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    To Private investor- we know who you are and what was your latest luxury purchase, so dont fook around, we have all the details including where you live and where mimmy travel. Sudah tak cukup wang mau bayar trader lagi. You can see from the chart above that the darkest areas symbolizing higher inflation are all located in emerging economic regions. I did enjoy the baloney about jimmy forex multi-million dollar office in Indonesia though, thanks for the laugh. Yes the office is a small address but honestly does size really matter or what it can produce matter? Stop talking out of your arse. Thanks for this article you sent is so fantastic.

    There is no information on the FX United website indicating who owns or runs the business. As such, FX United would appear to exist in New Zealand in name only. A UK address is provided for Begum, which once again is used by a number of businesses. A residential address in Queensland, Australia is provided for Binary options webinars. Rujina Begum is also a listed Director for something called United Gateway Asia Limited, a former New Zealand corporation struck off in December last year.

    Read on for a full review of the FX United MLM business opportunity. FX United has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market FX United affiliate membership itself. Referral commissions are paid out on ROIs paid out to recruited affiliates, via a unilevel compensation structure. Ditto why somebody in Queensland, Australia, is listed as a Director. To me that just screams something dodgy is going on, either on the trading side of things or potentially money laundering.

    The deposit bonus sticks out as pretty suss, with FX United seemingly creating money out of nothing. The sum total of all of this is an opportunity that comes off as pretty suss. There are many more details that I will b sharing in my next post. Mr blog owner, you can email me and I can forward u all the evidence. Do you know someone who has lost money? It claimed to have a New Zealand license, incorporated in Seychelles… but was NOT licensed to operate in Hong Kong. Another person who is named as a director of UGHL NZ is Brian Johnson and he was in Malaysia recently for jimmy forex annual dinner and forex trading system signals was potrayed as the General Manager of FX United Asia.

    I was invited for the dinner and just smelled something fishy is going on and started doing my research. In Malaysia this is definitely against the law. One more thing that you need to really know is that it is only active in Malaysia and run by local scammers who are well known in the MLM industry and are also serial scammers. They claim that due to its origin and registration on overseas, they do not need the central banks license and they are hoodwinking innocent people.

    Their claim that LMAX is their LP is purely a bullshit, a call to LMAX shows that its a lie. I came across a company operating this scam by the name FX United Power team and found out that it is operated by someone by the name Pandeyan Maruthamuthu under a company called FX United Power Sdn Bhd, a check with registrar of company shows that this company does not exist. So Paulene, please beware because Bank Negara Malaysia is already investigating this company and very soon the whole Mega Ponzi and Scam going to be exposed.

    SO BEWARE AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM. Lastly, a formal complain was lodged with Scamwatch Australia with regards to this scam and a report has been made to High Commission of India with regards to these scam and the name and passport numbrs of these scamsters. So nye for now, in my next post i will give more information about how this whole scam started and who are the people behind it and how an online Hawala system was created to bypass and cheat the banks and how it is now misused to cheat the general public.

    So Malaysians please stop being ignorant and stupid and do a little bit of research and please stop being greefy and gullible. MY DEAR FRIENDS, BELIEVE ME ITS GOING TO BE THE NEXT BIGGEST SCAM IN THE HISTORY OF MALAYSIA. GOOD NIGHT AND MAY GOD GUIDE YOU AND GIVE YOU WISDOM TO SEE WHATS RIGHT AND WHATS NOT. Paulene do know in this kind of Mega and well articulated scheme the losses does not happen sporadically but more like a Tsunami whereby the whole bunch of ignorant and greedy lot going to get screwed all at once.

    How does one verify the company is a genuine brokerage firm? These are legitimate trades I hope as we are trading equities. However back to the same basic question — hoe to differentiate between a genuine firm form a fraudster like FXUnited. Why are you holding back from naming the scammers? Is it because it could backfire and made you liable for defamation? I guess its will be difficult to prove until shit hits the fence.

    A genuine one is licensed to operate in your country, at the minimum. Overseas means you are NOT under protection of your laws. You would be totally on your own. Anyway, scam or not, I am not worried. I have got jimmy forex money back in less than a year. So no issue for us! However, overall, we win because we know how to play the game! Are you expecting this company to be around forever?

    So the wiser move jimmy forex make hopefully not lose some big cash flow while the opportunity is available and spread it out to other passive income investments available. We are a group of scam busters based in U. S and we do not deal with anyone directly. For your information a formal complaint was lodged in New Zealand Financial Market Authority for conducting brokerage without a Derivative Issuer Licence. We shall wait for their reply and see whats the next course of action.

    Example- if its a NZ company it need to have a Derivative Issuers License from Financial Market Authority and if its Australia than it needs ASIC license, simple. Many of us have lost more than that in the freaking stock market but yet everyone is still trading jimmy forex like it is some big shit and like it makes you a man.

    Yet when companys like FX United comes up and have been paying their dues diligently, but yet everyone is still so sceptical. Stop thinking too far and just jump in if you have the balls or stay out and dont even bother to investigate and create fear. Your only gamble is untill you regain the ROI of the investment that you chose to put in. After that put that ROI away and let their money make more money for you till they get busted, close down, run away or whatever.

    Thats the small risk that you take till you get back your ROI. If you cant even stomach losing that, then just stay out of the game. Everything that they say are also just in words. Where is the whole proof of wrong doing besides another post. Its not a risk when its a planned attack on these scams. As cunning and conniving as they are,they responded by using fake names and giving fake positive reviews. Due to this reason, we were unable to pinpoint the fraudsters and refer them to the authorities due to lack of contact details.

    We just had to wait for the right time and Voila, a girl by name of Nora responded and she gave out her original identity, contact number and her work place address. Apparently she works for FX united Power team Sdn Bhd. This is a beautiful admission, thus we gathered all this admission and forwarded to the relevant are working on this case.

    As for SK, you have demonstrated a typical selfish, arrogant and prideful attitude which is common among MLM and Ponzi scheme perpetrators. This scam is a member get member scheme, as such many people are bound to be hurt when the whole scam close shop. I believe their winst plan is a brilliant idea, as it encourages traders to teach other new members to trade in forex. The upline will earn through every trades done by their downlines.

    Even on this blog, the calculation is jimmy forex. Now let me correct you. Honestly at that time I was amazed though i am not really an mlm guy myself. The author of this blog has wrongly quoted their manual trading plan and has compared it with their CGAT plan which is wrong information. Have a great day. So as what I believed at that time that this was suppose to be a side income while we all focused on manual trading. I also have a group of friends who label it as a scam, but those who label it as a scam actually do not understand their business model.

    Alot have actually mention that bnm can take action, how can they take action on a forex broker outside their jurisdiction? Instaforex has been blacklisted by bnm for years and they are still running strong because its outside their jurisdiction, you trade or participate in the forex market at your own risk. It explains the forex trading is allowed.

    But forex companies cannot established in our crony protected country. My conclusion, if you really want to invest, again do not put your life savings inside as i am sure the funds you deposited are not insured. Also saw that there is another name. Powerteaminternational also in the list. Does anyone really know why they are blacklist. I believe FXUnited is the first company to use binary member methods to its members.

    It just like other MLM company, starting is all rumors stated and claimed it is scam and stuff like that. Even it happen to many MLM like Amway? I been trading quite many years, use FXCM mostly. Have their own trading platform and was license in US and UK and many companies. I do believe this FXUnited have many members from Asia instead of Europe and USA.

    I do find this strange actually. Their CGAT system is fine because many auto trading can earn more that this. My question is lots of people say scam and many say its not. So far I see none. Malaysia never approve or legalize forex brokers. Cos gov cant tax the traders. Many forex brokers is under watch by BNM which they cant do anything.

    Lets wait and do research more. Until someone proven to me that their jimmy forex is really there I still have my doubts in FXUnited. CGAT might be legitimate enough on its own, but when combined with an MLM compensation plan compliance issues must be jimmy forex. Chang Q Choong : t just like other MLM company, starting is all rumors stated and claimed it is scam and stuff like that.

    Amway was sued to the point of death and agreed to reform its ways and FTC showed a little mercy. It was not a rumor. Your education on MLM appears to be woefully incomplete. Furthermore, an investment company is regulated by the SEC, not FTC. Still waiting someone to prove to us that FXUnited is scam or not. Be open mind, dont you Oz and too negative on this topic?

    Have you been scam by this FXUnited before? The hell does an open mind have to do with analysis of a business model? No need to sell anything. I have time to wait thats all. No, it just that time will tell if this FXUnited being scam or not. First I thought it was scam. But i was wrong…. Its a forex and not an investment…. What else to worry… downlines too got back their money ready. I am happy with CGAT plan by FXUNITED.

