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    Statistical Analysis In-House Review. My EA is not a martingale, nor does it multiple risk in any way. What we found was very significant. It was a pure walk forward test. Did I do something wrong? For great web design and seo go to

    It looks like I accidentally stumbled into a scalping strategy. Forex scalper ea : this EA cannot possibly profit on wide spreads. Style: Counter-trend scalper Notice that the scalper strategy uses the same envelope for entry as it does for exit. The distribution of distance around the moving average is sticky when the price extends far away from the SMA. The original intent for this research sought to uncover a range trading strategy based on the price crossing the moving average.

    Most traders think of sczlper in terms of pips. Pips are valid for general context. I wanted to visualize how the price generally behaves relative to the moving average. A custom NinjaTrader indicator that my programming team wrote collects and scwlper the data in an Excel spreadsheet. The slope of the curve bends as the price extends further from the moving average. A kink in the curve forms at that point.

    The slope of the line flattens scslper from that point onward. A big slope implies that the price will be anywhere but here on the next bar. The distance is sticky at that level. It was a pure walk forward test. I assume that anyone following this methodology trades at a reputable broker with good execution. I would not expect for you to walk away a winner. Profits are very small and occur a large percentage of the time.

    When losses happen, they tend to be several times larger than a typical winner. The high number of wins attracts traders of all stripes. The idea of consistently earning profits makes trading more fun and appealing. Traders with experience, which inevitably means traders that have suffered losses, also find the high percentage win rate appealing. It makes the emotional suffering far less difficult.

    The emotional component that attracts traders to scalping strategies leads to illogical business decisions. Traders place the need to win frequently above the long term need to expect a profit. Too many scalping expert advisors tap into the high winning percentage. Most fail to present a clear and obvious reason why fogex makes sense to scalp. If this were a normal business, that would be the end of the game. The game is only limited by the number of trades placed.

    Trading, unlike other businesses, frequently results in losses. The accuracy dropped because all trades had to subtract the spread cost from their simulated winnings. Forex scalper ea narrower the margin of profit, the more sensitive a strategy becomes to spread costs. Do you think scakper I should have considered other ideas in the strategy? List of legal forex brokers some ways to improve in the comments section below.

    This series eventually led to a profitable trading strategy. Selecting an appropriate time frame. An forex scalper ea surprise in the initial backtests. An attempt at range trading. I would like to code this strategy and testing it by myself A moving average envelope is a percentage of the moving average. Your returns can become stella with money management — if I get time this week, I will write out this strategy in Meta Trader and add my predictive money management and send you the returns.

    It backtested very well. Thankyou for sharing this with your clients. Shaun, send me your trade results and I will put it into my predictive money management modeller, so you can see what you would have returned. My money management uses complex calculations such as kelly formulae, z-score, etc. However, the concept is easy fordx understand, If it predicts positive returns then it increases scaler lot size significantly, if predicts storm approaching or in a storm then reduces the lot size significantly.

    Has anyone considered lot size in relation to both the pairs and the account size? I would like to read more about the concept. Hi Shaun, Thanks for sharing your EURUSD Scalper EA. Do you use a stop loss or just wait for the bar to close above or below the envelope level? Also have you tested it on any other currency pairs that have tight spreads? Or does it ra work on EURUSD? The strategy does not use a hard stop loss. Instead, there is always a point where the EA will exit the market at a profit or loss at the moving average envelope.

    I expect that the EA would work on most other currency pairs. Most currency pairs exhibit similar shapes to the EURUSD. Thanks for sharing your EA. Where can I download it from? You made a fine EA. You can obtain a free copy by signing up for the mailing list near the top of the page. Can u take a looksee? Thnx — Buzz It forex scalper ea take up to an hour for the email to arrive. Forex scalper ea did not see the code when Fored clicked on the link.

    Did Flrex do something wrong? Is there a specific time frame that this EA works. The EA did not perform very well at all. If you would like to see the reports, let me know where I can send them to you. I left all the eaa at default. Thx Joe You can email the reports to info Have emailed you the reports. I am interested in trying scslper strategy.

    This reminds me of a range strategy that I have seen a few years back. Within this trend it took trades based on counter price action for the rsi, oversold for a long and overbought for sczlper sell using rsi. Exit it on the first bar that closes in profit, with an exit based on an atr with multiplier. But this strategy had one thing that worked well performance-wise, but is maybe not the best option regarding r:r. Maybe you can add something like that and see if it forex scalper ea any good.

    It worked on most pairs, commodities, indices and stocks as long as the spreads were tight. Only thing was that in worst case scenario you would build up a position three times the average position and the estimated profit was not in relation to the pre-selected stop. You would exit on the first candle in profit irrelevant what the profit would be or exit at the atr stop. Remind of this in a few weeks. And may God Bless You.

    I want to know this ea usually open how many trades in a month? Pls confirm with me…thanks! It only trades when the conditions are met. After subscribing, how much it takes the EA to come to my mail, or what i do? I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to.

    Thanks for the post. Thank you and happy new year to you and your family!! ALex Happy New Year to you, too! The EA can take up to an hour to arrive in your inbox. The EA is available to anyone who completes the free registration for the EA. The registration form is near the top of the page. I understand they are csalper pretty self-explanatory, however I would like to use a trailing sxalper but I am unsure what I should set TrailStart and TrailAmount to.

    What range would you recommend for these particular settings? Thanks for the comments. Trail Start moves your stop loss to breakeven whenever you trade is profitable by at least Trail Start pips. The stop loss then trails by Trail Amount pips for every additional Trail Amount pips of profit. Thereafter, the EA locks in each additional pips of profit. I live here in Australia. I have just found your site and I am very interested in the SCALPER EA.

    I have a HF-Scalper ,from BJF Trading[Canada]. But it went ok under Demo test and sincehas not been in profit. Please advise if I can Down load your EA and try it. I have a ECN live account with IC Markets,Australia with very good latency. Kind Regards, Barry Thanks for your comment. The scalper EA is a free give-away. You can sign up on this page and the EA will be mailed to you.

    I like the basic approach of this strategy. Have you made any improvements on this strategy since its publication? Thanks for your comments. You are correct that the max losses are always greater than the max wins. All of my current research efforts are devoted to QB Prowhich is the strongest strategy in my stable. Thank you for the gift of the scalper EA. I will like to know what figure should I set as take profit, stop loss, trail start and trail amount?

    Very very tnx for robot. Plz send me your email than I can to talking with you. I am wondering if you can help me Hello dear sheun overton. I just appriciate to you for providing this scalper ea to us which is free. So please tell me which figures I should use for take profit and stop loss and trailing start and trailing amount? I scalpdr that you will give answer to me?

    In the strategy test its report is good which I created presets but in real and in demo account it does not take any order. Please forex scalper ea the instructions on this page. I have some comments. Were the entry conditions met to place a trade?

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