging in prostitution, etc. Publication, distribution or participation in preparation of any obscene material or presentation—Unsolicited mailings—Penalty. Facilitating, encouraging, offering or soliciting sexual conduct or engaging in sexual communication with a minor or person believed to be a minor.

    Action for adjudication of obscenity or child pornographic content of mailable matter. Summary examination of material—Dismissal or show cause order. Sending or selling of materials with knowledge of judgment. Jurisdiction—Service of process—Fines—Execution against property. Showing at outdoor theaters of pictures depicting sexual intercourse prohibited under certain conditions—Penalty. Projectionists, ushers or cashiers excepted from statutes relating to exhibition of obscene motion pictures.

    Seizure and forfeiture of equipment used in certain offenses relating to obscene material or child pornography. Material or performances harmful to minors—Prohibited acts. Storage or accumulation of wrecked or abandoned motor vehicle or part thereof. Part of offense outside of Nation no defense. Injured party as witness. Restraining person in house of prostitution a crime.

    Allowing offense on premises—Punishment. Offering or transporting child for purpose of prostitution—Penalty. Child under eighteen years of age—Inducing, keeping, detaining or restraining for prostitution—Punishment. Slight penetration sufficient to complete crime. Punishment for rape in second degree. Compelling woman to marry. Intent to compel woman to marry. Abduction of person under eighteen.

    Lewd or indecent proposals or acts as to child under eighteen. Using computer networks to violate Cherokee Nation statutes. Domestic abuse assault and battery—Definition. Domestic abuse assault and battery—Punishment. Assault and battery domestic abuse by strangulation—Definition. Disposal of one's own body. Burial in other states. Unlawful dissection a crime. Dead limb or member of body. Duty of burial devolves upon whom. Persons entitled to custody of body.

    Unlawful removal of dead body—Violation of or damage to casket or burial vault. Unlawful interference with places of burial. Removal to another burial place. Arresting or attaching dead body. Injury to cemetery or tomb. HUMAN SKELETAL REMAINS AND BURIAL FURNITURE. Buying, selling, transporting or bartering for profit of human skeletal remains or associated burial furniture—Crime.

    Certain institutions and museums to consult tribal leaders or certain Nation entities before disposition of remains. Display of open burial ground, furniture or skeletal remains for profit or. Discovery of remains or furniture—Reporting and notification procedure. Designation of repository for remains and furniture for scientific purposes. Loitering around residence to watch occupants.

    Obscene, threatening or harassing telephone calls—Penalty. CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY. Hazing—Prohibition—Presumption as forced activity—Penalty—Definition. Public nuisance a crime. Spread of infectious diseases. Engaging in activity with intent or causing another person to be infected with. Gas tar, throwing into public water. Fires, refusing to aid at or interfering with others' acts.

    Contagious disease, exposing oneself or another with. Dump near highway a nuisance. Dumping near highway unlawful—Establishment of dumping ground by city or town. Operation of boats or water craft while under influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs in careless, wanton or reckless manner—Penalty. Abandonment of refrigerators and iceboxes in places accessible to children—Penalty. Disaster areas—Prevention of unauthorized persons from hampering rescue.

    Following of emergency vehicles unlawful. Proceeding to or remaining at disaster area unlawful—Removal of objects. Radio or other electronic units capable of receiving on police frequencies—Illegal use defined. Intoxicating beverages—Possession by persons under age twenty-one unlawful. Firemen—Interference with performance of duties—Penalty. Transporting intoxicating or nonintoxicating beverage except in original unopened container prohibited—Exceptions—Penalty. Contagious diseases among domestic animals.

    Disposition of animals dying of contagious or infectious diseases. Leaving carcass in certain places unlawful. Violation of sections regarding carcasses a crime. Furnishing tobacco products to minors—Punishment. Refusal of minor to disclose place where and person from whom obtained. Smoking in certain public areas prohibited—Punishment.

    CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC PEACE. Carrying weapons or firearms into establishments wherein beer and intoxicating. Selling or giving weapons to minors. Public buildings and gatherings. Intent of persons carrying weapons. Pointing weapon at another. Convicted felons prohibited from carrying firearms—Exceptions.

    Use of firearm or other offensive weapon while committing or attempting to commit a crime—Penalties. Purchases of firearms, ammunition and equipment in contiguous states by Cherokee. Nation residents—Purchases in Cherokee Nation by residents of contiguous states. Conditions under which firearms may be carried. Firearm in motor vehicle. Carrying or using firearms while under influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs. Furnishing firearms to mentally incompetent or insane persons.

    Selling or transferring of firearms to convicted felons, disturbed persons or. Transporting loaded firearm in motor vehicle. Transporting or discharging firearm from boat. Manufacture, importation or advertisement for sale of restricted bullets—Penalty. Off-duty peace officers authorized to carry weapons. Unlawful entry of dwelling—Physical or deadly force against intruder—. Affirmative defense and immunity from civil liability. Trespass—Masked person demanding admission to premises.

    Assaults while masked or disguised. Letters—Mailing threatening or intimidating letters. ENTRY OR INTRUSION ON REAL ESTATE. Forcible entry and detainer. Returning to possession after lawful removal. Disturbance by loud or unusual noise or abusive, violent, obscene, profane or. Use of language calculated to arouse anger or cause breach of peace. Discharging firearms in public place.