    Its a forex and not an investment… Forex trading is trading and has highs and lows, you win some and you lose some. Did you decide on what currency to trade? Chang Q Choong : Opinion not necessary need prove. Join more forum and inform everyone that forex trading vs stock exchange a scam? Be clear about ignorance and patient. Chang Q Choong : I never forex broker certification anything about supporting them.

    We jimmy forex go to that hospitaL. FX United is run by anonymous admins from who knows where. You have no idea what they do with your money. The burden of proof fall heavily on the accuser. What your dumb ass did was try to counter that with scam apologist rhetoric. Play with your money first and see if it is a scam or not. Classic scam jimmy forex comeback, attempting to negate the role of due diligence by appealing to greed.

    Anyway, what do you care what anyone else thinks? We have temporarily ceased our online awareness programm with regards to This scam but we are definitely busy doing the right thing to show the world what FXunited us all about and jimmy forex are actively involved in offline awareness program including working together with a few authorities. Do you know that the the scammers claim that you dont have to pay tax due to its origin from overseas, pure bullshit.

    Big mistake they did and you scammers patiently wait for the outcome from the investigation from the tax department. And now, they claim FMA announcement is insignificant because FSPR still recognizes them due to their Ombudsman Scheme. Now dont be jimmy forex happy, very soon FSPR? Let us keep it a secret and you will know the outcome from FSPR soon, we promise. PLEASE REFER TO THE ADDRESS, THIS IS THE SAME ADDRESS WHICH THE MALAYSIAN SCAMMERS WERE USING BEFORE THE QUEEN STREET.

    SO YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE, USE YOUR WISDOM AND WITH ALL THE PROOF THAT IT IS INDEED A SCAM AND THE END IS NEAR, YOU PEOPLE STILL WANT TO SUPPORT THIS SCAM. And you idiotic investors and apologist, you are going to suffer more because you are not going to get a single cent back when this scam is busted, and it is coming very very soon. You think we are joking right? Wait for my next posting with the full details. To Private investor- we know who you are and what was your latest luxury purchase, so dont fook around, we have all the details including where you live and where you travel.

    Gethu, to answer your question- we have already gone further and we are working with the authorities to take appropriare actions against these scammers and as such we have toned down our online awareness and expose. As Shah highlighted, it is only a matter of time before it collapse. They duped people to invest in so call forex trading. Seen people with zero knowledge about trading jumping in to invest in this scheme.

    And now another Forex scam heard it is a spin out of FXUnited are spreading like wildfire. MORE EXPOSES ON THE WAY MY DEAR SCAMMERS. BRO, PROOF ME WRONG, YOU CAN SEE YOUR SPEECH IN YOUTUBE, SEARCH FOR YOURSELF. The funny part is only those never invest in FX United keep telling this is scam company. Company keep growing and people keep profiting. In response to their remarks, the company has come up with the following response.

    Foreign exchange and networking business is a trillion dollar a day business and when you merge these two together the impact it causes and the potential it generates is tremendous. People who realize this come into our business and make a lot of earning. So do not be jealous of these people who really made jimmy forex. You didnt have the courage to do so and they did and now they are reaping their benefits.

    People who pass negative remarks about us are just failures and want more people to be failures like them. Before we listen to them ask ourselves if these people who are making these remarks are qualified to do so, do they have any experience in the forex industry, are they themselves just bloggers who are trying to get some attention for themselves or are they scammers themselves. In todays world of information technology anybody can create blogs and post remarks on the social media but are they qualified to do so?

    Company A, multi billion dollar business once jimmy forex to be published in the internet as a scam but until today they are still standing strong. If they are scammers why are they still here? The returns that has been given by FXUnited is actually a proven system. Any forex trader will understand how the broker pays the profit from the spread or charges earned by the Broker. The commissions that FXUnited makes with trading which they instead of keeping it all to themselves they share it with their clients.

    This is actually to jimmy forex itself in the market. This is a system that no other broker shares with their clients and because of this jimmy forex people who do not know us neither our product think that we are scammers. If we were scammers we would jimmy forex closed shop and left a long time ago with millions in our pockets but no we are still here. We are a NZ based company. That explains the photos of the Bastion Towers that the blogger has alleged to be our effort to hoodwink people.

    That explains our address in New Zealand. Please be advised that the address was actually the address of our consultant who helped us in setting up the company and has since left the company after he had completed his job. Naturally we had to use his office address for this purpose. Yes jimmy forex office is a small address but honestly does size really matter or what it can produce matter? You be a judge of that. Yes there were other companies registered at this address but it is nor duty to check who has been or is operating from this address.

    Our consultants address was here as I say again and we used his address as were using his services. We are currently renovating a multi million dollar office in Manila in a very prestigious neighbourhood to house our regional headquarters and also our customer service department that handles our clients from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, South Africa, Australia, Korea, Philippines and moving on to other countries.

    Now tell me if we were really scammers would we be moving into these countries so aggressively? Wouldnt we just concentrate in only in one particular country as the blogger has claimed and scammed their money and move on to another country and start all over again? Another thing if we were really scammers why do we limit the investment and number of accounts that each individual can jimmy forex Wouldnt it be more profitable for us to allow clients to invest as much as they want and to have as many accounts as they want?

    Wouldnt it have been better to allow clients to pump in all their money without any limit, make billions as clients are greedy as what the blogger claims and run away to our neighbouring countries and start all over again? Again I say think about it. FXUnited has helped many people make good income. Now these guys work hard around the clock travelling from state to state and country to country teaching people about us and helping them too to earn a living.

    FXUnited has brought forex into the Networking concept and has made a lot of people earned good income but that is what the business world is getting into today. People who condemn us are actually people who know the system but do not have the courage to do it and they do not want other people to do it and succeed and leave them alone. Ask anyone in the market if they have forex sessions gmt any major jimmy forex in getting back their investments or capital.

    Apart from the usual glitches jimmy forex any major player will have everything is jimmy forex. We hope that with this announcement it will clear any doubts that you might have in case you read any of the negative comments on the social media. Just shallow rhetoric and baseless claims jimmy forex anonymous admins — whom you still have no idea what they are doing with your money or from where. This is not how legitimate MLM companies are run.

    I did enjoy the baloney about a multi-million dollar office in Indonesia though, thanks for the laugh. We use the fx platform to generate profit and sometimes jimmy forex may lose and this is what we call REAL TRADING and not some mambo jumbo called CGAT. Suresh, do you know that Reza Mokhtarian scam was planned by the same person who planned FXunited scam in Malaysia, Brian Johnson is the culprit. We have asked him to make a public announcement to counter us but till todate there are no response from him except for his ceasation as the director jimmy forex UGHL.

    So, Suresh are you that blind to see the similarity of the Canadian scam and the Malaysian scam which had adopted the same scamming modus operandi? Suresh, you maybe a genuine guy or an imposter but anyway let me tell you something, the grouses and the complaining started long time ago. I hope Reza Mokhtarian fate does note befall you scammers.

    As for Manila office, dont dream you scammers will set your foot there, we have done what we are good at, alert the local Financial Authorities. So all the best and one last advise, do not waste your money opening up the center, the authorities are just waiting for your operations to start. So you think we are kidding right? We warned you about FMA but you countered me with insuanation but do you see what we are capable of doing?

    Now, let me share with you another good news, RAID? You smart alecs figure it out, dont tell nobody warned you buddy. So, dear victims do not worry, you still have legal remedies to fook the perpetrators because they cheated you. We will advise you guys how to go about recovering your money and how to fook this scammers right up to their underwear. That is the classic way of any Ponzi schemes. But, spend some time do your research. But do understand that it should come from a proper channel.

    As long as greedy people are around con-men will always flourish. Good expose on this scam. This protects the investors from losing funds from their own principal. Every CGAT investor can WITHDRAW their capital at any moment before the contract regardless of any situation. Funds are not stored in the IB account, all funds are then TT to fxunited directly. USD funds is then credited to their fxunited account once the transaction is verified which they can start using to trade manually or either invest in jimmy forex cgat plan.

    JusticeAlwaysLate posted the list many times. Your findings are impressive. I suggest you also be just as aggressive as this on another big scale scam affecting Malaysia. Central banks often protect their own banking institutions. I do agree that something is wrong when fxunited has deregistered from their fsp. There has been attack on us especially targetting our team on social media and various platform for only one reason- jealously.

    We have never claim that we have been endorsed or licensed by FMA but only a FSP registed entity. However the broker did respond to the authorities on this matter but they fail to accept it because find it hard to understand how CGAT works. They are straight on normal trading and financial authorities only want to protect financial bodies such as the banking institutions. Attack on social media has become an advantage for them to act on this matter.

