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    Price alerts actforex traders you know when the actforrx on an instrument has reached a predefined level. Enterprise-class software for hedge fund, private equity and alternative asset administration. The Smart Way to Find Business Software. Web-based trade order management and model rebalancing platform for investment professionals. You can also set a Predefined Stop or Limit in the New Position dialog window. Designed to provide multi-fund managers the ability to systematically manage portfolios, perform complex analytics and more.

    Trading Strategy Interface and General Functionality. User Proposals and Suggestions. Strategies based on technical analysis. The Ultimate Trading Platform TM ActForex. trqders Key features Make a trade Charts ActFX. Feature-rich desktop application allows you to monitor the market and engage in online trading. Qctforex window shows information and gives access to specific functions.

    Convenient controls via FXVoyager Toolbar. Create, test, and run automated trading strategies via ActFX. Trade currency, currency Forwards and Options, CFDs, Equities, Futures, and ETFs. Choose from several desktop profiles, or create and save your own. Trdaers view all essential information about a selected account or accounts in actforxe Account Information Bar. Select one or several accounts from a menu to see the financial data and trade.

    Actfforex actforex traders view streaming rates in the Dealing Rates window. You can view detailed info on the instruments in the Dealing Rates Table or the Instruments window. Easily make a trade by clicking the Sell or Buy buttons under the Home actfoex of the FXVoyager Toolbar. Set a Stop or Limit Order. To set a Stop or Limit order, open the Trade tab of the FXVoyager Toolbar and click the Stop or Limit button. You can set broker forex italiano Stop or Limit order from the Open Positions window.

    You can also set a Predefined Stop or Limit in the New Position dialog window. On the FXVoyager Toolbar, click the Close Position button under the Trade tab. A dialog with a list of currently open positions will appear. Select the position you wish to close and click OK. You can also close a position from the Open Positions window. Right-click on the position and select Close position from the menu. Open a new position in just one click.

    Click on Bid or Ask, and a position will immediately open for the number of lots indicated in the Amount field. Price alerts actfoerx you know when the rate on an instrument has reached a predefined level. You can set price alerts by clicking the Price Alerts button under the Trade tab actcorex the FXVoyager Toolbar. You can also set a price alert by right-clicking on an instrument in the Dealing Rates window, Individual Dealing Rate window, Dealing Rates Table window, tfaders Instruments window.

    Make informed decisions by viewing real-time charts. Use Candlestick, Bar, and Line charts. Chart toolbar offers comprehensive list of features, including Zoom, Save, yraders and Draw Tools. You can create objects on charts, and copy, paste and link objects between multiple charts. Create and save chart templates: all the settings and indicators of the chart will be saved. Trade directly from charts: click anywhere on a chart to place a Market order.

    Easily create and modify Stops and Limits by using drag and drop. Place Price Alerts directly from a chart window. FXVoyager Toolbar is intuitively constructed to allow you to navigate the trading application with maximum efficiency and quickly locate all the windows, tools, and options. Commands in FXVoyager are organized into logical groups, and each group is found under a tab.

    Each tab relates to a unique activity, such as trading ttraders working with charts, or to a specific application actforex traders, such as Forwards or Options. ActFX allows you to create automated trading strategies and custom indicators. An ActFX strategy analyzes one or more charts, automatically acyforex and closes orders and positions, and displays them on charts. You can back test a strategy on the historical data. You can send commands to the actforex traders, even while the strategy is running.

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    ActTrader enterpriseFX platforms: Trade Forex, Future CFDs, Equity CFDs, Currency Options, ETFs, and Forwards with ActTrader™, ActBinary™, ActPhone™, ActPad™ and ActDroid™

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