    Possession of explosives by convicted felons—Penalty. Projecting object at public event. Arson in the first degree—Punishment. Arson in the second degree—Punishment. Arson in the third degree—Punishment. Arson in the fourth degree—Punishment. Burglary in first degree. Burglary in second degree—Acts constituting. Possession of burglar's implements. Entering buildings or structures with certain intent. Embezzlement by officer, etc. Embezzlement by carrier or other person.

    Embezzlement by clerk or servant. Distinct taking not necessary. Evidence of debt subject of embezzlement. Property taken under claim of title. Intent to restore no defense. Diversion of Nation funds made crime. Extortion under color of official right. Obtaining signature by extortion. Attempting to extort money. Real property loans—Securing by false instrument—Penalty.

    Defrauding hotels, inns, restaurants, etc. Destroying evidence of ownership of wrecked property. Misrepresentation of age by false document. Falsely holding out as notary or performing notarial act—Penalty. Marriage by impersonator—Becoming bail or falsifying executive compensation with stock options of instrument—. Creating liability or benefit. Receiving money or property intended for individual personated. Falsely personating officers and others. False or bogus checks. Obtaining property or signature under false pretenses.

    Obtaining signature or property for charitable purposes by false pretenses. Person committing crime in possession or control of firearm with removed, defaced, etc. FORGERY IN FIRST DEGREE. Wills, deeds and certain other instruments, forgery of. Forgery of public securities. FORGERY IN SECOND DEGREE. Public and corporate seals, forgery of.

    Making false entries in record. Forging process of court or title to property, etc. Making false entries in public book. Fraudulently uttering one's signature as that of another of same name. Fraudulently uttering one's endorsement as another's. Writing and written defined. False or bogus order directing payment of money. False or bogus orders as payment for labor—Penalties. Instigating fights between animals.

    Keeping places for fighting animals. Poisonous drugs, unjustifiable administration of. Abandoning of domestic animals along streets or highways or in any public place. Instigating or encouraging dogfight—Crime. Keeping place, equipment or facilities for dogfighting—Crime. Servicing or facilitating dogfight—Crime. Owning, possessing, keeping or training dog for fighting—Crime.

    Seizure, destruction or forfeiture of dogfighting equipment and facilities. Larceny of lost property. Grand and petit larceny defined. Punishment for grand larceny. Punishment for petit larceny. Grand larceny in house or vessel—Punishment. Grand larceny in night time from person—Punishment. Larceny of written instrument—Value. Severed fixture, larceny of. Fraudulent consumption of gas.

    Bringing stolen property into the nation. Larceny of domestic animals. Dog as personal property. Domestic fowls, larceny of—Receiving stolen fowls. Larceny of certain fish and game. Automobile, aircraft or other motor vehicle. Taking oil, gas, gasoline or any product thereof—When crime. Larceny from the house. Seizure and forfeiture proceedings—Vehicles, airplanes, vessels, etc.

    Throwing, dropping, depositing, or otherwise placing litter upon highways, roads, or public property—Penalties. Erection of signs and markers along state and federal highways. Erection of signs and markers along county roads. Defacing, stealing or possessing road signs or markers—Penalties. Telephone and telegraph lines—Injuries—Removal or obstruction—Interception of. Irrigation ditches, canals, water lines or conduits—Interference with. Malicious injury or destruction of property generally—Punishment—Damages.

    Illegal dumping on tribal land prohibited—Penalties. Mining claims—Unlawful to tear down legal notice or deface any record. House of worship or contents, injuring. Bombs and explosives—Foul, poisonous, offensive or injurious substances—. Violations of preceding section. Tracing of telephone calls—Immunity. Malicious injury to freehold—Carrying away earth, soil or stone. Injuring fruit, melons or flowers in the day time.

    Injuring fruit, melons or flowers in the night time. Injuring fruit or ornamental trees. Removing or altering landmarks. Piers or dams, interfering with. Piles, removing or injuring. Train signal light, removing or masking—False light or signal. Injuring written instruments the false making of which would be forgery. Works of art or ornamental improvements, injuring. Works of literature or art in public place, injuring. Injuries to pipes and wires.

    Automobile or motor vehicle, loitering in, injuring or molesting. Caves or caverns, injuring. Trespass on posted property after being forbidden or without permission—. Exemptions—Penalty—Entry into pecan grove without consent. Entry or presence upon premises of place of business of persons convicted of. SERIAL NUMBERS ON FARM MACHINERY. Destruction, removal, altering, covering or defacing. Exception to application of act. Information to be furnished by solicitor—Calls exempt—Penalties.

    Commercial solicitation by facsimile device—Definitions. Commercial solicitation by facsimile device—Penalties. Certain acts as prima facie evidence of violation of act. Access of computer, computer system or computer network in one jurisdiction from. Access to computers, falsifying executive compensation with stock options systems and computer networks prohibited for.

    Drug paraphernalia—Factors used in determining. Future "controlled dangerous substances" included. School property—Distribution, dispensing or possession of controlled dangerous. Certain substances causing intoxication, distortion or disturbances of auditory, visual, muscular or mental processes prohibited—Exemptions—Penalties. Conditional discharge for possession as first offense.

    Second or subsequent offenses. Gasoline or paint sniffing illegal. Drug Abuse Education Revolving Fund. Use of minors in transportation, sale, etc. Powers of enforcement personnel. Property subject to forfeiture. Transactions involving proceeds derived from illegal drug activity prohibited—. Assessment for violation of act.

    Summary forfeiture of certain substances. Seizure of property—Notice of seizure and intended forfeiture proceeding—Verified answer and claim to property—Hearing—Evidence and proof—Proceeds of sale. Itemization and submission for destruction. Destruction of seized property. Information necessary, except when.

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