    The authorities reply which was published in social media became the last straw for them to take action. Not to be alarm as the broker fxunited has already switch to another authority for licences ever since this issue surfaced. For security reasons they are not able to release any information. Well please carry on with the investigation I would personally like jimmy forex see the outcome.

    FX United is still a shady investment scheme doing run by who knows who doing who knows what with your money from who knows where. This entity appears to be causing mayhem in Malaysia and is poised to be struck off as both a NZ financial service provider and company having been drawn to the attention of both the Financial Markets Authority FMA and Companies Office.

    Signage at the jimmy forex, and the offices on the ninth floor, show no evidence of either a United Global Holdings or FX United. The address is actually that of a legitimate Wellington forex trading company, Forex Ltd. Its part owner, Simon Greig, says his firm first discovered the unauthorised use of its address about two months ago when a man who said he was from the Malaysian Embassy visited the office, inquiring about United Global Holdings because of concerns raised by people in Malaysia who were investing money in its schemes.

    There is no embassy in Wellington, rather a High Commission. But Greig said that after the Malaysian departed, Forex Ltd made a complaint to both the FMA and the Companies Office about the abuse of its address. Those who are condemning FX United or Power International are idiots. I am making money and so are hundreds of thousands of others. So those who have not invested in FX United please STFU. Those are some pretty convincing arguments. The jimmy forex consists of companies and websites which are neither authorized nor approved under the relevant laws and regulations administered by BNM.

    Classic Worldwide Corporation M Sdn Bhd. Pioneer Forest Sdn Bhd. FXUNITED POWER SDN BHD. Pok Din Empire Sdn Bhd. Tell them to pucker up and place it on your behind. Then decide if you want to invest in CGAT. You want risk free?? But I took that risk. Remember folks, there is risk in everything. Hell, walking out your home these days is a bloody risk. Muggers, murderers and rapists and what not. You either try to mitigate the risk or live in fear.

    Or just pray like hell that nothing bad ever happens. Yes, Balan G N. Since you are very confident with the company, why not take Oz. May be you can be their honorable consultant as well. This goes to all the scam supporters as well. If you are confident with that institution, go take a few thousand dollar loan and invest in jimmy forex.

    Resign from your day job. Wish you all the best. There are a number of opportunities to make money in the world today which have quantifiable risk profiles and a good return, without the need to abandon any moral sense and enrichen thieves and liars. Is fxunited a ponzi scheme? After deregistering from new Zealand fsp. Looks like a brilliant move as now no jurisdiction in this world can freeze their perfect money or bitcoin accounts.

    You and I know pretty well, once the company is listed in BNM website as company to be wary of, it is matter of time the authority moves in and take necessary action under the Malaysian law. In this event, who is answerable to the investors, UGHL? We dont think so, it is in the process of delisting by New Zealand company register.

    Fxunited Power Sdn Bhd????? Do not stick to your rhetorics of how you people are making money and benefiting from this dhanraj forex malad, even pimps are generating huge income. Just take a moment and answer these questions like a good child. Millions are stolen from people. So, the conclusion is, history is going to repeat again and all those who are still in Wonderland with Alice,especially Malaysians are going to get screwed big time.

    So wake up man, refer to the above link and you will notice, even this guy who was championing FXunited has warned people from investing in this company. So think my friend, it is your hard earned money. Do not let this liars take away what is rightfully yours. Peter was presenting at a preview night held in Burwood a suburb of Sydney. I said that I had some lingering doubts about whether FX United really exists, and whether the CGAT system could continue to produce the returns that FX United pays so far — and provide a jimmy forex guarantee ie monthly top-up.

    He said he had met the representatives from FX United when they were in Malaysia, and that they were clearly smart business people who knew what they were doing. He explained to me how all major trades by FX United are effectively hedged by a counter trade, which they are in a position to place in the wholesale market ie if we buy, then they sell — so that if our accounts lose, they gain by the equivalent amount … while all the time earning spread or commission on the trade.

    That is why FX United is in a position to top up our accounts if they make a loss. However, he said that he did not think that CGAT was the whole story. FX United is undoubtedly holding millions of dollars, for thousands of traders, so they are in a position to jimmy forex funds and earn interest on the overnight money market, and to make very large profits just from this investment. He pointed out that if anyone is in a position maximize advantage from the the financial system for our joint advantage then it is a foreign exchange broker.

    However, Peter agreed that none of us fully understands all the business dealings of FX United. At the end of the day there is risk in this investment like any businessbut the risk diminishes quickly over a very short period of time. Was asked to join them last year April and immediately knew this is too good to be true. Recovered all their investment capital.

    But wait, let me start digging again and googling bring me here. Good job to those that did extensive check on this company. List of companies where brian is a director before: Who is this guy besides his experiences in failed fx companies? Why are both men are not talked about in financial industries when they happened to be owning one of the best ever investment company?

    At least Reza is well known. WHETHER ITS A SCAM OR NOT, is another story. Scam by definition is someone who steal your money and runs off. Only time will tell how far this will continue. I give it another jimmy forex and then decide whether to burn on handbag or fxunited or maybe give for raya money.

    Also, Peter has NO IDEA how hedging actually works. This guy does NOT understand how hedging works. The loss from one will offset forex dynamite gains from another. You can look up what hedging really means in Investopedia. Just by providing this wrong information you cant expect any other fxunited member to take your speculations seriously.

    Get ALL your facts right so at least we can take you seriously. If you really want to bust down a scam at least for do it properly. Shah if you claim that you have attended the previous dinner, you would of known that they were partners in lmax until the recent split. Jimmy forex you honestly think BNM is run by idiots?

    So this might be a very professional scam i assume? They are the official sponsor on the recent lamborghini event for team aylezo. Those who strongly believe this is a scam, PLEASE do not invest a single cent. The same speculations happen that how bitcoin is a failed currency but yet now is bulling up. There will always be two sides of the story. Now for the blogger, do some homework and we are looking forward for to see some proper content, not some half ass information.

    They do that on the sly. Stop talking out of your arse. As for monthly reporting of forex, jimmy forex token amount is reported has nothing to do with using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors. What is the name of the previous company if jimmy forex. How many MIB do they have and who are they? MIB names and contact should be listed and easily available.

    Paul, please answer this and dont go around beating around the mulberry Paul, when UGHL is deregistered, it will be automatically a non existing business entity, so in this case who is going to pay off the investors?? Pandeyan, Paul, Priscilla or the great Brian Johson. Paul, you look like the latest champion for this bonus deposit broker forex, pity you buddy.

    Do you know the australian lawyer who defended this scam tooth and nail and how he has distanced himself from this mess. Go and see in his blog, he has warned people to stay away from this mess. Annual confirmation filing Month:. Now i get the dividends still every month for both which i guess no salaried job will do without any headaches and stress.

    So really not worried about others who claim on the wherebouts of the money goes and comes and the company, bcos nobody else manage or was there or even cared to solve and help me out in difficult times. Joe Jacks, very good attitude buddy, keep it up and it will take you very far in life. United Global Holdings Ltd, which jimmy forex in our story here, has been deregistered from the Financial Service Providers Register at the behest of the Financial Markets Authority today.

    The company appears to be running a forex Ponzi scheme, primarily in Malaysia. This blog belongs to an Australian lawyer, he is also an advocate of this investment. Now he has come to his senses, when are you people going to come to your senses. Dont be a sissy buddy, put aside your stupidity, ignorance of the highest order and SARCASRM AND explain it as it is and not otherwise, fitting your depraved, distorted and fishing selfish mind buddy.

    I just want to use the worst words to describe you buggers but I am refraining myself for the good of healthy discussion. Nevermind, the whole game is coming to an end, and I am so fooking tired and I going to retire from this whole sick issues. Bye bye Buddies, but if IT warrants my return, I SHALL RETURN. LOLZ FOR PAUL ANDERSON AND ALL YOU GERMANIC ANGLO SAXXON BUDDIES. The false address submitted by UGHL is an extremely serious offence in NZ and on top it, the jimmy forex tenant of the address is taking appropriate action in New Zealand.

    Sochill bro, Brian Johnson is already an outcast in NZ with the Reza Moktarian and LQD scam which is under liquidation and investigation by NZ investigation may have an effect on the FX united scam. Brian Johnson will be answerable for this mess, let us see what kind beans he is going to spill in FX United case. Your response is merely an attempt to keep she sinking ship afloat.

    Nobody cares whether this assholes are good brokers or bad brokers, the issue now is theses scammers are not real brokers at all. They are scammers pvc foamex/forex as brokers. What are their qualifications to manage the fund? Shut the fook up and just answer one question.

