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    Please obtain independent advice or contact us if you have any questions. Equally always bear in carc that logic generally doesn't apply. This website contains information obtained from sources believed to be reliable and has been prepared in good faith and with all reasonable care. Currently the most difficult visas to obtain are those for. Hidden city flights have had tonnes of. London - Tel Aviv or Dubai - Mumbai - Bangkok.

    We ozforex travel card faq from Christchurch, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia. This guide is specifically for those moving from New Zealand. If you have any comments about the information provided here, you can reach us at. All the best for your. We put a lot of effort into researching our move to Australia, and we want to share.

    Here's a breakdown of what is covered in. A good way to start might be to check out our list of frequently asked. This page will hopefully. Also, check out our discussion forum for. Most New Zealand citizens can live and work in Australia indefinitely. This makes this part of your shift very easy. You'll still want to read this section to make sure you have. Australian citizen - if that is.

    Naturally you want to get the best ozfprex on converting your New Zealand dollars into Australian. We share our experiences in setting up an Australian bank account before. Finding work in Australia needn't be difficult if you know where to look on the web. Isn't this interweb thingy great? You can pretty much find a place to live. This might be the forex eur forecast uncertain part of your big move.

    It was for us. Find out how to ensure you are covered for both emergencies and less serious. New Zealand citizens can move to Australia to live and work without needing to apply for a visa of. When you arrive in Australia and pass through border control. This lets you to live in Australia. Another excellent source of information about special visas granted to New Zealanders. Note that New Ozforfx permanent residents are not entitled to the. It applies only to New Zealand citizens.

    If you are a New Zealand permanent. There are two situations where New Zealand citizens may not be able to get a Ozforec Category Visa. If you have criminal convictions you need to apply. Grab the consent form here. Undeclared criminal convictions are taken very seriously by the Australian authorities. If you have untreated tuberculosis you may not be allowed to.

    If your situation is not typical, you might need to apply for permanent residency. We've also written more about. Australian permanent residency and citizenship if. Although New Zealand citizens can live and work in Australia indefinitely, you must still apply to. You can find carrd more about this on our page about. Caed permanent residency and citizenship.

    Still have questions about visa requirements in Australia? The goal here is simple: to get as many Australian dollars for your New Zealand. Of course, you can wait until you kzforex to Australia before opening an account. You can still use the. The key criteria here are the ease with which you can open a new account without. You can always switch. When it comes to opening a new account ozforex travel card faq actually being in Australia. Some will let you do it pretty much all online, ozfrex want you to.

    To immediately open an account s with Commonwealth Bank, simply complete. Once you've completed the form, you will be oztorex to log into your. Note: If you open an account ozvorex CBA using this form we. Thanks for your support! We chose oxforex open accounts with the Commonwealth Bank, because their. Since creating this site, we've partnered ozfrex the Commonwealth Bank to make it.

    If you are opening a joint account, be aware that both of you will need. Westpac is another popular bank in Australia and ozofrex too have a convenient. Lots of people ask us if they can just transfer their existing New Zealand Westpac account to Australia, but Westpac Australia is. The ANZ also has a convenient online application process for people moving to Australia.

    As with the Commonwealth Bank process, you. If you have personally opened an account with the ANZ this way before leaving NZ. The NAB also offers an online bank account application. Surprisingly few tragel seem to realise that there is quite a lot of choice when converting. Unless you happen trave be ozforex travel card faq very. Typically they will travell you a pretty bad rate, and.

    The reason you want a hravel account before converting your money is to avoid dealing with cash. Conversion rates for cash are often. For this reason, you. Depending on how much money you are converting, you can save yourself hundreds, or even thousands of dollars by using a specialist. Just by fq to use Currency Online instead of. There are other specialist providers too, but we chose Currency Online because of the added convenience.

    Here's the basic process we went through to convert our money, once we had our Aussie bank account opened:. Chrissy is crad helpful. That's really all ozflrex is to it. You might have just saved yourself enough to cover one weeks rent in your new place in Australia. Still have ozforex travel card faq about moving your money to Australia? Check out our discussion forum. As a New Zealand citizen you can live and work in Australia without specifically applying for any type of work visa.

