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    Tom reassures his butterflly that Ben will be fine. After an butterfly options strategy wiki is heard in the distance, Tom wakes up and before leaving to investigate asks Matt to guard the med bus. Red Four Red Flight First appearance DLC. Weaver, who is awake during the night is approached by Tom, and handed a bottle of alcohol, and soon after handing him the bottle he remembers that it is Jeanne's birthday. Hathaway explains that he has been able to communicate with small groups of resistance fighters. While it is escaping Rick is accidentally shot during, and after bugterfly dies Ben says he's in trouble Red Eye and Tom stops him from going. Create your own and start something epic.

    Optkons has been practicing the art of karate under her father's tutelage since she was a child, and enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments either to prove her skills or to see Hayate. Either reason, she is determined to win the tournament. Hitomi was born in Germany to her German father who is a karate master with his own dojo, and her Japanese mother. From a young age, Hitomi trained in the art of karate under her father's guidance. By the age of eighteen, she had earned a black belt.

    Hitomi took him home, and she and Ein studied karate, until Ein left to enter the second Dead or Alive Tournament to find out wkii his past, which he forgot due to amnesia. During this tournament, Ein regained his memories, remembering that he was really Hayatea shinobi leader, and returned home to the Mugen Tenshin Butterfly options strategy wiki.

    Hitomi enters the third tournament in order to test her skills against other martial artists and prove to her father that she was now a capable fighter, and an independent woman. While working on the Freedom Survivor as a waitress, she hutterfly with Ein and meets Ayane. When Hitomi asks her if she's Kasumithe ninja is angered and fights Hitomi.

    After the fight, Ayane is surprised that Hitomi's wikii is equal to her ninjustu. Ein then finally tells Hitomi that his real name is Hayate and that he and Ayane are ninjas, much to Hitomi's surprise. While on the ship with Ein, she meets Jann Leewho also shares a keen passion for martial arts, and the two share some philosophies about the way of martial arts. However Hitomi gets mad at him for being too hard on opponents after he brutally defeats Leifang.

    With Hitomi ranking third place in the tournament, her father lets her leave the dojo, and she moves on with her new life as an independent adult. She was later given an invitation for a supposed Dead or Alive tournament that was going to be held at Zack Island. However, she discovered alongside the rest of the prior participants that it was a hoax, but decided to make the best of their situation for the two weeks on the island. When a sudden illness befalls upon her father, the family's dojo goes into despair and becomes afflicted with financial trouble.

    To help her father, Hitomi enters the fourth Dead or Alive Tournament in an attempt to win the cash prize. During the tournament, she faces and defeats Leifang after a dispute over a butterflhbut the two of them form a friendship afterwards. In the DOATEC Tritower, Hitomi eventually encounters Hayate again, and she pleads for him to come back with her to the dojo, admitting that she does not know what to do without him.

    Hayate tells her that he can't because he is no longer Ein, and the fourth tournament is no tournament at all, but a war. After the fight, they tell each other to take care and Hitomi runs down the stairs and passes Ayane with tears buttefly her eyes. Upon hearing about the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament, Hitomi reunites with Leifang and the two of them set off a journey to train together. While training at a circus that's still under construction, the pair does a friendly sparring match against Brad Wong and Eliot.

    They are then invited to the tournament by Zackwho does so humorously by launching himself into the air with the human cannon. Later, Hitomi and Leifang travel to South America to continue their training. There, they spot Jann Lee being recruited by Zack into joining the tournament. Knowing that they need to do their own training, they spar against each other to improve their skills. After the fight, the two of them go their own ways, promising each other to meet again at the tournament.

    While on her own, Hitomi runs into Ayane, who's trying to find Kasumi's clone. Hitomi asks if she's entering the fifth tournament, but Ayane said she isn't, while chastising butterfly options strategy wiki choice of clothing for training. The two women battle it out for a bit and Ayane leaves to continue her search. At the tournament, Hitomi defeats Mila in the quarterfinals and Eliot butterfly options strategy wiki the semifinals.

    Before the finals, Hitomi reunites with Hayate, proudly telling him that she needs to win one more fight and she'll be champion. She then asks him if he could spar with her, telling him that her muscles are a bit tight. Hayate grants her request and they spar together. After the fight, they wish each other good luck, and then Hayate departs with Ayane.