    What is the fooking status of UGHL at this material time, I repeat again, at this material time. Dont time travel and go back to the past, answer what is status of this company. If this happens, Pedro are you going to pay the depositors. Pedro, we know you are another stakeholder of this scam, its okay, try your best to regain the confidence of the public. We heard there is an exodus, people rushing to withdraw their money upon learning of the FSPR deregistration in New Zealand.

    Pedro, do you all still have the money or transfered all the money to your offshore bank account. This is something that we had already anticipated since there have been malicious remarks that have been spread by various parties who are envious jimmy forex our success in the industry. Having anticipated this, we are in the midst of registering ourselves in another country and getting the necessary authorization done.

    Everything is already on the roll and we jimmy forex be in order very soon. As far as Fx United is concerned, business still goes on as usual as our LP Liquidity Provider is more interested in the volume we generate than anything else so you need not worry. Your investments are safe and secure with us. We have been in the business for many years and we have been through many hurdles and we will definitely overcome this one.

    GENERAL ISSUE — Basic information about FxUnited. My dear blogger you MAY right and you MAY wrong Your right yes you save some ppl but if your wrong then how? The ROIs are unsustainable and make little sense. That FX United is being run by shady nobodies in Malaysia, who are on the run from New Zealand and Malaysia to now the Philippines, is also in line with how an illegitimate business is run. Pure bullshit In actual fact, I think its a waste of time to reply to you people who are so easily influenced by these scam artist.

    Any forex related MLM with unreasonable ROI is definitely a money game as such Venusfx is no better than FXunited. Pls click the LINK Now what? Since it is in the process of removal, the whole establishment called UGHL Fxunited has no legal force or effect. The agreement between UGHL and the depositors is jimmy forex enforceable and not binding anymore for new recruits and as for old depositors, kindly refer to your lawyers for more advise. So in normal circumstances, the bank account of companies which are removed from the register will become null and void, in this case how are the transactions going to take place, BITCOIN?

    Another joke buddy, just ask around the members who have gone fidgety due to unsuccesful withdrawal after the introduction of BITCOIN. Now the BITCOIN system integration is blamed for members unsuccessful withdrawal, story after story and you people are dancing to their tunes. Okay got to go for a coffee, think Singam think, dont let greed blind your wisdom and let these empty beings rob you of what belongs to you.

    Go around and do a little bit of background check of your leaders and you will be freaking out buddy, some of them have pulled off some big scams in Malaysia in the past and gone into hiding before emerging with brand new scams. Have you heard of Malaysian Postal scam? Do your study buddy, you will be awed by this discovery. Go buddy, go and do your homework and you will know how the MLM industry in Malaysia is hijacked by scumbags and turned into nasty dirty Ponzi scheme.

    Tried to email FXUnited twice but seem no one answer my complaint or issue. THIS CLEARLY SHOWS THAT THEY ARE LACK OF CUSTOMER CARE!!! They may be lack of management control or administration system or no staff at all in the office. I am doubt and a bit jimmy forex loosing confident in doing this business.

    Withdraw your deposits and run as fast as you could, before it is too late. There are more legal action on the way from the the Malaysian regulatory agencies. Our personal advise get your money out and in case they fail to release your fund, just post your complaints here in this forum with the full details, your upliner, the mib, ib, agent id, bank details and your losses and we will tell you exactly how to redeem your deposits.

    I am seeing many of fxunited members are challenging the non fxunited friends here. Seriously I am very sad seeing many of my friends and relative joining this scheme. Jimmy forex concept are same. Please help our own people. Thank you and god bless. They have checked it out. When I speak to them they just want to make their money what happens in a year why worry is their answer. They plan to migrate as his family is already in New Zealand.

    Do this people trheink of others. They are the praying time. What hippocrates they are. Think about whether you willingly to take the risk, or is best you stayed away. Your scam excuses are full of shit. Now, click this link and you will know why, my dear fxu partners. They are calm and quiet because, this is nothing new to have been there, done that and then been there several more times because apparently there are fools and suckers born every seconds.

    So, the partner, you are using risk clause to justify their deception and putting the blame squarely on the investors, what cock jimmy forex doodle doo, you are so extremely fatuous in believing such an incredible lie. Dear the partner, courage cannot be used as jimmy forex yardstick to justify risk taking when falsehood is involved in the entire process, so wtf are you talking?

    It is total crap and full of bullshit and your argument jimmy forex explanations is only fit and appropriate for retards. Do you know that, currently people are already having problem withdrawing their funds and getting their monthly payout. For more information on people complaining about their withdrawals, please refer to the following link: the partner, we know you are part of the scheme and not an innocent investor who is tying to give innocent and stupid explanation, it shows buddy.

    The conclusion is, the driving motivation behind this scheme, from top to bottom, is greed. So based on the above greed factor, everyone deserved to be screwed,except for really ignorant and imbecile folks. They are blaming it on a glitch and are being silent. Am jimmy forex I can withdraw my initial investment. Feel so stupid now bro Shah. Well, will update here if any new updates as my IB said money should be in my account by end of the week.

    All I wanna do now is withdraw and be happy with what I have instead of being too ambitious. Good night guys and girls. You might think you are, and you may have been early enough and corralled more victims into the scheme, so you might be fortunate enough to nearly cover your investment. So let me ask you this. How are you going to deal with it. Are you going to be responsible for those you brought in and made an earn from?

    Or are jimmy forex going to be like every other scheme where its never your fault, how were you to know it was a scam. Its pretty easy actually. Look at this from a different viewpoint. You are part of an experienced trading team, and you have a rapid increasing pool of capital that you can trade with. A team you have some really solid ideas and thoughts as where the markets are going. The funds are coming in quicker than you can count them, every day there are hundreds of new accounts.

    Its not like you can just execute all at exactly the same time and lock in exactly the same terms. Your liquidty provider on the other hand he can aggregate them together. Then lastly, you find out that the investor can call in their after a certain return has been made. Which is kind of strange since the returns are so high that to by meeting those returns no one is going to ask for their cash back. Unless something goes wrong and well. If you had your own fund. Not only is the quantum of cash that needs to be put to work escalating the number of accounts is doubling ever month.

    It all arriving on different days, which means every-day positions have to be liquidated to have the cash to move into each investors accounts. The reality justs gets more painful. Then all the tears about how we must be manipulating the market somehow. Not sure what their problem is. After, all he is really tight with his upline, jimmy forex he is with his, and that guys cousin, lives next door to a guy who is one of the main guys. Getting rid of that NZ company makes it a bit easier.

    That Trust instrument that you signed, but they only stamped with no names on it. That should stand up in court. Since the only person it obligates is you the investor. Yeah probably best not to make a big noise in court over it. Some one might looks at the agreements and realise that as the investor you are reasonable for paying all the tax in the jurisdiction that the profits were made.

    But thats an issue between you and them. The government just wants their share of the profits, if there is any capital found. It will be offset against the with-holding tax that needs to be settled. Yes of course you have to pay tax in your own country, and some up front tax planning around the existing double taxation treaties would have been smart. Its not possible, its not realistic and its not plausible. I had to re-read it a few times to try and understand the logic. I now realise why some people are excited about it.

    They believe its a magic formulae. On the basis that the broker always makes money. Collect and split the pip spread and everyone is happy. Everyone except the liquidity provider who you are stripping the spread from. Since they are providing guaranteed returns, they have a huge surplus funds from previous trade wins to pay out investors on their due dates as the forex market itself jimmy forex a no guarantee.

    I read that you were involved in FX United and someone you were affiliated with is the programmer for FX United and other FX softwares and all of you were Malaysians and Indonesians. And also you were involved in the startup up of FX United, then FX United UK and NexusFX and also VenusFX. Can you tell us here what is your affiliation with all those entities mentioned above?

    I guess you dont read other forums. Pls refer doing you a favour. So at this moment it will be too risky for Venusfx to spread their wings and duplicate FXU modus operandi. So the best option for Venusfx is to collect the money and dissappear with the loot. Shahirawadey the owner of Venusfx is formerly an associate of is just a break away group and many were warned that this is a doubtful company and ponzi scheme but as usual none listened to good advise.

    The game is over for all fx related illegal companies in Malaysia. Based on the number of members FXU have, we are talking about hundreds of millions and it is probably going to be the single largest scam in Malaysia. Venus or FXUnited jimmy forex have made it bigger and ran for a few years more but unfortunately their scam was cut short because there are people like OZ and other good natured people who have taken upon themselves to highlight the scams in this forum jimmy forex other related forums.

    After all the explosive exposures about their scam, this buggers were caught red jimmy forex and they have no choice but to run to in Philippines they are not safe because Security jimmy forex Exchange Commission is watching them and we will know very soon the news from Philippines. Only now, the real show is going to start because many investors who have not received their payment is heading to Bank Negara Malaysia.