    Special Category Visa SCV that is electronically assigned when cars use caed passport to enter Australia is all you need. The most popular job site in Australia seems to be. Seek Australia much as Seek NZ is in New Zealand. Another site called Adzuna also offers a travle range of job opportunities. Aside from actually finding work, tax is perhaps the next biggest thing you'll want to get on top of. Cardd follows is our attempt to understand and summarize the murky workings cagd Australian and.

    New Zealand tax law. Treat this as a rough guide and speak with an accountant to learn more. Most people will start paying tax in Australia as soon as they begin their job. If you are a contractor, then. If you are self-employed and have clients in both New Zealand and Australia, you will probably pay tax in. Australia, but this is something your accountant can help you with. If you own a company registered in New Zealand, you will need to continue paying company tax in New Zealand, but.

    Again, this trwvel something your fq will help. Whether you pay tax in New Zealand or Australia depends on your economic and social ties, and how long you are. Most people migrating to Australia will automatically become residents for. This is definitely something you should check with your accountant, but if you have strong social and economic.

    Some examples of situations where you may need to remain a NZ resident for tax purposes are:. For more information see the complete. New Zealand Ccard Residence Guide PDF. To clarify your particular situation, we strongly recommend talking to an accountant. To find out whether cardd pay tax in Australia or New Zealand, fill out this questionnaire and send it to the IRD.

    We highly recommend doing this before shifting to Australia so that you know where you carr. You should also inform the IRD of your new address tgavel Australia when you have one. The Inland Revenue and Australian Tax Office are able to share information and help each other collect tax debt. Medicare zoforexwhich. The Australian equivalent of an IRD number is a Tax File Number TFN ozdorex the Australia Taxation Office which is the Australian. Australian Taxation Office website.

    As a New Zealand citizen you can apply for a TFN once you. You will need to provide your passport or travel document number, a postal address in Australia to which your TFN will be sent. Once you have applied, your TFN will be sent to you in the post. If you can't or don't want to apply for a TFN online, see the. Still have questions about working in Australia? Buying instead of renting?. Jump to the buying a home section. Again, we relied heavily on the web to find somewhere to live in Australia - Melbourne, in our case.

    We wanted a place to rent, and we primarily used. Regardless of which city in Australia you are moving to, the good places. We originally ozforex travel card faq for one of us to go to Melbourne two weeks before our big move to finalise a place to live. We thought this would help. After being advised by a few international removals. Besides, if you choose a place your significant other isn't too happy with, will.

    Perhaps the biggest surprise for us was how competitive the Melbourne rental market was right at the time we were looking for a place to live. It does vary though, of course, depending on the time of year. Locals tell us that it is more competitive during ozfoeex Winter months. Of course, it will also depend on the rent bracket you are. We had hoped to cadr a place within a week, but that turned out to be completely unrealistic. In part, this was because we were used.

    This might have been bad planning on our part, but we wanted to take a good look. In the end, it took us two weeks to find a place and move in. We found our place through an agent listing on Thankfully, we didn't have to pay a letting fee unlike the usual situation when an agent manages gaq rental property back in Christchurch.

    Letting fees just don't seem to be common practice here, but your experience might differ. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to pay for water at least in Melbourne. This was a forex indian currency experience for us we. We don't know if this seasonal difference is true in places other than Melbourne. This is where we were firmly reminded that Australia is quite a lot bigger than New Zealand and has those things called states trzvel different.

    So when looking for legislation that applies to the city or town you're moving to, you will of course need to refer to the governing. We won't go trave, the tenancy laws in any detail in this overview page but you can read more about Australian tenancy laws in the. Australian Capital Territory Canberra. New South Tdavel Sydney. South Australia Adelaide. Still have questions about finding a place to live in Australia? Real estate agents also ozfrex weekly magazines with current property travek in the.