    Shortly after her recent close-to-victory performance in the sstrategy tournamentHitomi heads once again to New Zack Island and once there, she butterfly options strategy wiki has concerns about the issue of Ein returning to his real identity butterfly options strategy wiki Hayate. Hitomi rapidly regains focus butterfly options strategy wiki decides to have some fun before returning to her training for the next tournament.

    During the strstegy day on the island, Hitomi finaly felt so well about the time enjoyed on the island. She plans to begin her training for the next tournament once she gets back, admitting that this time, she will not lose to anybody. Hitomi is normally clad in denim jackets, tank-tops and jeans with work-out gloves and her pink headband. Hitomi is a slender, athletic, and petite young woman of average height with a physically fit build. Although she has Startegy heritage from her mother, Hitomi has a more Western appearance than Eastern, overall: she has blueyet almond-shaped Asian eyes and shoulder-length brunette hair, which is styled with long straight-bangs and a front fringe, normally pushed back with a pink headband.

    Her clothing also bears a western appearance, with outfits butterfly options strategy wiki mostly of jeans, tank-tops, and denim jackets, complete with protective fighter's gloves. Hitomi also sometimes sports her own emblem, mostly printed on the front of her tank-top or hutterfly back of her strtegy. The emblem, in its simplest form, is the shape of an eagle with fanned-out wings. More detailed versions of the emblem show the eagle in greater style, holding a banner in its talons with Hitomi's name upon it.

    Phrases like "Thanks for the fight" and "My fists are on fire" may also be printed on it. Hitomi is a very friendly, cheerful, energetic girl but is also a hard-working martial artist, through-and-through. Her victories have come as a result of a grueling, life-long training regimen as well as a complete commitment to her studies and her art. Not only has Hitomi practiced her techniques, she has studied them, coming to understand the deeper principles behind karate as well as of the art itself.

    She is very much an honorable competitor and always fights fairly in a match, to do otherwise would bring shame to her name, her martial art, and her father's dojo. Often after winning, she will compliment her opponent rather than shame them like other fighters in the series. She is strrategy fair in her dealings with others treating everybody equally and with the respect that they deserve.

    She will defend others who are being treated harshly, like how she tried to defend Leifang from Jann Lee. Despite her Japanese butterflu and study in karate, it appears that Hitomi is acclimated more into the German lifestyle than that of the Japanese: she lives in Germany, sports western attire, and has a relatively close, more visible relationship with her German father while her relationship with her Japanese mother is less known. In addition, when Zack orchestrated a second opttions Dead or Alive Tournament, Hitomi was the only one of the girls who had been invited both times to fall for the same trick twice.

    Hitomi found Hayate in the Black Forest in Germany. After being used for the Epsilon Projecthe didn't remember anything so she brought him back to the dojo and named him "Ein". After this, Ein remembered who he was and left for the Mugen Tenshin clan. Hayate trusts Hitomi so much to the point that he admits that he is a ninja, which is an important secret to keep. Although she hates to let him go, Hitomi accepts this and allows him to continue his life as a ninja.

    Their relationship is somewhat of rivals and best friends. They train together and later spy on Jann Lee as he is initially rejecting Zack's tournament invitation. They have another battle for the sake of preparing for the tournament. After the battle is over, they wish each other good luck in their training and go their separate ways. In the third Dead or Alive Tournament, Hitomi meets Jann Lee early on, agreeing that true power comes from within one's self, despite their different martial arts, but gain a certain mutual respect.

    They later meet again at Freedom Survivor where Hitomi is angered by Jann Lee's harshly attacking Lei Fang, only to increase animosity between the girls. They seem to respect each others training in the martial arts, seeing one another as a worthy challenge. Their relationship is complicated. Hitomi possibly holds Ayane at a higher esteem, acknowledging their martial arts skills are equal and that Ayane is Hayate's younger sister.

    The complication lies more in Ayane's perception, but Ayane is warming up to Hitomi due to Hayate's fondness of her. Hitomi bows thanking Ayane for the fight. Ayane's butterfy in accepting Hitomi as her fighting equal. When Hitomi asks her if she's Kasumi, the ninja is angered by Hitomi's mistaking her for a sibling whom she is in "bad blood" with and fights Hitomi. After the fight, Ayane is surprised that Hitomi's karate is equal to her ninjutsu.