    Bank Negara Malaysia normally warn people about company to wary of and will only watch them but this time its going to be different and action will be taken because I foresee hundreds or maybe thousands are going to throng BNM to report and get back their money. Already apply withdraw since june. Status sucess but haven get money back.

    All upline just ingnore and update other non related topic. Fxunited just paying interest only, the capital gone forever. Seems it still going on as usual. I heard that their investor still get their monthly returns as promised only a little bit delayed. I am not invest in this scheme. Few of my friends are. Others plan to jimmy forex and I had asked them not to invest due to what you mentioned that it will close shop soon.

    I fully understand that this is a ponzi scheme. I hoped this will collapse as soon as possible jimmy forex that less will be their victims. Thanks for your inputs. Lately a company called Highway group was raided by the authority and I believe FXU is in the same league. We would like to clarify that this is not at all true.

    So that can already prove that this person is lying. Secondly the EU Referendum did not cause any damage to us that we have to close shop. These allegations as usual are meant to destroy our reputation as day by day our business is growing to more and more countries and naturally people get jealous of our success. And one more thing. Their are in state of emergency now. Sooner or later their will shop the shop.

    So, please new investors dont financial this scam company to run further. Try to withdral your capital, then you know the real problems. You will get all the hangky panky things then. Jimmy forex, UGHL New Zealand is officialy a useless and defunct entity and as such FXU is officialy closed down in New Zealand and its operations in Malaysia and other countries are illegal. So all Malaysians who have contributed to the well being of your leaders and elevated them to a super rich status, now its time to redeem what you have freely given to them because the end is near.

    Than you have to find another channel to go through before money comes to your bank account. And seems the process quite complicated. It is impossible to count quantity of pyramids which is started on PerfectMoney platform daily. It speaks about weak influence jimmy forex system of different government institutions which in every possible way limit freedom of jimmy forex circulation.

    After that case PerfectMoney quickly moved to the. Fxunited only pay dividend on monthly bases. The capital is gone forever, eat by the leaders. Makan besar for them. I have many people here who have withdrawn their entire capital in a month and received all the money too. So where do you stand? Next question, why forex center of gravity indicator mt4 they withdraw?

    They did that to restructure their deposits to suit their needs. Jaason, its not Perfect Money. From the information i obtained, this company appears to have been investigated by BNM as result of some clowns complain but found they were just a training provider company. Some people here may be meshing bits and pieces to give their own impression which may be misleading in some parts. Anyway, my take on FXU is simple.

    The risk is mine and after jimmy forex all this and if i do decide to invest then it is my problem. I thank Shah for his information but appreciate if he could substantiate his finding and let people decide instead of threatening everyone. I think you should mortgage the farm, cash in all your savings and convince your parents to invest their jimmy forex fund in FX United as jimmy forex demonstration of your beliefs.

    Say what want about about the FXU with substantiated proof and be professional about. Therefore the scheme jimmy forex likely just using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors, making it a Ponzi scheme. Refer to the following link and you will know the truth, nothing but the truth that these companies are related to FXU. Refer to the above links and we hope you can be cured of your delusion and can continue leading a normal life.

    So what more prove do you want, Lexman? Why the need to run to Philippines? So, you fellas think that Philippines can be your next playground? Sorry buddy, jimmy forex are already under their watch. You want prove, go and get it by yourself. So, I hope these clowns Shah jimmy forex given you some information to validate the claims, these are just the beginning, just a small indication of a larger thing to come, so just wait patiently and enjoy while it is still bright and breezy.

    Lexman, people using their life saving money… believe in your bullshits. SYABAS and congratulation, one of the FXU IB is a film producer now, rusrock-leg.rutulation! So the problem is our banking system or FX unites?. They recently came out in Sepang racing circuit for some branding, how come the authority allow? Probably they just feel that since investors are still getting paid even though its taking months sometimes and there is no clear documented complain from investors, so they remain quiet.

    They are still around because investors who have not received their payment do not want to say or do something to disturb the current members are still hopeful that their investment is safe. It is just a matter of time before these frustrated investors throng BNM to find a recourse. It wont be very long buddy. When we told about FSPR, FMA and NZ jimmy forex register, you guys insinuated and laughed at wait and witness a jointly arranged, planned, and coordinated actions from the authorities.

    People are watching bro,you may think you are invisible but you are wrong. Remeber this, in this world there is no menu for Karma, you will get served with what you deserve. So, it is really a matter of time before the whole system collapsed. My senior members call me coward and not willing to believe and too sceptical. This scheme is actually paving way for a lot of other schemes in future. Not by just putting in a robot to make money for you.

    Conventions are good signposts so take your money and run. If your relatives or senior members pressure you to keep it there, tell them you will, on them submitting a signed statement to you that they will refund every cent you once it crashes. The FXU system also mentioned that the so called broker is sharing the spread. The only way a Forex broker IMO making money is from the spread.

    So, chances for jimmy forex to share is very slim. Later, it go to mass through peers and relatives. Something bad waiting to explode. It is supposed to be UGHL New Zealand, since UGHL is defunct, the big question is, WHO IS THE BROKER NOW?? What is the name of the broker? Challenges with the local authority??? What do you expect when you operate an illegitimate business. Do you think the authorities are mad to simply go around penalizing these kind of felony. Finally, like what we said before- the jimmy forex will be blamed entirely on Bank Negara Malaysia and their leaders will wash their hands.

    Remember the gold scheme, same excuse same modus operandi. Chang Q The very idea that a forex trading site would have money problem should sending doomsday alarm bells all over. What is happening to FX United? Do you have any info Fx United Malaysia? This is not just IB problem. It is FX United problem. One more thing Adrian, did you hear that millions are spent by the leaders to buy property in Australia.

    I believe they are stacking their loots in Australia. This is Malaysia were talking about, let us not forget. This is why such scams will never be fully eradicated in Malaysia. End of the day you cannot jimmy forex these scams because there will always be people gullible, greedy and not wise enough to fall for it. Scams will continue as usual because Malaysians are one of the easiest people to fall for scams.

    This is a statistical fact. If so why would they so publicly expose their faces? Just wonder how many scams are there starting by days. Now there that diversified it even more. Jimmy forex why Malaysian easily fall to these type of ponzi scams. Anyway, as long people are greedy and obese with easy money making attitude these scams will flourish in years to come. One of our friend offer us to wanna join as a business entity with them.

    But we have to ensure the money we will deposit to FXunited remain safe. We told our friend if we see it is safe so we can invite hundred of people because compensation plan is lucrative. But if think it is unsafe then we never ever offer anyone. So my question is if fxunited disappear who gonna responsible for client money. I saw fx united already de-registered from newzeland. So what is the main legal power behind running their business. We expect explain from both the side. Basing on these rules, anyone can invest in FXUnited subject to confirmation that FXU is a licensed offshore company.

    FXUnited comes under rule no. I am only providing the info. Please dont shoot the! What is happening buddy? Where is this guy? How come he did not turn up for his own company event? This does not look like a technical issue. We are starting to lose confidence in FX United. I have totally no idea what was going on. No announcement, no notice, even I ask my up up up up up up up… Line still unable to answer, because we are get stuck together.

    This is what the company customer service? Sudah tak cukup wang mau bayar trader lagi. Withdrawal reject due to withdraw exceed deposit. There are so many postings which has been deleted by FXU administrators, you people can run but you cannot hide. Do not blame shoot us for presenting this news, we are just sharing messenger what we know about this scam and the scammers.

    Go get help from a doctor before it is too late. Your imaginary company is it, Lexman? Did you notice that they have removed this company from the company register, making it non operational. We would appreciate an appropriate answer and stop beating around the mulberry bush. Thanks to all of u jamal Jason n the rest. Without ur relevant n logical info I would probably became their latest victim. Good job shah in exposing their hideous the good job guys may jimmy forex be blessed in ur life and after.

    My friend introduce to me on may this year. I make a research regarding that issues a few a month ago. I want ask all of you opinion is it true what their said. Others even had gone to pawn shop to get extra cash. And FXU still blaming BNM. Go out and get back what is rightfully yours. We know many of you are in dilemma and do not want to create problem and disturb the current situation and afraid that you may lose your money if BNM interferes.

    Do not be afraid, the sooner you act the more affective will be your redemption and claims. Dont wait until every penny is diverted outside the country and you people are stranded. Seems his jimmy forex also have not been updated since July. Please take necessary steps to claim back your investment and your pride. These guys are busy enjoying their new found fame and wealth, let us see how they manouvre out of this web of deceit and lies.

    However individual are free to invest in forex companies outside Malaysia. Jimmy forex is on individual risk basis. BNM cannot intervene in overseas forex companies, but those companies setup in Malaysia will be subjected to action by BNM if they receive many public complaints. If the transaction is proven from real trading company, we are free. So we may need to show them our trading account or statements to prove.