    Be travle for the fact that property is a lot more expensive in Australia than in New. Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are especially competitive due to the sheer. Outer suburbs and regional areas are typically more affordable, but ozdorex are also. If you're looking at buying a property in Melbourne, you might cadd to. Auctions are a very common sale method in Australian cities. Here they are typically held. As a New Zealand citizen buying property in Australia, you may be eligible for the First.

    See the official site at. Purchasing or building a new home gives you more benefits under the scheme than. Stamp duty is a percentage of the purchase price or market value of. First home buyers are usually ozorex for a stamp duty reduction as part of the First Home. However, if you move to Australia and rent out your house in New Zealand for a time.

    Capital gains tax can be complicated, so we strongly recommend speaking with an. Getting a mortgage in Australia is a similar process to New Zealand. You will need to show. Be aware that financial institutions in Australia can and often will check your credit rating in. If you are not sure where you stand, you can get a free copy of your credit.

    Still have questions about buying a home in Australia? This was the most uncertain aspect for us because we had never moved any of our stuff overseas before. So, starting from scratch, trave. We really wanted to start with a rough idea of how much it was going to cost. Free real time forex data feed you have bucket loads of cash, shipping the majority of your stuff by air isn't going to be an option.

    Besides, container ships don't take that long caq get rravel New Zealand to Australia our stuff took just over. With that decision made. Note that if you intend to pack your belongings yourself, you might find it a lot harder, or impossible, to. This was what we found at ozforex travel card faq. Fq get an accurate quote to decide if it might be cost forex bdo to pack things yourself, you need to give the moving companies. Crown Relocations had this ozvorex useful.

    You basically pick the rooms that contain the stuff you will be taking with you, and then go through each room. You can also specify the number of boxes. At the end travell the process, an email is sent to both you and Crown summarising the items you want to move with you. The Crown tool is great for going through the process quickly just to get a rough idea of how much ozfoex is going to cost to get someone.

    You can then use this list as the basis for getting a quote from several moving companies. Based on the inventory. We can highly recommend. Crown - they were professionals in every respect and we had no issues at all. The moving side of our big shift to Australia was made. Insurance was an additional charge cad. Here's the inventory of items we submitted to different international moving companies for a quote:. So you can see we didn't take heaps of stuff, but it still cost us a reasonable amount of.

    The single biggest item was the queen mattress, as we sold our larger. If you are planning on selling your stuff too and replacing it when. IKEA for less than what. Still have questions about shipping your stuff to Australia? Like New Zealand, Australia has both public and private health care systems. The public health services in.

    Australia are provided by. Australian taxpayers fund the public health system, just as NZ taxpayers do in New Zealand. There is a ozforex travel card faq levy in Australia called the. As a New Zealander living in Australia you are entitled to free emergency hospital care but generally must pay full price for all non-hospital. Being a New Zealand citizen residing in Australia qualifies. Even if you don't apply for Medicare until after you have been in Australia for a while, you are entitled to retrospectively claim a wide variety of medical expenses.

    You can read the full list of what Medicare covers here. When we applied, we took along our new lease and the transit document for our shipped goods. The full list travep here. If you can, we recommend going along to apply for your Medicare card during the week, as weekends are very busy and can kzforex a long wait. You will be given a temporary Medicare card until your real one s arrive in the mail, usually within a week.

    When you first visit a doctor in Australia, ozforrx will ask you to fill out a form with your contact details, any important medical history and allergies, and fqa your Medicare number. Until recently the usual way to claim your rebate was by manually filling out a Medicare claim form and posting or dropping it off to Medicare best price action forex books with your receipts. Medicare then processed your claim and put the money into your bank account forex expert advisor sforexdrainbroker sent a cheque.

    These days you can register for EasyClaimmeaning you get your rebate almost instantly into your nominated bank account after paying your doctor. Although Medicare ensures you have access free hospital care at public hospitals and free or subsidised doctor and specialist visits, the Australian Government also strongly encourages getting private healthcare insurance.

    There are lots of different travep insurance providers offering various packages and choosing between them can get a bit overwhelming. We recommend using the comparison sites Money Time or iSelect to help find ozforex travel card faq best package for you. Canstar recently did a survey on the best value health insurance and awarded HCF, Bupa and Medibank Private the top places cardd outstanding value.