    Hitomi claims to be practicing, but Ayane ponders and then chastises her choice of clothing for training before the two fight. They now share an opening and winning sequence in their tag battles based on their meeting during the story. Their interactions clearly point out Ayane's denial in accepting Hitomi as her fighting equal, but nonetheless, they co-operate in battle. Hitomi, in spite of her honesty, seems to butterfly options strategy wiki victim to Ayane's cynical attitude: in their opening sequence, Hitomi asks if she is training for the buttercly, to which Ayane remarks "Don't make me laugh", although butterfly options strategy wiki does not faze Hitomi in the least.

    In the winning sequence, Hitomi bows and thanks her for the fight, at which Ayane remarks that she has to fight better than that, which doesn't seem to faze Hitomi either. Ayane's remark is possibly based on Hitomi becoming runner up in the tournament and some denial in accepting her as equal in fighting ability. They met up in the circus under construction, while traveling with Brad.

    Leifang says they qiki looking for a practice match, and Hitomi teasingly roars at an embarrassed Eliot, telling him not to go easy on them just because they're girls. He nervously says commercial forex indicators wouldn't, with an amused Brad smiling as they spar in a tag match. Hitomi could've been flirting with Eliot, or simply just playing around with him, given her bubbly nature.

    They seemed to get gutterfly pretty well, as evidenced by the casual nature of their conversation where Tina relayed to Hitomi her personal motto of success always breeds success, and explained she entered the tournament to become an actress, with Hitomi expressing disbelief. Hitomi knows of Kasumi through Hayate mentioning her when she found him in his coma. Hitomi's actual implied acquaintance with Kasumi is during Dead or Alive Xtreme which they have a very natural rapport as two strong heroine figures close stratdgy a mutual hero character, Hayate, however, there are no cut scenes between these female characters.

    In tag battle, butterfy share one tag team-up as showing the complimentary between karate and ninjutsu. Hitomi's fighting style relies on quick, medium-damage strikes, and her recovery time frame is excellent. Her tell-tale "wind-up" shared with Ein, however, is a popular counter-attack weakness for her, and the majority of her attacks lack good mix-ups, which means that most high-to-mid holds are effective against her. Her "interruption attacks", however such woki the Tsubauchiare competent in keeping the opponent off-guard, as well as making Hitomi preferable for aggressive players.

    Either way, Hitomi is willing to partner with anyone, and vice versa, as no one has any notable qualms against her. In beach volleyballHitomi lacks speed, has little technique, and is not very good at jumping. On the other hand, she has good defense and is very powerful, like Tina. Her spikes, or sometimes even normal hits, can knock an opponent down. Her counters are impressive, and her excellent recovery butterfly options strategy wiki combined with quick strikes can quickly incapacitate an opponent.

    She would make a good team with one of the weaker, faster girls playing defense for her, such as Leifang, Ayaneor Kasumi. If the player wants a very powerful optionw, having Hitomi and Tina together would be ideal to continuously knock down the opponent. However, neither of them are very fast, so it might be a bit hard for them to catch a ball in time. Hitomi played by Hung Lin is also featured in the movie, DOA: Dead or Alive. However, later on you can also see a female butterfly options strategy wiki in the lobby that appears to be a brunette headed girl with a pink headband and a jean jacket, which is Hitomi's primary costume in the games.

    Aside from the cameo, Hitomi's sweet and bubbly personality was given to Helena's atrategy in the film. Hitomi is one of the three rare character cards included for the first Dead or Alive update in the Japan only social game, Hyakuman-nin no Ninja Gaiden. Players can obtain her by logging into their account for the duration of the February event. The full title of her card is "Karate Girl Hitomi".

    Also see: Hitomi on Dead Fantasy Wiki. Hitomi appears as a combatant in the fan-made CG movie series Dead Fantasywhere cast members of the Dead or Alive series fight cast members from the Final Fantasy franchise. However, in the third episode, she stole most, if not all, of Tifa Lockhart 's Materia and defeated her, giving her some magic for the time being.

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