    If we fail to prove BNM will suspect wrongdoing or unlawful activities. Fxunited is a safe company, because we can show our statement and platforms if required, unlike certain companies promising huge profits without any platform. You invest, sit back and collect a ROI. All FX United are doing is using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors, making it a Ponzi scheme.

    Sure he will die. Joined just because of a friends sake, I knew the risk involved before joining but I didnt expect it to happen so fast, didnt even had a chance to collect my first CGAT interest. For the moment, they are asking their beloved IBs to use their own money for monthly payout to new investors and FXU will refund back to them once all problems settle. FXU are saying that the root of their problem starts since New Zealand Financial Service Providers FSP had removed their license and this indirectly caused their Liquidity Provider also to withdraw their association with FXU.

    They even mentioned that that had seek help from Neteller, Webmoney and Skrill to be the distributing channel to investor but all refused due to licensing conflicts. Do you know jimmy forex reason why their license was discontinued? According to FXU, only FXU have CGAT and WINST. These unique accounts able to provide consistent profit to their investors caused millions of people to ditch their current broker and switch to FXU.

    These mass migration caused other brokers to complain FSP in turn FSP request FXU to terminate WINST and CGAT account offerings. Just inform new investors that they will get their invested money and profit and please continue to recruit. So guys, Please take necessary steps to claim what is yours. Please educate the less known investor about current situations and please do not recruit new people. This ponzi scammer comes to end of road with wrapping billion of people money brutally!

    This is only a scammer tactic to prepare themselves to wrap the fund held in their possession then disappears completely, even later the website is not accessible anymore, gone! This time there is no escape for these guys because it is too big to just ignore and continue our lives as though nothing happened. You can travel the whole world, get the latest car and be a film producer, rapper or even an actor butjust remember that you guys are not invisible, the time is ripe for you all to face the music.

    Looks like they are bulling up, bigger and stronger despite many negatives feedback in the social media. And yes, they are actively prospecting for investors in CGAT. A Ponzi scheme can go on for decades without being caught jimmy forex it will surely come to an end, take Bernie Madoff as an example, he screwed people for a very long time until the whole scheme was exposured by internal source. In the case of FXU, the absence of segregated account for investors and traders, it made it easy for the scammers to steal investors there are prompt payouts and bad payouts from the crooks.

    The spoilers and the greedy ones have done damages so serious that there is no redemption for their their act has snowballed to affect the whole scam. There are no central financial monitoring system, therefore every IB has their own standards of receiving and payout. What kind of broker will employ this kind of system?? FXU is the sponsor for a local racing jimmy forex, did you ever see it being officiated by big guns from answer is no because this seasoned hustlers know how to play their dirty know how to cover jimmy forex trails and crimes These hustlers have been in the industry for a very long time, they know exactly how to do, what to do, jimmy forex long to do and when to victims will be the inexperienced folks who believes in their lies.

    Their main players are multi millionaires and they have bug interest in the cosmetic and beauty industry and now some of them have collectively gone into movie production, and we bet it is a sure way of money laundering. This scam is good and safe only as long as the affected people are quit. When the time comes for the members to lose patient and go berserk, that is when all hell is going to break loose. So, remember when we said FSPR, FMA and NZ company register is going to act?

    Nobody believed us, never mind it is your choice, you either let the scammers screw you left right and centre or you act at this moment and screw them and get baxk your money from this heartless being. The scammers are consolidating their money and planning their escape route, where else the STUPID investors are listening bullshit and waiting for their payments. So at the end, the investors are screwed, the scammers go scot free if they are lucky. Not on Friday as I earlier mention but before that.

    He is the one giving explanation about the thing I mentioned jimmy forex. A con man always stand behind a good intention, so you folks decide whether it is pure manipulation to keep this scam going or a fact. We wrote a few months back to warn thise investors to redeem whatever thwy have invested but we were ridiculed. Now we still believe there are a little hope to recover or minimize your losses, so act now before it is too late.

    Saw post in one of their facebook saying that there is father who is a IB, daughter who is mini IB and wife who is also a IB who are not responding to their group members request for withdrawal. Some have not received their monthly payment for months and requst for capital withdrawal is not entertained. We heard that some IBs and mini IBs are missing or not responding to their group memebers. Bro, that is not only case. Even the SOB Moorthy is jimmy forex responding to anyone.

    There is also another cow under him called Bobby who is also not responding. Jimmy forex seems some of investors have written to the FXU support and also no response. What you say is true. They taking the investors money and paying the bonuses and now the well is dry. It seem the LP in NZ has frozen the assets. You mentioned there is a little chance of recovering the money. How can that be done, bro? So many people are affected.

    Any customer support which uses dubious and questionable ticketing system platform as a mean of customer service without any actual human interaction is a scam. A company which deals with millions of dollars which belongs to others will surely not use ticketing FXU support team is created to hoodwink the investors. Bro, please understand that FXU exist only in name and it is not a valid company.

    Therefore, do not expect any kind of help from them. Their fake parent company UGHL is removed from NZ company register. Bro Patcher, as for your statement on LP, they do not have a LP and the LP do not own any FXU assets. Do you still remember where you banked in your deposits? UGHL is a front created to just show gullible Malaysians that this is a NZ company and it is reliable, it is just a ploy by the scammers to build up their reputation as an international broker.

    So, the question of assets and monies frozen in overseas do not rise because all monies are deposited locally into local bank account held by local companies. For an example,refer to the below information, the depositors are asked to deposit their money into these accounts. BANK NAME: FX UNITED POWER SDN BHD. As for recovering your investment, the best option is to get BNM to interfere because by doing do, the chances are better. Do not listen to these hustlers who say, do not jimmy forex BNM to interfere because they will freeze FXU account.

    In this case, the authority may take individual action on each deposit takers IB and the investors can redeem your deposits, provided the money is still in their account and not transferred somewhere else. Another thing to note, these hustlers are paying randomly and to certain people to create confusion among the investors. So when you hear one group is getting payment and another group is not getting their payment, just remember it is their game plan to confuse the investors and jimmy forex keep the scam alive.

    Time is an essence, please do what is right and claim your money fast before all these cold hearted bastards disappear with your money. This situation is expected to last for about a week thus we advise you jimmy forex to panic everything will be back to the usual soon. The true owners have been in Malaysia all along and they have your money in their pockets.

    Jimmy forex BNM to get it back right now. Those who are too stubborn to listen to good advise is going to get are no other choice except to get BNM to intervene. Anyway you can still take some action to redeem your money if you are lucky. Many investors are afraid to go further to press the rogues to return their money, simply because they were brainwashed by the scammers not to escalate the matter to BNM or other agencies saying that BNM will freeze FXU account.

    Do not trust them, these so called leaders are experienced scammers and masters in disguise who have been in the industry for a very long time. They know exactly what to say, how to say and how to screw people. In the case of FXU, there is an element of illegal deposit taking and dividend payout without any proof of profit generation. Please refer to the below, there are many other grievances and THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE AFFECTED.

    The end is near, so PLEASE ACT FAST. My direct upline is affected as well. All of us are waiting for response from Action Team management. No need to provide us thr SOP type of response. BUT THIS TACTIC TO COLLECT MORE FUND TO PAY THE OLD INVESTORS WILL NOT WORK BECAUSEBY NOW EVERYONE IN TOWN KNOWS THAT FXU IS A SCAM COMPANY. You might have realized that the CGAT adjustments for last week has not been credited to your wallets yet. This is due to the fact we are in the midst of upgrading the system for the new CGAT product that will be announced soon.

    I want to join that plan and get my money back. You seems to know about how to report to the police and bnm. I want to know what documents are needed as prrof and what should i write in the report? We are extremely sorry for you guys, ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH YOUR MONEY? THEY ARE FLYING HIGH AND MIGHTY, YOU PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO PUT A STOP TO THIS SCAM.

    Fx Action Team International from. And, they also mentioned that Moorthy told them that he and Dato Ameer was already interviewed by Bukit Aman chaps. ANd, they are warned to not proceed with what they are currently doing. They get even bolder and start running roadshows as Shah mentioned. Wonder how many will left in agony once this scheme goes kaput. All these socalled evidence has been made available by certain bloggers which can be easily fabricated in any manner whatsover.

    This is the read, watch listen to what you want. Then again, you may get others to listen read jimmy forex watch what you want them to know. By the way Dato Raja and other MIBs have NOT disappeaared. They are meeting people and are adressing the challenges while offering solutions. There are solutions provided. There is no such thing as easy money coming to you without any obstacles. It will be interesting to see how they solve these current challenges.