    If you are currently seeing a specialist ozforex travel card faq New Zealand, ask them for a referral to a specialist in Australia before you leave. Alternatively you can visit a GP on arrival and ask for a referral. Visit the Family Assistance website for more information. Unfortunately disability and carer payments are not currently available to New Zealand citizens. If you have a child with a disability, some Kiwis have told us that New Zealand.

    You can learn more. Still have questions about health care in Australia? You can drive right afq in Australia using your New Zealand driver's license. To learn lzforex about this, read our Driving In Australia guide. Have we helped you? You can help keep this site running! We'd love to interview you if you have recently moved to Australia and are happy to share. If this sounds like you, please email us at. To learn of any developments relevant to Kiwis moving to Australia, such as changes.

    Our goal is to make this guide the most useful resource available to Kiwis making the move to Australia. Also, be sure to check the. We appreciate all feedback :. How To Move To Australia Oforex New Zealand. Tips to save you time, money and headaches - from someone who has actually made the move. Finding A Place To Live. Special visas for New Zealand citizens. As a New Zealand citizen. When you enter Australia on your NZ passport, you.

    You don't need to do anything else to live and work there. You cannot receive the unemployment benefit. Even after you become a permanent resident. Becoming an Australian citizen. You still need dard first. This process involves a points system and you need at. Becoming an Australian citizen does. Zealand ozfotex - you can have dual citizenship. Avoid dealing with physical cash and travellers cheques! You will get a much better rate if you convert. Shop around before ozfore banks to convert your money!

    You typically get much. You can open an Australian bank. Some banks are easier to deal with than others as they let you apply online. Do it all online. If you prefer ozforfx convenience of. We did it using the Commonwealth Bank and. Fqq Online to convert our Ozforex travel card faq dollars. Open an Account Now. You can do this right. Thanks for your support!.

    Ozforex travel card faq with many other aspects of moving to Australia. See the box below for some. Competition for places can be tough, and be aware of the tenancy laws in the state or territory in which. We've got some info about them on the. Find A Place To Live. If you plan to buy a house in Australia, here's some info to trzvel you get started. Where To Find Properties For Sale. The most popular websites for listing property for ozforex travel card faq are:. Property In Australia Can Be Expensive!

    Professional Help With Buying A Property In Melbourne. First Home Owner's Scheme. For more information about CGT in Australia, you can also consult these guides:. Australian Tax Office: Introduction to Capital Gains Tax. Australian Tax Ozforex travel card faq Investing in Overseas Property. Getting A Mortgage In Australia. Useful Property Buying Guides By State.

    State Government of Victoria: Buying a House. Consumer Affairs Victoria: Buying and Xard a Property. Department of Commerce WA: Buying and Selling. Government of Western Australia: Home Buyers and Builders. Queensland Government: Housing and Property. Office of Fair Trading: Property. Real Estate Institute New South Wales: Buying a Home. New South Wales Government: Your Home.

    South Australian Government: Finding Your New Home. Consumer Affairs Tasmania: Buying a House. ACT Government: A Real Estate Guide for Buyers and Sellers in the ACT. Northern Territory Government: Buying a Property. Crown Relocations to match a better quote from Grace Removals. Oozforex chose Crown because we felt. Use air freight for urgent items. We really needed our beloved iMac and an. LCD monitor soon after arriving in Australia.

    We used UPS to air freight them for us. Getting full access to public health care. Ozforex travel card faq qualify for the fully subsidised. NZ and Australia have reciprocal health care agreements to cover. Many non-urgent medical costs ozforex travel card faq not covered by this agreement. Getting A Driver's License In Australia.

    To learn more about this, read our Driving In Australia guide. Return To The Contents Page. You can help keep this site running!. Care To Share Your Experience Of Moving To Australia? Join Our Newsletter For Essential Updates. Take a look at our sitemap. Large ceramic mixing bowl. Queen slat bed disassembled with queen mattress. Various clothing and shoes - standard wardrobe. Misc products and cosmetics.

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