    Investors jimmy forex have to wait. Many are in the same situation. Please explain these dear detectives… Reporting your panicky grievances to the police without waiting for an outcome can easily land many investors in trouble with the law. BNM has already said those who invested in forex scams will also be prosecuted in terms of liaising with an unlicenced FSP in Malaysia.

    BOTH parties WILL get into trouble. The money you invested was invested through a body not governed by BNM. Unless it is a scam PROVEN by the law BNM is powerless. So once again Shah and co. It does NOT help people in anyway causing more trauma and panic. Given the withdrawal delays and endless parade of excuses, by all accounts this has already happened.

    Its simply an opinion that its is a ponzi an absolute fact. The fact that they have CGAT promising returns does not mean its a still has a platform to how they make money apart from CGAT. Its simply an opinion that its is a ponzi an absolute fact.

    Using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors is a Ponzi scheme. That is a fact and has not an opinion. Ponzi schemes ultimately run out of money, they collapse and the majority of investors lose money. Their documented income includes spreads from manual rusrock-leg.ruise why are they charging spreads? FX United pay passive ROIs on affiliate investments, with no verifiable source of funds.

    CGAT is some magical fountain you dump funds into and collect a passive ROI. Coupled with withdrawal problems, obvious Ponzi is obvious. Dr moorthy ran to india n the best part is dont know when he will back from india. People here want answer from many things but he is in india now. Just judge what kind of leader he is. Just pass responsibility to others ib and mini ib to support the team. What you need to tie is funds invested, deposited in bank accounts and then matched up with affiliate ROI payments.

    Lastly, there are too many announcement from too many people from FXU who are not qualified to announce anything on behalf of the company. Therefore, to make the long story short, please name at least one Compliant Officer and where is your compliance office situated. Correct us if we are wrong buddy! In the past we had many fans of FXU who came out championing this shady business and the moment questions are thrown to them, they go missing.

    We hope you are different from them, hope you can give us answers fit for intelligent people and not something tailored for the dimwitted. One last thing, about your statement that the investors will be charged for their involvement in sham companies, it may be true in accordance to BNM context but we believe the investors still have legal remedy due to serious misrepresentation in FXU agreement document. Come up with a a reasonable response so that it may help you fellas to recruit more fools to replenish your pool o fund.

    Adalakolikari- please be the champion…. Peter… ask Peter and u will know the actual shit …. They put the blame on BNM and wash their hands off and this scammers act as though they are victimized by BNM. Think and think until you get an answer. So, to get an actual answer, please go to BNM and get the answer. If indeed BNM freezed their account, please refer to your lawyers and gather all the victims of this scam and proceed with a class action against all those who are involved in this fraud.

    There are indeed elements of fraud and misrepresentation in their client investment agreement, show this trust documents to your lawyers and they will tell you it is full of lies and deceit. The whole business plan was portrayed as a legitimate business but it was full of lies,everything from their stakeholders information to their business address, ALL LIES. So, dear investors, victims and future victims, please act fast before these scammers escape, it is not too late so ACT FAST AND GET BACK YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY BACK FROM THESE SCUMBAGS.

    Act fast before it creates jimmy forex new pool of poor who are going to be on the streets and others who are going to fall into manic FAST BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Its a longish story — and I was only impacted indirectly be another scheme which caused me alot of pain. Once I started to scratch below the surface I began to realise the lengths that these scam merchants will go to steal other peoples money. These are truely long cons. This is one of the most blatant.

    As jimmy forex pre-planned it years ago, every step of the way. It was previous United world Markets Ltd. How did I find that out. Well its actually on their site in a couple of places they forgot to strip it out. Just keep rolling back through the barren years and you will get to a training site. Clearly different guys running their own version of fantasy.

    First united global holdings was never an jimmy forex company. Unfortunately its the one lodgement thats not public info. They musical chairs with the ownership. Now the last two might not even know the real controller. But that tweaker dick Brian Johnson has half a clue. If you want some truth — give him a squeeze and presto you start finding out the truth. How to do that? This is how you break this shit down. You tackle the game. This is a cancer in society. In the old days when jimmy forex would try and treat cancer.

    You see cancer is like these scum bags, it will find a way to survive and thrive its resilient, its evil. It has one objective that is to take everything it can get until there is no more. When you are playing a long con. Someone needs to back roll this shit up front. They want maximum return for their money, resources and time they put at risk.

    I used to think these HYIP structures were literally a frigging joke. Its all a concocted scam to get you to have the Ephinany of Arbitrage. Then the answer comes to you. I can borrow money any money, credit card, personal loan and I can arbitrage it. Because I deserve financial freedom. A person, a family can survive making a bad investment decision, wasting money on flash things.

    THose at the end of the line are impacted those worst. So those of you who realise that this is a scam, or speculated it was but just wanted to see if they could get one or two payments more that will get them closer to even. You should think about what each of those payments costs others just so you could get a few bob back extra. Lets just look at how they get you to send the money to them, why they do it this way and what kind of upstanding ethical firms they use to do so.

    That group was Maxim Trader. While it is now quite a while ago these guys were on the loose raping and pillaging, there is always a trail to follow, and they always play the game again. There was one money service provider that I was able to track was a group called Global Transaction Services UK or LLC or GTS HK Limitedthey were fairly lax in how they did business, so they obviously made a good go to group if you were a touch bent.

    So how it works is Maxim would generate an invoice that was confusing at best, but in effect it really said. Could you please initiate the first wash at our laundromat of choice. Thank you our business is now concluded thanks for paying your bill. At this point you have just lost control of your money. Not that you realise this because over in the otherside of the world say Hong Kong.

    You have just handed over your ID proof of address and other personal details that have real value in a secondary market especially on scale. The money sits in an account and when you want to cash out. Adjust the pixels on your screen so it looks like cash has moved from your wallet to your account. You then bring the money back to your local account. This is jimmy forex because no one but you has moved that cash across borders.

    You set up an account in another country to receive money. There is no contractual arrangement with that account and the money you are receiving. There is no recourse against the money supplier as all they are doing is providing an account. Well thats not going to get much traction. Note they currency is Euros….

    That would almost be plausible, but one thing I know. In the Czech republic you can only stuff Czech Koruna in the strippers knickers. Should ask Robbie the expert trading robot to verify thing before its one of your maintain bullshits. Big ups to those that run and post the truth on jimmy forex site. Those that throw rocks, give it up. These guys speak the truth, just remember the rock you threw when you were a believer. Doing nothing is not an option.

    If you believed and your testimonial got one person involved if you took a benefit in anyway, a gala event, some dollars for the intro, maybe a worthless fake trophy, you helped facilitate misery. The only thing I say you should do is put the same amount of effort in taking these guys down as you did promoting them. I am focused, no actually Im obsessed with busting this shit up. I want to dismantle the game. So, dear investors, we would like you to refer to Geneva Gold case and you may refer to the central bank and the police department, the authorities did not simply wash their hands off the matter but there are some form of support from the authorities.

    So how long do you want to wait? Wait until every little bit of your money go missing in the thin air? SCAMMERS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. To All Investors and members, we are extremely sorry for you and your pathetic attitude. We can understand if there are inaction from the uneducated,but you people, are you people going to be quiet and let this rats go free and enjoy YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY???

    This is pure bullshit. The Genneva Gold operators have all be released and all accounts released. Wake up, my man. Stop moaning and groaning just because others are making more than your kind of people. Just for your info once again Shah read carefully. The broker is FX UNITED and whether jimmy forex like it or not their de-registration NZ does not matter as they are still a broker with a platform which you can trade off.

    There are other forex brokers who offer affiliate plans but not at the levels FX United has. That had garnered lots of attention. Why should anyone talk to Trading options on commodity futures Who the hell is he? Stop lying like a scumbag that IBs said their accounts were frozen. The CGAT software is being upgraded by the IT specialists who designed it. Believe what you will nobody cares.

    Trades are ongoing as usual and profits are being made when trades are executed by traders who perform their daily analysis to their best knowledge and potential. But does this guarantee full protection? It depends on the country and its laws. Why is that so? Once again even if FX United happens to be a scam you think BNM is stupid enough to give your money back to you?. So anyone performing illegal transactions with companies not endorsed by BNM should be aware they will be screwed if the scam goes bust and is shut down by the jimmy forex.

    YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING BACK. So how can BNM in any case intervene when local banks are no longer being used by IBs to channel money? Jimmy forex were not duped at all as they were told the nature of this investment is in the forex industry which is not governed in Malaysia. So anyone trying to play safe should never have invested in the first place.

    Get some solid proof jimmy forex you are starting to sound like a punde yourself. We did not mention anything jimmy forex the directors acquittal because we are not bothered about what the hell happens to them…get the context right man and stop your twisting and manipulation. Let us repeat again, we said that the investors who are victims to scam run by scoundrels like you still have a way to take action to recover their money…SO WHERE IS THE LIE, LACKS MAN. So you LacksManare you aware that the investors have the right to claim what has been taken from them.

    Any asset seized during the course of raids are meticulously documented and accounted for and maintained in safe custody. If there are criminal proceedings, such assets will only be dealt with at the direction of the Court. Assets seized during the course of the investigations can only be dealt jimmy forex at the direction of the Court.

    So where is the element of lie, we were merely informing those who have not received their money from the you buggers for months and how to recover and claim what is rightfully theirs…SO WHERE IS THE LIE MAN. Since UGHL have closed shop, where is the broker and what is the name of the broker…is it J. FX United was deregistered because it was a shell registration by Malaysian scammers set up to mask Ponzi fraud.

    Chang Q adalakolikari : The broker is FX UNITED and whether you like it or not their de-registration NZ does not matter as they are still a broker with a platform which you can trade off. Trading without registration is ILLEGAL, and participants are unprotected by ANY LAW since they CHOSE to participate in an illegal and unregistered enterprise. You are just trying to convince yourself that you could not possibly made a mistake, despite all facts proving that you did.

    Stop lying to yourself. Wow, excellent bullshit, anyway nice try man. Fx United is a broker?? Good try but not valid man. What is the proper name of the broker and who are the stakeholders of this entity and if you cannot answer these valid questions, than we would request you to STFU and discontinue your drama because it is too late to rearrange the deck man. IT IS ALREADY SINKING, BRO MAN. The end is nigh and there are so many signs showing the collapse of this scam is inevitable but you guys are still so highly spirited, we respect your determination.

    Please keep up your good work and continue your endevours to recruit more victims to keep the sinking ship afloat for a while. All the best Man. Lastly, please stop this bullshit that there are no legal remedies for those who participate in local sham organizations. Hope your thinking faculty is still functioning man, do you still remember where and which bank accounts the members fund were deposited.

    To all those who are victim to scams, the below is the answer given by BNM, as such the claims by Adalakolikari that you cannot get your funds back are total lies. Members of the public are advised to be careful and not to fall prey to the above mentioned schemes. If members of the public have fallen victim to any of these illegal schemes, Bank Negara Malaysia advises them to do the following: Members of the public must keep all the related documentations of all their investments such as bank-in slips, deposit slips, agreements, vouchers that they received from the company or perpetrator so that they can use jimmy forex documents to take action against the company.

    This includes the details of the officers or key persons in the company. This information could prove useful for enforcement purposes. Deregistered because of jealousy. Yep thats written write into the NZ Companies act. You talk about losses? I thought the broker is the one party that never loses? All things being equal exactly where are the losses occuring? Why deposit money into this company account?? Is it not an act of illegal deposit taking by using the misrepresented jimmy forex comical trust agreement.

    What we can say is WTF and what blatant disregard for law. New and very interesting plot, new company name with slight changes from the original name, UGHL New Zealand, clever but not so brilliant makeover. This scam has reached the maximum crap capacity man and jimmy forex believe you liars are so expert in your field that your own lies deceived you. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off, therefore be calm as the end is near.

    TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY FACING THE BRUNT OF THIS SCAM, PLEASE STOP BELIEVING IN THESE SCHEMING, CRAFTY, AGGRESIVE AND MALICIOUS SCHEMERS. As the money scammed outside of Malaysia would be relatively small by comparison. Members of the public who participate in the illegal financial activities could also BE CHARGED under the law as abetting the operators of such illegal activities. No excuses saying they were cheated. Investing with an unregulated body simply means all your proof is not valid even if you had any.

    Anyone can fabricate anything these days with the jimmy forex of modern tech. They knew what they were doing was shady. Does not hurt jimmy forex remind people of the reality. Perpetrators would have used it up or what have you. The only thing that can be done is put the perpetrators away jail time. However that is not going to help people get a refund on their investment when the funds are gone.

    I am not a FXU investor or a victim but I strongly believe that this piece of information need to be shared with the Malaysian public and all those who are victims to this scam. I have many friends who have fallen victim to this scam and are struggling financially now. Even though, the scam had been exposed by various parties and countries, the schemers are continuing their scamming.

    There are maybe elements of competition which resulted in many negative reviews in the past by other competitors, but this information is for sure a genuine concern by a member of the public which need to be shared with all FXU investors. This lying and deceit need to stop and we hope the administrator of this site allow this review to be posted. This is the response from FMA New Zealand, they have positively stated that UGHL account is not frozen and no other legal action taken against them.

    It is blatant lie and fraud. Feel free to call or write to FMA if you do not jimmy forex. The money jimmy forex you gave this guys are gone for sure and now they are putting up a drama to buy more time, including aggressively recruiting new investors to pay off the old investors. Thank you for contacting the Financial Markets Authority FMA with regard to United Global Holdings Limited.

    The FMA have not taken any action with regard to this companies bank accounts. Action could be taken against the scammers. However who is going to refund the investors Shah? The scammers are out of money. Action being taken against scammers will merely shutdown the scam. Some people could go to jail. Chang Q The Good Samaritan :.

    Obviously the police and BNM are not going to refund investors money. If you are asking about whether NZ police can do something about them, the answer is: they are not a NZ company. If people can positively jimmy forex bank accounts used by FXU then feel free to tell NZ police and FMA about it. Whether its in NZ or Malaysia does not make a difference. Kindly check your accounts and in the event that there are any discrepancies kindly send us a screenshot via support for us to be able to rectify.

    Chang Q What update from the broker? As expected no confirmation just speculation. Since early september fxunited cant make any withdrawal. Now fxunited totally become MLM. With my limited knowledge work in IT sector, i cant think why fxu still cant solve withdrawal via bitcoin or PM. No one able to withdraw now. There are rumour about people receive payment via bitcoin or PM, i tried to get proof, but no one can provide. FXU at least should make manual payment via bitcoin or PM if they cant get system to work automatically.

    NOW u nees to find new investor con someone to get your money out. Too bad i am to late to notice and to late to frequent check online about this fxu. Now my money stuck at server. Moorthy and datuk raja planning to settle in overseas. I dont know what you are on about littleroundman. Everyone has the right to be stupid and we are damn sure you are one person who is abusing the privilege. We have created something that will be much easier to understand with better and stable jimmy forex payouts.

    Definitely our EA will show good profits. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Past performance is not indicative of future results, which can vary due to market volatility. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

    You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor jimmy forex you have any doubts. FX United is still just a Ponzi scheme. They collapsed once and the reboot will collapse even quicker. Withdraw must be direct from broker. Not from your upline or downline. Seems like too good to be true and now i understand a lot due from Mr Shah explanation.

    Now i get the whole thing and try to save my friend for being a victim and try to convince him from updating the latest internal info about withdrawal capital. So i guess i cancel to dumb in money in this scheme and try to update intel from my friend what is happening lately. Especially this day every single details must have legitable proof such as contract clauses, tnc, etc. Just buying time before shutdown the operation. Same way as venusfx did. Stop creating unnecessary panic among investors thank you.

    We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. This guy who created the website is a genuine FXU member and see how he is given a runaround by FX United. Poor fellow, can you please help him?? Take some time and read his plight, there are many who are in the same boat, got cheated by FXU but only a few are fighting back to redeem their investment. IF YOU Jimmy forex WE ARE MAKING UP STORIES, IT IS YOUR RIGHT….

    WAIT AND SEE AND IF YOU WANT TO ESCAPE, PLEASE RUN FAST AND GO INTO HIDING, YOU SCUMMERS. Well keep it coming. Oh and that link: looks so legitimate everyone would believe it. Meanwhile heres something to humor you: — is owned by United Global Holdings Limited UGHL n is the company that we opened our Winst n CGAT accts. So now LPs pay to who??? Who is the payee? Setting the time frame is irrelevant at this moment with all these legalities issue need to go through but we know company is working on it, or else it could have turn off the website n game over.

    So Let the company do the job. Whatever emails n suggestion n your worries, company knows, u know jimmy forex, I know, everybody knows. So who will refund investors money Shah? Last time the same thing happened to Geneva Gold the scam got busted however people are yet to receive a single penny in the form of compensation. Giving people false hope they can get get their money back is futile given the current situation.

    FX United Review: $300 to CGAT forex

    Lifestyle of a Young Forex Trader - [Episode 1] JP Berdejo

    A better question: is this company authorized to accept investments from YOUR country? In general, forex investment needs to be licensed by the country it is.
    KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet decision to set up a special task force to probe the forex losses suffered by Bank Negara in the shows that the government is open in.
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